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The Immediate Moment

That’s all anyone ever cares about.  What’s happening here and now.

I’m not saying all of us are living in the present moment.  Immediate Moment and Present Moment are two very different things.  Well, according to me they are very different.  There’s not exactly a word to describe what I mean so I’ll illustrate it in my own way.

Present moment is exactly what you know it as.  Being aware of your surroundings, focusing on your target, being taken out of your head space.

For me personally, I drink beer to achieve the present moment effect.  I have trouble talking to people because I’m too much in my own head and not enough out of it to really focus on what people say.  It’s been a lifelong obstacle for me.

I HATED people telling me to come out of my shell.  There was no shell.  Fuck that shit man.

So anyway, beer helps a great deal in getting me out of my head and into the present moment.  It has nothing to do with guzzling liquid courage or feeling more relaxed and open.  Beer squashes my thinking.

Now let’s talk about the Immediate Moment.

What I mean by Immediate Moment is that it encompasses everything.  No matter what I’m doing, I’m always living in the immediate moment.  Do you get me?  Nothing else exists outside what is happening right now.  Whether I’m present or not present, it’s still happening right now.  Because we’re here on the ground getting scuffed and roughed up.  Effecting and Affecting others, never escaping the gravity of perception and feeling.

It’s still hard to describe…..

But the immediate moment happens to all of us.  And the main focal point of this fixation is the self.  We can’t escape the self.

I’m sounding crazy, I know.

Try looking at things from above.  The further up you go, the less things seem to matter down here.  Problems get smaller and smaller the further away you get.  And the higher you fly, the more distance you gain between yourself and the immediate moment.  You’re not “in” it anymore.  You stepped out.  Sort of like isolation, taking yourself out of harms way.

But once we’re down here on earth again, getting roughed up by people and life – we’re back in it.  Effected and Affected by everything and anything.  Living right here and now with emotions we wouldn’t have if we lived in a different era.

It’s all environmental is what I’m getting at.  We are a product of our environment, letting life control our every thought and perception.  We ride the wave and since we don’t realize it’s a wave we’re riding, we’re not in control of the direction its going.

Life is almost too immediate, you know?  Too “in your face”, we can never step back to see it.  We only see a shadow of it.  Like Plato’s cave allegory.

And the fact that we constantly need food, water, sleep, love, shelter, money, freedom, bathroom breaks – all of this keeps us steadily planted here in the immediate moment. We fight to obtain these items so we can never step away outside ourselves.

There was another mass shooting in Florida.  14 kids are dead.  I hate that people are blaming it on video games.

I can’t believe I’m going to write this but I’ve become somewhat desensitized to school shootings.  It’s not hitting me as hard as it did the first time it happened.  I’m just thankful it didn’t happen here in my home town.  I’m thankful it wasn’t anyone I knew.

Why is this happening?  There are a bunch of theories but I’ll tell you my own theory.  And yes, it has much to do with the Immediate Moment and its danger to society.

Think of the Immediate Moment as a large looming face whose eyes are gleaming into your own.  No matter how much you stumble back, you can never escape the face.  Those eyes, and all it see’s and seen are the same as your eyes and all that they see.

In the past, that face had different eyes.  School shootings weren’t a glint in them.  And since school shooting weren’t a glint back then, it didn’t happen.  Nobody even thought about it.

My theory is that it’s an endemic.  It’s like a viral disease that’s spreading across the US.  One sick individual broke the seal and uncovered the glint so now all the other sick individuals can see it too.

The face we’re all looking into isn’t getting uglier or scarier though.  It’s acquiring more and more possibilities being shown to us and it’s our responsibility to control what we do with these possibilities.

But we’re riding a wave so it’s hard to control.

As we evolve, and technology evolves with us, more and more possibilities and opportunities are shown to us.  All it takes is one individual to unveil certain glints so the rest of the world can also see the possibilities.

What was once impossible, is now possible.  What was once never thought of, people think about.

We are becoming more powerful.  The do-gooders are better equipped but they are up against better equipped villains as well.

There are less twisted souls in the world than ever before, but the ones who are still twisted have a better arsenal than their predecessors.

It is NOT video games.  It’s an endemic.  Once seen, it can not be unseen kind of thing.  It’s now stuck in peoples heads, like the first villain gave all the others permission (and fame) to follow.

This is something we’re going to have to deal with until a new glint is revealed to us and the eyes show us something different.

If you want to blame anything, blame the news for spreading the endemic.

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I wanted to write about something else entirely but wrote this instead

I sold my soul these past few months (or years, who’s keeping track?) to accomplish something in order to accomplish something completely unrelated.  Goals that have nothing to do with massaging anybody.

You know what I hate the most?  Patience and conformity.  And that’s exactly what I’m doing each time I have to give a massage.  It’s like each massage is a therapy session in anger management and eating my humble pie.

I just started reading a book, it’s called “Presence” by Amy Cuddy and I HIGHLY recommend it.  It’s not one of those wishy washy metaphysical books about the law of attraction or creative visualization, this book talks more about the science behind what makes us tick.

There’s so many awesome things in this book, all of them tried and tested on actual human volunteers to back up these theories.

One of them for instance, is why do we have expressions?  But digging deeper than that, the stuff that expert lie detectors look for, are minute nano-expressions that give away a persons true intentions and feelings.  Our subconscious mind picks up on these escaped “nano” expressions and when we witness them, although we witness them subconsciously, we intuitively feel that person’s emotion due to our mirror neurons mimicking that same expression on our own face (even without our knowledge).  We wouldn’t feel their true intention if we didn’t also share that same expression the same moment the offender leaked it.

They tested this with people who just had botox injections.  Their faces were paralyzed and thus didn’t allow for these inconceivable micro expressions to be mimicked and because they couldn’t mimic, they were unable to pick up the true feelings and intent of the person in question.  Their intuition escaped them.  But it’s not intuition at all, it’s the fact that we can subliminally mimic other people’s expressions.  It’s not about trusting our “gut”, although it may feel that way, but it’s actual science at play behind the curtain.

I’m some-what manipulative at times, but I use this harmless evil for good.  When clients balk about this past election, no matter who they voted for, I mimicked their expression, understood exactly where they were coming from and agreed with them.  I did this for both Hilary and Trump fans.  No hair was raised on the back of anyones neck and fangs didn’t show, I taken the slick way out.

“There’s no way he’ll win, what kind of America will allow that?”  Or, “Trump at least tells it like it is, that’s for sure.  He wants to give America back to the people.”

It’s all BS, Hillary was better suited for the job, anyone could see that just by watching the debates.  But she was lacking likability and trustworthiness which was another awesome thing Amy talked about it her book, Presence.

As it turns out, according to numerous studies, there are two types of people in the world.  There are trustworthy people and then there are competent people.  We are unable to process a person in existence being both trustworthy and competent.  They contradict each other.

(This fits so well into the election this year).

The thing is, a competent person is less liked by the majority due to their ability to manipulate.  They might be trustworthy, but we don’t know for sure due to their high intelligence and manipulation skills.

For instance, it’s like saying, “How can you be so sure of that? How can you pull that off?  What if you’re just manipulating us?”

Whereas, a more likable person, a more trustworthy person, one who doesn’t hide nano-expressions, doesn’t hide anything, will spout his hopes, dreams and dislikes – at times, incoherently, but we trust him because of his fallibility.  His lack of intelligence to manipulate and schmooze.  Even if it means being an ignorant asshole.

The book explains it a hell lot better that I can.

And given a choice on whether to be competent or trustworthy, mostly everybody picks competence.  But even the highest achievers at MIT end up in menial positions due to their lack of social skills.  Competence equals untrustworthiness.  It equals lack of control to the little guys.  How can we control anything if we don’t know what’s really going on?

The fear of looking foolish kills personality and humility, trust is the only thing that matters.

But here is my TRUE reaction when watching the debate last Tuesday:  The setting?  At my friend Jill’s house with her Mother and her boyfriend all chain smoking, biting their nails freaking out that Hillary might lose.  Me?  I was secretly excited for one reason and one reason only; this is going to be a damn entertaining 4 years ahead of us.

Me thinking:  If this guy wins, ANYTHING can happen.  It’s a Simpsons episode, it’s not real.  Life is truly a dream of comical insane circumstances where all and anything you dream up is possible.

Hillary would’ve been just another boring president, making nice and calling the safest rational shots – the most coherent shots relevant to our current political views, but with Trump, he’s a loose cannon and knows shit about diplomacy.

Oh god there’s so much I want to write about but my brother gave me a Xanax and damn, my whole body is asleep except for my fingertips typing.

I hired a bunch of new therapists and my sick therapist is back taking clients, so my schedule has freed up a great deal.  I wish I can write about that.  I want to write about how awesome my day was today.

But I’m physically incapable.

Let me just write real quick about what else this books says; being present, being calm and level-headed, has to do with being an observer of the world.  The calmest, most clear thinkers  view others and not themselves when conversing.  They rarely say “I” or “me”, it’s always about the person they are interacting with.  It’s the anxious, depressed people who transfix and focus on themselves, giving little room for anything else.  Basically the selfish and fearful.

In my opinion, it’s the people who don’t know how to love.  (I’ll possibly write a post about that).

I already knew this!  I learned this trick way back and yes, I learned it because I broke down my own anxiety and self-conscious foibles into understanding that it’s a selfish derivative.  Only made real in my own mind.  The answer is out, not in.

She also stated that trauma is caused by a lost battle.  I recently learned this one, but I learned it before reading her take on it.  Of course she can back up her words with fancy studies, interviewing and testing volunteers and the like, whereas I just philosophized.  Poorly at that, but still….

I love reading books like this.  Books that I’m like, “yes exactly!”  It makes me feel less alone out there.  That others spend just as much time, if not more, on delving into the science behind the mind.  Stuff that’s not found in books yet.

Oh god I have to sleep….

I wanted to write about the Banach-Terski paradox amongst other things, it’ll have to wait.  Oh how I miss writing….

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Fuck the election

I just taken an oxycodone.  I know nothing about narcotics, only that this one is pretty popular.  My friend gave it to me a while back and I tucked it away for a rainy day.

I wanted to do some research before gulping it down and I found out that if I crush this little bugger instead of swallowing it, I can die.  My friend forgot to mention that little nugget of trivia.  If I chew and swallow, I might never wake up.

It’s 8:33 PM.  Well, actually it’s really 9:33 because of daylight savings.  We just fell behind today.

This pill is time-released.  That’s why you can’t chew it.  You shouldn’t even cut it in half.

I’m starting to get very sleepy.

That post I wrote, the one with the $$$ as its title, I just want to clarify that it’s still too early to know for certain if I’m actually netting $100 a day.  It’s too soon to tell.  It’s on par with someone announcing on Facebook that they’re one week pregnant.  Or that their boyfriend had just inserted his penis and taken it back out and now there might be babies (smiling and celebratory emoji’s).

Most pregnancy’s don’t even make it to full term, so this new found success of mine is like a week old fetus, not even that.  It’s the sperm still in the sack.  And not even a healthy sack.  It’s a 300 pound 40 year old virgins sack is where my success is.  Basically non-existant.

I’ve been working a lot.  An insane amount.  The president of the United States works less than I do and thus, the oxycodone that now resides in my gut.  Gently eking out blissful lullaby’s.

I need MORE therapists.  Here’s who I hired so far:  Karyl, Patricia, Igor, Debora, Austin and Lori.  All within the last 30 days.

And it’s still not enough.

I finally felt it today, the anger welling up inside.  It was unbearable and I hate myself for it.  How can I be angry that my business is busy?  How can I be angry that clients like us and that I finally have some extra dough?

Because I hate giving massage.  I hate it, detest it, I loathe it, abhor it.  And while I’m massaging, the phone goes unanswered, the emails, unchecked.  My new employee’s are clueless as to what to do (I haven’t had time to train them).

With each client I massage, I sink further and further into a wretched venomous anger.  I feel my horns, the scales on the back of my throat, an acidic burn.  I become the embodiment of evil.  Miserable.  The most miserable wretched person.  The most ungrateful, naive, spoilt bratty prat.

I don’t often feel anger and it’s amazing that I feel it under these circumstances – having to give copious amounts of massage.  I mean, who gets angry over that?  I mean really angry?  As much as I do?

One of my new therapists got booked last minute for a half-hour massage today and she asked if someone else can take it (aka me).  I wanted to punch her.

That’s what sparked my anger, my outrage, by her asking that.  Of course I said no.  What I really wanted to say was, “are you fucking kidding me?”

I was angry for the rest of the day, until I finished with my last client.  All because she asked that.

I added another massage room to the lease.  It’s a real shit-hole.  The amount of work that needs to be done is seismic.  And we need that room set up as soon as humanly possible so every time I have to massage someone, I get angry.  I get angry because I have NO TIME for anything.

Two of my co-workers asked if I was Okay – I had no idea, literally no clue, my aggravation was showing on the outside.

People are so caught up in the election.  Fuck the election.  I don’t give a shit about the election.  Literally, this year feels like a civil war between Trump and Hillary fans.  If you’re a Trump fan, Hillary fans will smite you, belittle you, call you names and same goes for Trump fans.  And it’s such a close race that the entire election is based off of smear campaigns.  Whoever has the biggest most recent scandal on Tuesday will be the loser.  Last week, Trump had the biggest scandal but this week, Hillary’s is bigger (maybe not bigger, but more recent).  It doesn’t matter how big the scandal is, as long as it’s not in todays paper, you’re safe.  Your policies don’t matter, only your character.  Only trust matters.  And only if you can be trusted TODAY.  Not yesterday, not tomorrow, but today.

I think all Trump and Hillary supporters are idiots (sorry 85% of my Facebook friends).

Holy shit I’m tired.

I’m just tired, period.  Even without the oxycodone, I’m sick and tired.  Sick and tired thinking my reprieve is right over this last and final hill I have to climb.  It’s never the last and final hill, there’s always another.  And that’s where my anger comes from.

This little pill is acting like a sleeping pill, not much else is happening.  No euphoria or anything like that.  It’s BS.  At least my back’s no longer hurting.

I was cruising Facebook earlier and found out that China has a tradition of eating dogs for one week a year.  The facebook post was a petition to get it stopped.  The dog eating begins in 7 days.  There were pictures of dogs getting boiled alive and set on fire alive, I can NOT read stuff like that.  Each year, less and less Chinese are attending the event.  Most of them find it sickening.  There are protesters everywhere, it’s not a safe celebration anymore with so many activists these days and knowing that, makes me feel better.

But I can’t stop hugging and kissing my dog now.  I feel like by me loving him so much and taking care of him, I’m somehow helping the poor dogs in China, and the poor starving strays worldwide actually.  Like I’m giving them a big hug too.

If only I can see people the way I see dogs, you know what I mean?  People suffer too, they’ve been burned, molested, tortured….people suffer every day.  But you don’t see me hugging and kissing people like I’m hugging and kissing my dog (and all the dogs of the world).

I don’t get it.  Maybe people cancel each other out.  People make other people suffer, so by me loving people, that means I’m also loving the abusers, the molesters, the narcissists.  Yes, people definitely cancel each other out.  When I hug one person, it’s not like I’m hugging all the people in all the world.  Not like when I hug my dog.



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This Poor Boring S.O.B

My employee shortened her hours so now she gets out before 6PM everyday.  FML.

So I’m taking her nightly clients that would otherwise be hers.  I’m saving about $400 a month in doing so, but is it worth the effort?

It’s like I’m not in the business of making money.  I’m in the saving money business, not making.  That’s what it feels like.

Oh shit I spent all day thinking it was Friday and it’s only Thursday!  I have a weekly client that comes in every Friday and he came in today instead.  Threw me all off.  My life is so boring right now that yes, this was worth a mention.

Still though, the only thing I can think about these days is my debt.

I told you I was $40,000 deep, but I’m actually $50,000.  I added it all up at the end of last month and yeah, $50 grand total.

Everything would be fantastic money-wise, otherwise.  I’d have enough to buy a decent size house in a nice neighborhood if I really saved up for it.

The build-up of interest for $50,000 of debt is incalculable.  Well, it’s calculable but I haven’t tallied that number up yet.  Paying off one bill at a time is the only option if I want to get out of this mess.  Spreading it out to pay them down all at once would be a mistake.  It’ll never happen in my lifetime.

Let’s say I’m paying 15% interest on $50,000 a month.  That’s $7500 extra I’m paying a month.  I’m not actually paying that much in interest, but as you can see, impossible to pay off even if it’s only $2000 of interest.  This is why my debt isn’t going  down.  Even though I spend thousands a month towards it.

Don’t feel bad for me though, I have a plan to pay it off in a timely manner.  One bill at a time.  This time next month I’ll be $45,000 in debt and 15% of that is only 6,750.

By June I’ll be $40,000 in debt.  That’s my goal at least, before finally hearing: remaining balance of your debt is written off.  Then it snowballs from there.  Like domino’s.


It’s a couple days later.  My back is killing me.

Are we seriously voting Trump into office?  He reminds me of Biff from Back to the Future.  In the second movie when billionaire Biff turned Marty McFly’s hometown into a casino, gang infested heavy metal slum.

“This is the future?  Aw no no no DOC!”  Marty looks at his watch.  Grabs for his hover board.

Trump will declare war on ISIS by proclaiming he will kill one-by-one all of their family members.

Trump – “They want the rest of the world to die but not their own family.  That’s where we get them.”

This is true, he actually said that.

ISIS will bomb us days after the election.  The states will turn into an ash heap of history.

Trump will try to rebuild America the best way he know’s how.  Through a maligned infrastructure with making money at its top.

Casino’s and high-rises abound.  Drugs and loose women making babies.

Abortion will be illegal, so the unwanted babies will grow up spreading terror and vandalism as has happened in documented factual history according to Freakanomics.

Then the trump casino’s will go bankrupt and America dries up like an old coal miners ghost town.  The casino/drug/unwanted babies will turn into warlords fighting for resources.  Cell phones and electricity a thing of the past.  Rape, more babies, starvation.

China will swoop in to save us from ourselves while Mexicans climb over the Trump wall into the states to clean our filthy war torn land.

There you have it.  Mexico and China will be our saviors.  They will call our new country Mexina, or Chinexico.

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I Hate Politics

My father, whom is asleep upstairs in his recliner, diligently watches/listens to the news during every waking hour of his life and now he’s scared shitless thanks to Fox News.

Dad – “These terrorists won’t stop attacking.  Ever.  Just because the war hasn’t affected you, doesn’t mean it’s not already here and happening.”

Dad – “That was a husband and wife, both muslims, that killed all those people at that holiday party.  The guy left right before the group photo was taken.”

Me – “But why are they attacking us?  How can we fight back if we don’t even know why it’s happening?”

Bro – “They want to kill anyone who isn’t Muslim.”

Me – “But that makes no sense!”

So here I am, about to do a massive google search on the subject.

I started my search with the shooting in California.  I clicked on the Wikipedia article which was lengthy, but read the the whole thing and scrolled back up where it mentioned a bomb that was planted to injure emergency personal from helping survivors: “The device was hidden inside a canvas bag, and its build was similar to schematics published in Al Qaeda’s Inspire magazine.[29]”

Inspire magazine……If I want to know why Muslims want to kill us, all I have to do is read this magazine.

There have been 14 issues of Inspire:

Issue 1, released January 2010, provided bomb-making directions.[37]
Issue 2, released October 2010, called for attacks on the U.S.[38]
Issue 3, released November 2010, called for explosive devices to be put on U.S. bound aircraft.[39]
Issue 4, released January 2011, continued to call for attacks on the U.S.[40]
Issue 5, released March 2011, focused on the “Arab Spring.”[41]
Issue 6, released July 2011, focused on the death of Osama bin Laden.[42]
Issue 7, released September 2011, focused on the anniversary of the September 11, 2001 attacks.[43]
Issue 8, released May 2012, renewed calls for attacks on the U.S.[44]
Issue 9, also released May 2012, emphasized suicide missions.[45]
Issue 10, released March 2013, called for Lone Wolf attacks on the U.S.[46]
Issue 11, released May 2013, celebrated the Boston Marathon bombing.[47]
Issue 12, released March 2014, called for car bomb attacks in U.S. cities.[48]
Issue 13, released December 2014, included instructions for making a “hidden bomb” that could evade airport security checks, and tips as to which airlines should be targeted.[49]
Issue 14, released September 2015, included information on assassination operations, converting black people in America to their cause, and a military analysis of the Charlie Hebdo shooting.

If you want to check out issue 14, here it is!

I skimmed it a bit.  They’re mostly pissed that we make fun of them.

“They went deep in their disbelief, and resorted to transgress against the greatest values and principles dear to us – Defaming and insulting the Holy Qura’n and Prophet Muhammad .”

None of it makes any sense to me.  It’s lunacy.  Complete mad lunacy.

“Muslims continue to face the results and consequence of the fierce crusade aggression against Islam. The aggres- sion that clearly manifested itself after the blessed 9/11 attacks. Exposing the hidden and true enmity they had to- wards Muslims and Islam. Revealing themselves in different forms of ag- gression: plundering Muslim wealth, occupying their lands, imprisoning their men and women, killing their scholars and the worst of all is the ag- gression towards the very core prin- ciples of Islam.”

Basically they’re mad at us for being mad at them for killing nearly 3000 people.  I highlighted after because it sounds like they were cool with us before they bombed us.

“And in the coming days, we are wait- ing for the anniversary of a great event: An event that changed the course of history and exposed many differences in morals, principles and values be- tween the west and Islam. They re- vealed the strength of Islam and its ability to break the military, political and security might of the west. Indeed it is the blessed 9/11 operation.”

I had to highlight that red sentence because, well, hell yeah it did!

“In spite of multitude zio-crusader attacks on our ummah – all military, economic, cultural, and moral – except that the severest and the most dangerous are their attacks on our Prophet and religion. By Allah, if we lose the two, we will lose the rest. And if we yield, we will yield in the rest too. They are the criterion of glory and disgrace.

The heads of kufr have realized this after they had been shocked by the events. Look at how they gathered, rallied and supported each other; strengthening their weakness and dressing their wounds. Those wounds have not healed and they won’t, be it in Paris, New York or Washington, or in London or Spain, or in Palestine the legend of glory and pride. Look carefully at their gathering. They are the same who fought us in Afghanistan and Caucasus, in Gaza, the Levant, Iraq, Somalia and Yemen.”

Um, okay.  Truth?  I don’t know what’s going on.  I know nothing.  And I don’t think I’ll ever understand even if I read all 14 of these issues.  But what I do know is that these terrorists can be anywhere.  Thanks to the internet, thanks to cell phones and affordable airfare – the world is no longer divided.  We’re basically one big global community.  Everyone know’s everyone else’s shit.  Not to mention all the 100’s of news stations on TV, YouTube, radio, podcasts, mobile apps, all the big-mouthed bloggers thinking they know what they’re talking about.

Information spreads is what I’m getting at.  But it’s not just information, it’s idea’s.  Idea’s are dangerous!  We can’t isolate these “Activists” because they are among us.  We can’t isolate them and starve them out like in the old days, no.  They are mostly homogenized in all parts of the world due to the osmosis of technology.

I totally understand why some communities don’t accept outsiders.  Why the gated community in the Walking Dead risked their lives to evaluate possible citizens before letting anyone in.

The Walking Dead…..WHEN WILL YOU BE ON AGAIN??

Stupid mid-season break.

Ah, I’m missing the point.

It’s too late.  They’re already here.  All we can do is keep our eyes and ears open.  To report anything suspicious even if that would be considered “racial profiling,” or not politically correct.

There were people at the shooting in California who seen what looked like pipe bombs but they were too afraid to report it because they didn’t want people thinking they were racial profiling.

Trump wants to ban all Muslims.  From what I understand, this is a blanket statement referring to everybody.  The muslims who are already here have to leave and none of them can come back.

This can’t possibly be done without changing the first Amendment.  Not the second or the third, but our FIRST!

I’m okay with the idea of not letting any new muslims become citizens.  Kill me now if you must, I know how horrible that sounds, but come on now……let’s be reasonable.

Why don’t I want new muslims flying here fresh from the Islam State to make camp in my backyard?  Let’s turn to page one of….ALL THE ISSUE’S OF THEIR EFFING MAGAZINE!

Principal – “I see little Johnny is reading up on how to replicate the recent school shootings, but he’s still welcomed to attend class.  We don’t judge and we welcome everyone here.  We are sooo PC.

Not all muslims are reading this stuff, but some do.  How do we know which one’s?  That Patriot Act ain’t doing shit.

But I’ll tell you another thing, if the US actually does ban muslims from entering the country, we’re basically inviting a war at our doorstep.  It’s like clanging a dinner bell for psychopathic zealots to take revenge.

They take our retaliation (aggression) towards them as a hate crime – our efforts to combat them only amplifies our “true” colors.  If we make it impossible for them to enter the country…..hate begets hate.

Purposely not inviting someone to an event you’re having in which all mutual friends are invited, is a form of bullying.  If muslims are the only group left out of our party, we’ll be labeled the bad guys.  America the bully.

I want to make up a new word, ‘Bullyshit’.  It’s like bullshit, only, bullyshit.  If someone is acting like a bully, all tough and shit, but they are secretly scared and wish only for you to like and accept them, that’s bullyshit.  If they say or do something hurtful, is just bullyshit.  Bullshit because they don’t mean what they say and Bully because they’re being assholes.

America, land of the brave and the bullyshit.

But then again…..Some of these people are evil.  Some of them want to kill us.  How can we fight evil the same time we’re welcoming it?

We disarm our first line of defense.

The first line of defense against STD’s is abstinence.  It’s like America is spreading her legs.

Basically, what I gather from the information I patched together, the Jihad terror attacks are nonsensical.  But their message is clear:  They want to bring about the end.  The apocalypse.  They don’t want anything, just the apocalypse.

You think I’m wrong for not wanting muslims in my backyard?  In France, a country who freely allows Muslims in, have what are called NO-GO zones.  Zones reserved for muslims to practice their faith and reside in communities.

jihadno go france

“The ZUS exist not only because Muslims wish to live in their own areas according to their own culture and their own Sharia laws, but also because organized crime wants to operate without the judicial and fiscal interference of the French state,” explained Paul Belien of Brussels Journal. “In France, Shariah law and mafia rule have become almost identical.” – article

The article I got this from was published 10 months ago – way before the France shootings, and these zones are EVERYWHERE in France.

“Denying the holiness of the Koran or the prophecies of Muhammad is straightforward apostasy.”  In other words, they’re not sinning by killing people as long as the person slain isn’t muslim.  Any law, any form of government that imposes laws not made by god, is against their religion.  Those who vote for a candidate in an election is punishable by death.  All who obey a law not made by god is punishable by death.  All Muslim candidates and those elected to office, must die.  All leaders must die.  Men who shave their beards must die…etc..etc

“Following takfiri doctrine, the Islamic State is committed to purifying the world by killing vast numbers of people.”

So yeah, call me crazy, but I can understand Trump.  I don’t agree with his blanket statement to ban all Muslims, but I think we should put a hold on turning them into citizens (being allowed guns) and letting them reside here indefinitely if they don’t do so already.

The chances of an ISIS living among law-abiding muslims is slim, but not unfathomable.  It’s because of this that we bury our heads in PC “correctness” because it isn’t all of them that’s bad, and it’s wrong to discriminate.  But seeing the global devastation they’re causing, it’s not unfathomable.  It’s not impossible for a person of the Islamic State to be mixed in with the lot residing here in the US.

In France, the number of Muslims grew to the point where there wasn’t just one ISIS, but several.  It can happen here too, that’s all I’m saying.

I HATE politics…..


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Attack on Pearl Harbor, what’s up with that? Melanie investigates.

1 out of every 113 people will die this year.  That’s 1.78 people a second.  This number accounts for the five babies being born every second.  If these babies weren’t accounted for, it would be 1 out of every 66 people will die by next year.  If you know 66 people, one of them won’t make it.

(I found this info on

700 people died since I discovered these statistics.

It’s 2:17 AM and my stupid brain is at it again.  I was watching a documentary about the attack on Pearl Harbor which made me pause the show and google “Why did Japan attack Pearl Harbor?”  They attacked because we cut off their oil and steel supply in order to stop them from gaining territory in China.  That’s the short version of the reason.

But that brings me to another question, why did Japan want to take territory in China?  I googled that too and wikipedia said it was to stop China from importing arms and fuel.  But why?

I kept googling and it taken me to Manchuria and the Russo-Japanese war.  The treaty of Portsmouth that ended the Russo-Japanese war stated that Japan can lease the South Manchuria Railway branch.  As a way to protect their newly acquired railway, Japan stationed soldiers there to watch over it and apparently those soldiers got bored and pillaged nearby villages. This distressed China, and Japan knew it distressed them, so they made a pre-emptive move to strike by staging a bomb scare known as the Mukden incident.

Japan accused China of blowing up their railway (which didn’t actually blow-up and a train sailed safely over it minutes after the bomb went off) when in fact, it was Japan that set off the bomb.  But wait, what about the Russo-Japanese war?  The Mukden incident seems like a by-product of a much bigger issue – a small tertiary branch stemming from something larger.  And that something larger had nothing to do with China, but Russia!

Russia dominated the trade routes and absorbed all local states in the process.  They kept expanding from Poland in the west all the way to the tip peninsula in the east.  They expanded well into the Pacific Ocean as well.  Japan felt threatened because before their efforts to become industrialized, having a cohesive language and school system, they were a poor peasant country that lay as easy prey for the bigger nations demanding trade.  They were considered unequal to the rest of the world and been treated poorly by dominating countries who set up trade towns in which they enslaved Japanese people into handing over their goods.

As a result, Japan fought back by educating their people, strengthening national pride and unifying their nation so it can stand tall with the big boys.  So they wouldn’t be bullied.  They became a modern industrial country in less than half a century.

Imperialistic Russia refused to acknowledge Japan as a “big boy” country by not recognizing Korea as a Japanese sphere of influence.  Japan taken this as a threat and this brought on the Russo-Japanese war.  Japan considered Korea to be their “buffer” country.  If Russia encroached on their buffer, that meant Japan was next.  Not to mention acquisition of all those juicy natural resources they can use now that they’ve become industrialized.

Blah blah, wars and years later, Russia was humiliated.  Japan wrecked them.  Go Japan, right?  As part of the peace treaty (Russia admitting defeat), Japan acquired Russia’s railway in Manchuria as a way to stop Russian expansion into enslaving Japan (and they get to keep their juicy resources).

But now wait a tick, did Japanese soldiers who were guarding the Manchuria railway really spark that big a war with China?  And why did Japan stage that bomb instead of reprimanding the soldiers accused of tormenting villagers?  And why were the Japanese soldiers tormenting the Chinese in the first place?  Was it really out of boredom?

And this question taken me to the Sino-Japanese war.  In a nutshell, after Japan became modernized and educated, they wanted to protect their newly formed nation by annexing other powers (countries) from dominating Korea.  They were looking to secure Korea’s independence, which at the time, Korea was a vassal state to the Chinese.  Which means that China had easy access to Japan – “Korea was a dagger pointed to the heart of Japan” as some Japanese military guy put it.  As long as China occupied Korea, Japan wasn’t safe.

Wars and years later, Japan secured Korea.  They humiliated China before humiliating Russia, but China taken it pretty bad – they’re a very proud people after-all.

Okay okay now wait.  Hold the phone.  What the hell does the US have to do with any of this?  Why would we care if Japan wanted to stop China’s weapon trade?  Let’s go back to the beginning and study again – this time with a little more background to my knowledge.

The Japanese wanted to cut off China’s trade routes as a way to stop the Sino-Japanese war (China’s occupation in Korea).  In order to do this, Japan encroached on China’s territory and started absorbing local states just as Russia did with the Trans-siberian express among other things.  Basically Japan was taking it too far and becoming their own worst enemy, Russia.  And with each victory, Japan became prouder, more ambitious, and more determined to never be bullied again.  Not by China, not by Russia – not anyone.

So Japan continued in their efforts to cut off all supply routes to Korea – the supply routes that fed the Chinese occupation in Korea.  They succeeded in one route, but the route in Indochina remained open.  Vichy France controlled the supply route in Indochina and after several attempts to persuade Vichy France to close off the route, failed.  This failure led to the war and in the end, France yielded, but called for an accord that granted permission to Japan to control the route under the guidelines that Japan was not to venture further into Indochinese territory.

But again, where does the US fit into all this?

Japan didn’t listen to this accord and instead they moved their troops closer to the railhead in Lang Son.  They were undefeatable at this point, and they were like, “why the hell not?  Right?”

Vichy France protested a breach of agreement and what did Japan do?  They bombed the hell out of Vichy soldiers while Vichy sent an envoy to negotiate.  But Japan didn’t want to negotiate, no.  France yielded and allowed Japan to occupy Indochina.  However, Japan didn’t want to send too many troops to occupy it for fear it will inflame relations with the US and the United Kingdom.

Why would it inflame the US and United Kingdom?  Were they tied into this trade route as well?

At the time of this attack, China was US’s ally.  The US didn’t like how the Japanese were imposing their will all across east Asia.  Is that why we cut off Japan’s oil supply?  Because we viewed it as adding fuel to the fire?  Did we feel threatened by Japanese operations in China?  There’s got to be more to the story.

Hold on…..

Did FDR purposely cut off their oil supply to initiate war?  I’m looking into conspiracy theories now.  I should shy away from them.  But it’s strange how I’m finding no definitive answer as to why we cut off their oil supply and since there’s no definitive answer, history books vaguely breeze over the subject leaving room for debate.

Japan attacked us before we attacked them.  Since we cut them off, Japan had to find a new supplier in Malaysia.  And if they went seeking resources in Malaysia, thereby expanding their territory – it would pull the US into war.

Okay….I just stumbled upon a commenter that said before Japan got it’s oil supply from the US, they got it from the Philippines.  But the Philippines was a US colony.  Japan wanted to infiltrate the Philippines to reclaim their oil supply and before they did, they thwarted the US in a pre-emptive strike before we can send troops to defend our supply – a supply that FDR taxed and sold to the Japanese.  He who owns the oil, owns the war.

Okay, I think I’m done for today.  I don’t want to tell you what time it is (not to mention how many people died in the time it taken me to write this).  Stupid documentaries…stupid brain is more like it.  It’s just that I get insanely transfixed on finding answers.  I need everything to make sense.  I need to understand.

I think my thirst for understanding is a way to protect myself from getting hurt.  It’s a way to protect my ego.  Although finding answers to historical events has absolutely nothing to do with me getting hurt by them, but this need for understanding leaches into and spreads to unrelated subjects having nothing to do with me personally – I still need to understand.  I need to understand out of fear.

Ayahuasca told me that every action and every thought is reasoned and seasoned with fear.  And our personalities are shaped and formed around how we interpret and interact with it.  If I understand other peoples fear, maybe that can give me some insight into my own.

We can only understand the things we’ve experienced.  If this is true, and I can’t understand somebody else’s fear, I can at least see what the outcome of it is.  I can witness what it does to people.  So when it happens to me, I’ll be more prepared to handle my reactions to it knowing full well that it leads to nothing but insanity.  To learn from history means to recognize it when it happens again which is the antithesis of insanity.

Anyway, I’d be shocked if you made it to the end of this post – shocked!  But I gotta say that by me writing everything down after learning about it, really helped me understand everything better than if I merely skimmed over the subject.



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Get Enrolled!

This is a government ad with federal funding aimed at getting gay people to enroll in Obama Care.  Oh man oh man.

Let me take a dramatic pause of confusion.

Is this real or a spoof?  It’s real my friends.  Our government thinks that all gay people are men who walk around naked with six-pack abs and a pretty face.

If this ad is for both gay’s and lesbians, then where’s the butch lesbian in dockers and flannels (since we’re getting into stereotypes)?  Is she out chopping wood for the fire?  Or chopping down a christmas tree for the gay men to prance around and decorate?  Where’s baby Jesus?  Can baby Jesus enroll in Obama Care too?

Would you let your children watch this?

I’m all for Obama Care, don’t get me wrong.  And I like gay people just about as much as I like any person.  But pa-lease ladies, America ain’t no Province town.

I’m one of the few people that will benefit from Obama Care.  That’s the only reason I’m for it.  Unfortunately nobody realizes this yet, but when Obama Care patients get old and need hip replacements and cancer treatments, the government won’t be able to afford to help everyone.  There will be an age limit to determine who’s worth helping.  There is a price for everything and someone will pay.

The real problem lies with how much the hospital charges for a box of tissue’s.  MRI’s are $300 everywhere else in the world, but here in the states, they cost $1,000.  And don’t get me started on prescribed medication.  Old folks have to stock up when visiting Canada, or order online from India and pray their heart medication isn’t a sugar pill.

As soon as I get Obama Care, I plan on taking as much advantage as I can from it.  How long will this last?  Someone’s going to pay and it will be the old folks and the corporations paying the fine because it’s cheaper to pay the fine than it is to enroll.  And anyone stuck with good old-fashioned insurance, they’ll pay too!

It’s a bad idea and I knew it from day one.  But hey, cheap insurance for me suckers!


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Melanie’s philosophical ramblings about reflection and the bigger picture. Enjoy!

I published this post on Dec 31, 2012 over at my other blog.  It’s about random ramblings – everyone’s favorite, Yay!

Ahh it feels so good to lay here.  It feels really good to lay here.  OMG heaven in a hand basket shaped to contour my curves under my blankets and on top of my memory foam mattress.  Sweet….

I slept and slept and slept today.  I was dreaming about my blog in that limbo state between waking and dreaming.  I thought up some awesome topics to share with you, but forgot them all.

It’s such a wonderful feeling to go to bed knowing that you don’t have to wake up early the next day.  I can live everyday like that.  Most people feel guilty for sleeping the day away, but for me there is no guilt.  In this day in age, what is there to wake up to anyway?  I don’t need to hunt for food, take care of kids, be a faceless commodity owned and operated by a faceless money grubbing corporation.  No, instead I wake up to Facebook, my phone, netflix, email, shopping online – all those pesky distractions that derail me from accomplishing anything in life.  I wake up to those things and rather sleep instead.

I’m laying here in the dark, blinds drawn, my laptop shining bright and sucking the juice out of my eyeballs.  I don’t feel good.

It’s New Years eve, Monday Dec 31 2012 at 1:37 pm.  I’m supposed to go out to dinner with family at 6.  It’s tradition.  But I need a day to recoup.  It’s days like this that keep me from wanting a boyfriend or kids or a 5 day career work week full of dependancy and ass kissing.  No way baby, I’m free.  I’m free and my life still has meaning.

Today I feel free of everything – all desires and wants for nothing.  I’m living for myself in a state of joyful reflection.  And there’s no one and no thing controlling my esteem.  These days keep me single.  These days keep me sane.  I may have a deeply seeded jaded soul, but I choose it.  I choose me.

I really don’t feel good today.  I’ve been working a lot and then going out on top of it.  It takes it’s toll.  I’m a person who needs 8 hours of sleep each night, but I end up getting 6.  I keep telling myself  “it’s okay I’ll go to bed early tonight” or “I”ll sleep late tomorrow, I’ll be fine,” but that rarely happens.  Alas, it happened today.

I hung out with Brad last night.  He’s not the g0-with-the-flow man I thought he was.  He takes charge and doesn’t get walked on.  It’s so bizarre the tricks our minds play on us to connect with people we don’t really know.  You see yourself in them, but it’s not real.  Perceptions are not reality.  Perceptions are all that there is, but it’s just a reflection of whats inside yourself.  Your beliefs are what shape the reality around you.

I don’t want to see reflections of myself.  That’s an ego bias.  But what is art if you can’t see yourself in the artists depictions of his reality?  Art and inspiration would not exist without reflections.

To look in the mirror, we become self-aware.  It’s a human ability and less instinctive.  To see ourselves in others is an evolutionary trait for growth – to see others doing amazing things that you relate to and wish you can do yourself is tapping into the hidden mass consciousness of man and seeing God’s work at play.  The ability to relate and connect is undoubtedly a tool bestowed upon our spirits and not our physical being.

But then again, I want to see people for who they really are – know why they do what they do.  I don’t want to see only myself in them.

This is a bad dilemma.  I fear that once I stop seeing reflections, I will become sociopathic.  I will lose that connection.  I’ll lose that part of me that doesn’t want to harm a person because I’ll only be harming myself.  If I sever the connection, my soul will be encased in a non-compassionate, non-humanitarian coating.

Perhaps the answer is about seeing the bigger picture and not just bits and pieces I can relate to.  The person is not me, they are them.  If I let them be them, I will be less hurt and disappointed if they do or say something that goes against what I would do or say.  It shows respect and knowing that nothing is to be taken personally. It takes both parties to allow something to be taken personally; the offender and the person who allows the offense.

It’s about acceptance of people.  I am not entitled and they don’t owe me anything.  Delving into a person only to emerge with seeing yourself is coming full circle into yet another sociopathic realm.  A realm of control and power.  If you can control and power over a person, you are essentially controlling and empowering yourself.  You empower yourself through others.  Nothing is ever black and white.  White being complete objectivity with no ability to relate to others, and black being the ability to relate too much and asserting control over what you see.

They are both narrow minded.  Caught up in the marrow goo.  Enclosed in itself.

So what’s the answer here?  To see the bigger picture?  To respect and accept without personalization?

When I was younger and writing in my handwritten journal away from the prying public eye, I focused a lot on this matter.  I’ll give you two examples.

When I was drawing, I thought I could improve my abilities by focusing on the smallest details and perfecting them.  Each stroke being meaningful and purposeful.  I would focus so much on the details of the drawing that I failed to see the bigger picture of what my art was transforming into.  I lost site.  Nothing was cohesive, only scattered dollops not connecting to each other.

When I was playing pool in my younger years, I thought that if I could focus all my attention on that little point on the ball I was to hit, I would get it in.  But I failed to do so over and over again.  So I tried focusing on the tip of my Q stick, then the spot on the Q ball, then the pocket I was aiming for – all strategies failed until I stepped back and looked at the entire table and clearly saw the game for what it really was – getting the damn balls in the pockets.  Once I was able to step back and stop looking at the details was I able to enter the zone.

Beauty are details of yourself being reflected back to you.  To see the big picture, the details will follow suit.  It takes a very broad, strong mind to see the whole.  So much to take in, so much effort and yet it’s like slicing through butter – easy once you see it.  You can see it for what it is and respect it enough to not put yourself in it.  Once you respect it, you can make it your own.  Relinquishing power and control, being above disappointment and hurt – you can start to make something your own.  It only takes respect.  Respect of the thing that is separate from yourself.

Respect was a HUGE epiphany ayahuasca taught me.

Her teachings are still seeping through.

To reflect on oneself slows down time and brings in meaning.  Facebook, email, phone, netflix, work, responsibilities, adhering to a boss or dependance on career, status, money, friends, family – to reflect on ones own self is what brings everything together into the bigger whole of life.  A work of art is just paint on paper.  It’s only meaningful if it means something to you.  Reflect, inspire and grow.

Respect it, reflect it in the grey (not taking the extremes into the black and white), and evolve into a higher state of awareness.

I’m a bit of an imaginative lass.  Lover of science fiction and ruminator of abstract thought.  I can’t resist writing about 1984 and its predictions to our future.  So hold tight and let me do my thang…

In the book “1984,” George Orwell depicted the government as a controlling force known as Big Brother.  Part of the governments plan to control the population was to limit vocabulary.  To rid the word meant to rid the meaning and it’s power to influence.

Words are important in the narrow minded aspect of reality.  They are triggers, an inspiration into self development and awareness.  A small-minded person who fails at seeing the bigger picture is most likely void of imagination and unable to find meaning without words.  They believe only what is placed in front of them.  But to an awake individual, there’s no need for words.  There’s only understanding, awareness and seeing the broad scope of reality.

In the energy of the spirit realm, you don’t need senses.  They are limiting, subjectively ego bound, connecting yourself to your surroundings.  Only a small minded person would let Big Brothers influence beat out their rightful individuality.  Keeping the person small-minded and controlled.  However, even without knowing the right word, it doesn’t mean its meaning doesn’t exist.  The meaning is shown to the few who are able to see the whole.

I see the whole.  And I see the government is wanting to control us and intervene by keeping us small-minded and blind.  By taking away our choices, keeping us limited and controlled – the word still exists.  Individuality still exists.

China is for the most part, a huge work camp.  The people are subjected to slave wages with no escape.  Their military power is huge, their media is state-run controlled and all guns are banned from private ownership.  Only the affluent wealthy have power and are able to do as they please.

Our second amendment was put into place to give us power to overthrow a tyrannical government – so we are not ruled by force but ruled by reason.  This is not part of China’s constitution.  They are not free people unless they have the money to flee the oppressed working class.  Unfortunately America is not far behind this reality.

People need to stop looking at the details of their lives and start seeing society and their culture as a whole – for what it really is.   People can be easily pleased in the small details  – a small escape, but it’s not real.  The expansion of one’s own knowledge is what’s real.  We can be happy at a higher level of consciousness that we are not yet aware.  The government uses the details to derail us.  They force us to see ourselves in them.  They use false logic to control us by allowing them to limit our choices out of blind reason and obedience.

The more selfish and narrow-minded we become, the easier it is to be tamed.  It is the opposing force of a conscious, meaningful life.  It’s living for others without having the perspective to reflect on your own.

Okay there I’m done.  What does it all mean?  I have no idea.  I just wrote it I don’t have to understand it.

Tonight I’m going to Toads place in New Haven to get shit-faced and dance until the ball drops.  Don’t worry, I’m not driving.


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Melanie on gun control

This is a huge topic now-a-days since the elementary school shooting that took place 10 days ago.  Shootings happen all the time, in malls, colleges, post offices, but the people slain have to be really short and really cute for gun control laws to spark a debate.  I don’t often write about politics, but I can’t resist this one.

Um Okay, where to start…..

Basically, I believe in individualism.  To each his own.  The more the government intervenes, the more power they have over us.  And without our freedoms, people will evolve into dependent slaves seeking their “entitled” cut.  Everyone becomes spoiled and stagnant.

I’m not a fan of government intervention, or changing the Constitution.  Unless of course we’re talking about that unlawful 18th amendment.  Women bitched and moaned about not having any rights, while the men lollygagged and drank themselves silly.  But as soon as the alcohol ran dry, women could no longer be tuned out.  So I guess the 18th amendment served it’s purpose after all.  After a long struggle with many bitch slaps, we got our way two years after the start of prohibition.  It’s easier to give women what they want rather than listening to them bitch while you’re sober.

Anyway, this post is dedicated to our second amendment.  The right to bear arms.  Call me crazy here, but have you seen the guns of the 1780’s?  They took about five minutes to load.  One bullet at a time.  If the founding fathers saw our guns today – would they still say everyone has a right to them?

There are approximately 300,000,000 guns in the US.  One per citizen.  About 99.99% are never used lethally.  40% of these guns are sold on the black market by private owners who don’t do background checks.  Something about these numbers irks me.  There are way too many guns circulating!  The more guns, the more fatalities.  Just like with cars – the more cars on the road, the more accidents.  It’s simple math – simple statistics. People should not need/want/feel they should own more than one gun.  And if they do own a gun, it shouldn’t be a military assault rifle!

Why would anyone want to own more than one gun?  Let’s look at those people.  When buying more than one gun, is it still purchased for safety reasons?  Or is it purchased out of some delusional paranoia?  These people can very well be paranoid fear breeders.  The kind of person who would actually use a gun to harm somebody – anybody who messes with them.  They are power and control seekers.  It’s not about safety anymore, it’s about control.  Gun shopping on the weekends, hoarding bullets, bullet proof vests….What are these people expecting to accomplish by accumulating a small arsenal of highly deadly weapons?  These are the people that should be monitored.

Sure there are responsible adults out there that respect the power of guns, but accidents do happen.  Carelessness happens, fear and paranoia happen to the best of us.  The more guns, the more accidents and violence.

It’s one thing to have a cool interesting hobby, but the intentions and motivation for their “hobby” is what troubles me.

I know there are collectors out there, and people who inherited guns owned by their deceased relatives, sure that’s fine.  There’s always a story and way to explain all the guns in your house.  But when does it get to the point where they can’t be explained?

In our current American culture, guns will not be abolished.  They will never be abolished because we are not peaceful people.  As long as we are driven by fear – locking our doors, keeping kids inside to play, being scared of a passerby walking down a dark deserted alleyway, we will continue to bear arms.

From my viewpoint, I don’t see abolishment happening anytime soon.  I’m being realistic.  Our culture is chock full of scumbags.  We are a violent and deranged society.

When the government intervenes, there will always be an opposing, equally powerful force that counter-acts.  It’s all a game really, when you immerse yourself in a narrow-minded belief system, it becomes a game of tug of war – two opposing forces.  Using force, not peace to solve the problem.

When the government intervenes, they fail to see the circular logic.

Statistically, the poor show more gun violence, so let’s spread the wealth.  But spreading the wealth entitles people and makes them lazy – it keeps them poor.  Plus they have all that extra money now for even more guns and drugs….

The government cracks down on the fight against drugs, incarcerating people and ruining their future – keeping their families poor violent gunslingers waiting for their entitled handouts.

If they got rid of automatic military-grade assualt weapons, people will counter-act with buying up an arsenal of small legal guns.  But no matter what gun they use, whether it be assault rifles or single shot pistol, it still only takes one bullet – they are equally deadly.  Their house can still be broken into and have those little single shot pistols allocated to the kids that broke in.

It’s circular logic.  They need to stop fighting and start educating.  Many people say these massacre’s happen because God is no longer in the classroom.  I believe if God is placed back in the school’s curriculum, they need to teach all religions, not just the one.  Which I can’t foresee happening, so let’s keep reasonable here.

I think psychology and philosophy are HUGE.  Psychology being the science of how our brains work, and philosophy is the study of why our brains work.  Philosophy is the substance, while psychology is the tool.  Psychology is truth and philosophy the meaning.

They should teach psychology as soon as the kid enters pre-school.  Psychology should be part of a students curriculum from day one.  Nothing is more important than to learn why/how/and who we are.  It’s actualization, it’s creativity and knowing.  It’s creating yourself before the circumstances you are born into has the chance of shaping you unknowingly.  The child can learn to love and accept their parents once they can see and understand their faults.  They can love them instead of fight them because they understand and gain compassion.

And quite possibly it can even derail bullying.  Bullying is a form of abuse and it’s way overlooked.  The bully can learn psychology so they won’t need a psychologist.  That’s my reasoning at least….

Philosophy can let the child think freely and creatively on their own.  Giving them power, choice and meaning.  Everyone has a little philosopher in them waiting to emerge.

The government needs to stop fighting, stop controlling and start educating.  The pursuit of knowledge should be taught as the most vital currency.  The more knowledge a person has, the more compassionate.

The government plays on our hearts – pulls our heart strings with altruism.  They use our own guilty conscience against us.  That’s why many of us say it’s okay for them to spread the wealth, it’s okay to abolish guns – it’s being an altruistic American.  But I strongly believe it should be our choice.  We should want to help the poor and we should feel safe enough to not want a gun.  Taking our choices away does not change what’s in our hearts.  It only reinforces our lack to exist for ourselves.

No one ever existed for their own good.  It’s always “exist for the church, exist for the military, exist for the poor, exist to feed your family” – when do we exist for ourselves?  Altruism is not realistic unless you, yourself chooses to starve and live on the streets.

Ayahuasca taught me “To each his own.” But she also taught me that giving is everything.  The way I deciphered these two independent epiphanies is that I should treat others as I would like to be treated, and that person has the free will to do as they please with what I give.  I can not force, can not judge, only hope they choose what’s right.  What’s right for them, not what’s right for me.

That is the answer there.  To educate and not force.  To allow choice and freedom because the alternative is a narrow-minded trap of illogical circular control.  We have to rise above it, not immerse ourselves in the battle (endless tug of war), but rise above.  With each new generation, we can change, grow and evolve into a loving safe world.

We are not the government, we are people.  The government should be the people.  We should be given the respect and the rights to control ourselves.

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I didn’t vote, I guess that makes me a non-patriotic American then, huh?

Official photographic portrait of US President...

Official photographic portrait of US President Barack Obama (born 4 August 1961; assumed office 20 January 2009) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This post was published November 8, 2012.  It’s a political rant.

Yesterday was election day.  I loathe politics.  I think it’s all a sham.  I never mention politics in my blog because of the sheer panic and frustration that goes with it.  Yes, I panic whenever I think about politics.  It’s a helpless feeling, really.

Obama and Romney are one in the same.  Both of them want to enslave the world.  Am I being dramatic?  Okay, maybe a little..

(Or maybe not)

But then again, I also think 9/11 was a conspiracy.

I figured I should pop that one out now in the beginning so that way you won’t have to waste your time reading a post written by an utterly paranoid wack-a-doodle.

But for those of you who continue to read, welcome fellow wack-a-doodles!  The truth will set you free.

Here’s what my ayahuasca addled brain is telling me:

We’re all going to be enslaved socialists owned by banks.  The more I make, the more they take.  My labor becomes the property of another – which in my book, is enslavement.

Let’s be rational adults and think for a moment.  Every bill they passed is designed to redistribute my hard earned backbreaking work.  The Stimulus bill, Obamacare, financial reform bill, trade and immigration reform bills – is it just me or is this madness?  Where are our liberties?  Where are our freedoms?  All these new bills have been crafted to redistribute wealth.

How is nobody else seeing this?!

They’re putting a cap on how much wealth you’re allowed to have.  Keeping the ferociously rich multibillionaires in power, while the poor laborers farm and build – searching for any fallen scraps beneath the table during layoff’s and then gratefully appreciative of any gold nuggets being fed to them by their masters.  It’s a bit like Stockholm syndrome.

“Atta boy there you go, you earned that.  Now you go and take yourself a little break from all your hard work, we’re the government, we got you covered.”

Geez, this all sounds a lot like my last post.  The evil envious nay-sayers who believe your success should also be theirs are licking their chomps for a handout.  And the government says they’re entitled!  Envy wants to knock down those rich money bags like candy from a piñata.

God I hate politics!  Americans listen to the debates, listen to the public speeches – don’t they know all that they hear was planned ahead of time?  Obama has several speechwriters making hundreds of thousands of dollars to sway the people into buying into his Hope and Change spiel using viral memetic infection.  He not only practices what he says, but how he says it.  He always mentions an elusive hope, elusive change.  A tarot card reader states more specifics about the future than Obama.  He has mastered his wizardly wordplay and enraptured the 90% of idiots into his grand illusion.

I can’t think about this much longer, I’m starting to get panicky!

You know why we need a government?  To protect us from invaders, but mostly protection from ourselves.  To govern us as parents govern children.  I’m slowly learning (during my journey to find truth) that human nature at it’s lowest, is something vile and backstabbing.  They want to knock others down – take everyone down to their level.

Everyone has a natural instinct for self-preservation.  People want to make sure they’re going to be okay.  Sometimes at all costs.  They look to see that their bowl is overflowing before checking to see if their neighbors bowl has enough.  But if their neighbors bowl has more, they feel entitled to it.

It’s unavoidable human nature.  We’ve been cavemen for a much longer period of time than we have been civilized.

We are believers more than we are non-believers.  It’s inherent in us to be natural believers in anything rather than skeptics.  We are pattern seekers.  If one particular pattern works for us, we keep doing it over and over with the expectations of getting consistent results.  Patterns lead us to our beliefs.  We are superstitious seekers of justice relying on outdated modes of thinking.  We believe what we see, feel we are right, and seek out ways to change things to our liking.

Humans are dictated by pain and pleasure.  It causes people pain when they see others having awesome things in life while they suffer.  It’s not fair to them.  It causes them so much pain that they actually take pleasure in watching that other person fall.  It is so ingrained in human nature to do this, that the government is trying to control the anarchy with socialism.  For them to control who gets what, for how long and when.  Abundance will get leeched away regardless, but who’s going to be taken down?  The multibillionaires in charge or the little guy?  If the government lets the lower take from the middle, the low and middle stay the same while the fat cats hug their shoulders and grin in amusement.

It’s human nature.  And I’m just now learning about it.  And it’s prevalent everywhere!  Not just in my life, but in the very construct of our very own government.  It’s crazy!  Super crazy and scary and I HAVE to stop thinking about it.

Political thinking goes around and around like a fruit loop record in my head.

All politicians ever do is make promises.  Giving just enough to keep everyone hooked.  It’s like getting paid.  Employers pay their staff just enough to not want to quit.  That’s what the government does to us.  People naturally want to believe in them, we see patterns that make us believe in them, and the little bit that actually changes is just enough to have us hooked.

Plus the inspirational speeches of change – who can resist!

It’s all a diversion from the actual truth.

Okay Mel, let’s just calm down.  Breathe.  Breathe.  Yes, there you go.  Here, lets try to put things in perspective.  This world is an illusion remember?  Hang on to your sanity stockings and lets look at this pic.

This is the most massive photo ever taken.  What you are looking at right now on your computer screen is about 10,000 galaxies.

Each one of those galaxies contain anywhere from 10 million to  one trillion stars.

The average star is approximately a million times the size of earth.

All that is seen in this photo.  A photo that took 400 orbits and 800 exposures to take.

That being said, the universe is still more than 90% “empty.”

This photo is only one thirteen-millionth of the entire night sky.

Is that perspective enough for you?  Or too much perspective?  I don’t know.  Do I feel better? Eh.

Okay now I admit I’m under-educated in just about everything.  I really don’t know much about anything at all especially when it comes to politics and our future.  I always figured that people are generally good and will ultimately do the right thing, so why fret over it?  But the thing is, people are not generally good.  They are placed in circumstances where they feel they need to defend who they are, defend their rights and punish those who stand against them.

They don’t believe they are ever wrong.  They stand by their choices because their choices represents who they are.  Their stubbornness to be right only reinforces viral memetic infections.  They mistake stubbornness for strength.  They never concede, never change.  If a person changes, that’s admitting that something was wrong with them in the first place.  Their followers will continue to blindly follow and believe their leader is true, because as a follower, much like their leader, will refuse ever being wrong.

A million Iraqis lay dead along with 5 thousand US troops.  Is this right?  How is this right?  Who are the people that believe this is right?

There will always be coverups, and always pigheaded people who believe in those coverups.  Much like the anti-Semites believing there was never a holocaust.  Denial is a very powerful illusion.

Bill Maher is a perfect example of a pigheaded asshole.  He believes that he is always right, had Obamas back from the very beginning and refuses to believe anything negative about the guy.  And he really IS an asshole.  He has a group of followers that blindly listen to and believe everything he says without question.  It gets me so mad!  Nobody wants to think for themselves.  They all want to be told what to believe.  They’re all scared.  That’s why people cling to religion.  WWJD?

Everyone is blind.  If the people who stole from others, if they felt any pangs of guilt, guilt would lead them towards compassion, and compassion will lead to giving.  But nobody feels guilt anymore.  Our leaders are telling us we’re all awesome, deserving Americans – every child on a sports team these days gets a trophy – no one is better than anyone when it comes to sports and in life.  We’re all entitled to a slice.  We deserve everything, there is no room for guilt.  Welcome to the new America.

I went over Amy’s house after work yesterday on election day.

Amy – “Did you vote?”

Me – “Nope.”

Amy – “Me neither.”

We both burst out laughing.  It’s hilarious to me that people make such a big thing out of voting.  A lot of people don’t even care who you’re voting for as long as your voting.  It’s like calling a soldier unpatriotic for refusing to fight in a war, it doesn’t matter what the war is about or who started it, as long as they are fighting.

I refuse to play their game.  I don’t care.  I don’t care.  I am removing myself from the situation and going about my business. No more politic talk for this snarky blogger.

I mean just look at the people of North Korea!  They love their leader, learned to hate Americans, and if anyone utters one word out of protest towards their government, they get sentenced to a work camp. But not just them, their friends and families as well.  This can happen to us!  It can progress to that!

And the North Koreans have so much admiration for their leader it’s mind boggling. If you don’t believe in viral memetic infections, than this has to be proof enough, right?   But then again, 90% of you are idiots…

Shit, I have no idea if any of this makes sense.  Perhaps I should shut my mouth when I don’t know what I’m talking about.

It’s all just speculation really.  I half-heartedly wrote this post, I half-heartely believe it to be true because you know why?  Beliefs are conditioned thinking that keep you away from your creative free-will.  It’s true!  I believe that.  And nobody will tell me otherwise.


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