Just Another Stupid Wednesday

I’m sitting in the lounge in Bozrah while my new therapist, Breanna, massages her first client. I’m not feeling that great. I’m wracked with worry over my dog. He’s been sick and today he started limping. We taken him to the vet and she gave him antibiotics. And another reason for my worry is that my male therapist, Adonis, whom been working for me for almost five years wants to have a sit down to discuss something important. He just sprung it on me on my way over here to Bozrah. I told him to meet me at Wood N Tap tonight. It’s trivia night and I was going to be there anyway.

I hate my sensitivity to stress. I need to just breathe and let it go. I already decided I can handle it if he quits and not only that, I’d be able to replace him with a female independent contractor instead of an employee. It works out better for me.

I hope Breanna is doing ok in there. It’s her first day. I hear the wind chimes crackling away in there, a bit too much for my tastes.

I had a client today in Cheshire and then went home to nap. While I was napping, my phone exploded with a gazillion texts. My phone was on silent. One of those texts was Breanna telling me she got booked for today.

I leapt up in hyperdrive and scrambled to get my pants on. I looked at the clock, the client would be there in one hour.

“Holy fuck I’m not going to make it! She doesn’t even have a key! I didn’t go over anything with her!”

Luckily my landlord was here to let her in. I didn’t make it in time for the massage. She was already in session by the time I got here. Stress man, I’m telling you.

Igor, my other therapist, just texted me about a strong pot smell in our little closet area. Ugh….Adonis, if you want to leave me, leave. Please. No need to discuss it with me for a half an hour while I try to win at trivia.

I just want to go home and hug my dog.

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