Be the Dude

This is a place where you can pray peacefully without judgment or fear.  Look into the eyes of the Dude and feel strength, trust, and faith.  Have no fear in your heart.  Don’t let fear or doubt enter your mind while praying, otherwise it won’t work.  You MUST trust.  This is the only way to experience the dude, Jesus, and understand that everything is already in your power to manifest your prayers into reality.

Be the dude.

Don’t worship.



And if you’re on the path of martyrdom, roll with it man.  Don’t become the hate that befalls everyone.

Meditate on the Dude for a minute or two and then breathe your prayers into the universe by putting them forth into the interstellar galactic web of omniscience.  Put them out there and let them go.  Become the Dude and don’t dwell.  Be strong my brother.

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