My Favorite Posts

– I spent a week in Colombia taking an ancient medicine called Ayahuasca.  I had an awakening.

Click here to read about it.

– I went on a 30 day trek in Nepal where my travel group left me behind.  Read about how I handled it here.

– I quit my job because of a bitch and a man-baby.  The full story can be found here.

– I kept a video diary when I went on a pilgrimage in Spain called the Camino de Santiago.  The first day starts here.

– My fondest memory of my childhood when I stood up against my entire first grade class to defend a mentally disabled girl can be found here.

– My favorite video’s from my pilgrimage,

For your enjoyment, and my embarrassment…

5 responses to “My Favorite Posts

  1. laura

    Hi Melanie! It’s Laura from our Columbia trip! Cheryl forwarded me your blog. Just read it yesterday. Well done! What a great writer you are! Much love, laura

    • Thanks for reading Laura! I love and miss you very much. It was an amazing journey we went on and I couldn’t have asked for a better crew of people to be there with. You made it spectacular!

  2. Dan

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  3. Olia Habermehl

    Hi Melanie ,
    How are you? Can you please contact me on Facebook, I had your contact before, but my Facebook crashed and I lost it. Olia Habermehl

    Thank you

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