Melanie Joins a Pool League

I love to play pool.  I absolutely LOVE it beyond measure.  After decades of saying I’m going to join a league, I finally did after meeting some old friends out during one of their league nights.

My team adores me.  Well, at least I think they do.  And other people on different teams have taken a liking to me too.  The bartender, Brie, the owner, Billy, the manager (forgot her name), they all love me.

I was afraid I would hate having to be someplace every Tuesday night but it turns out that I look forward to it and it’s not impinging on work even when we are busy with signature couples massages.

I feel like a super star on Tuesday nights with my messy hair tied up, wearing my ripped jeans and hoodie.  I wear the same clothes every day.  Have I ever told you that?

I’m one of the few people who drinks beer while they play.  I’m surprised not more people do it.  Right now I’m a level 2, which is a perfect level to be since I can get away with drinking beer and not have to worry about missing a shot because, well, I’m a level 2!  And my team wants me to stay a level 2.

If I stop drinking beer during my matches, I’ll most likely go up a level.  The one night I experimented by only drinking one beer and I kicked the girls ass and won the whole thing.

I score points for my team each week and I don’t have to practice if I want to stay a level 2, and I can drink beer.  Sounds pretty peachy to me.  Good deal.

As of now my team is in second place.  Once we’re closer to the end of the season, I’m sure everyone starts to sweat bullets because if we win, it means we get to go to Vegas.  Vegas baby!

When I first joined the league last month, I became obsessed with practicing, watching YouTube videos, reading Jeanette Lee’s autobiography…..etc.  But now my obsession sort of died down.  Other obsessions taken its place.

People say I’m unemotional but I tell you what, when I play pool – they come out in full force.  Anyone who’s ever witnessed me play pool would never say I’m unemotional again.

My team set me up with my own stick (I named it the Pink Lady), a case, a glove and chalk.  I need the glove for my sweaty ass hands.  My hands are always sweaty no matter what I do.  While I was in Spain, Hana would grab my hand and tell me that it’s wet.

Hana – “They wet.  Why they always wet?”  She’d say while she smacked the palm of my hand.

They’re wet right now just typing on my keyboard.

I hate the way dry hands feel.  When a dry hand is handling or folding a dry piece of paper, I cringe.  I hate the sound of it.  If my hands ever do feel dry, I cup them over my mouth and blow my hot breath into them.

I’m a weirdo, I know.  I wonder what else I do that’s weird that I don’t realize.

I don’t have a client until 5:45.  It’s 1:41.  I should eat, shower, and maybe play my game for a bit.  I’m not sure what else to do.  I should clean the dryer vent at work but I’m so freaking lazy.

The dryer at work started making a racket on Saturday, February 17th, the busiest day of literally all time.  I think we had 35 clients or something crazy like that.  My theory is that it overheats because the vent is clogged.  We have to keep stopping and starting it.

I bought the LintEater kit from Amazon and I have to use it to snake the 35 feet of tubing – possibly more than 35ft.

As far as my new business goes…..I’m procrastinating.  Mainly because I can’t focus on more than one task at a time.  Work has been busy, which leaves me with no time to set up the new place, and the dryer is busted.  I’ve been stashing money aside though.  I have almost $2000 saved towards the new place.

Don’t get me wrong, money is tight these days.  We’re not promoting the membership anymore so I don’t have that automatic $6000 at the start of every month anymore.  Not only that, but our ex-members are still coming in to redeem their massages that got built up over the years.  There are a TON of them.  Just yesterday we had an ex-member come in for a 90-minute couples massage.  That will cost me at least $60 that’s been spent ages ago.

That’s just one example – these ex-members are coming in everyday to use up their credits and the money is long gone.  There wouldn’t be an issue if I didn’t have to pay $5000 to my lawyer.

Speaking of….I haven’t heard anything about the case in a while.  My lawyer was undergoing depositions but the next person in line to be questioned, had something happen to her.  Like hospitalization or something.  She had to push it back but that’s been weeks ago.

I also wrote a letter to one of the victims.  The lady who gave her deposition, I wrote her an email because I still had her info in my files so I figured, why not?

It was a personal, humble, wildly informal email describing my life up to this point.  I re-read it a few days ago and if she decides to sue me after reading that email, there’s no goodness left in her bones.  Her heart is far gone from this plane of existence. You’d have to be a psychopath to want to sue me after reading an email like that.

I haven’t heard anything back from anyone since sending her that email.  January 26th is when I sent it and now it’s February 22nd.  I’m hoping she gave it to her attorney to read.  I’m hoping I’ll get to read it in court.

She’s a professional, so I know she reads all her emails.

I should take a shower and start my day.  I hate having shit to do.

I’ll feel wholly settled once:

  • My new business is opened and established
  • My dryer is fixed
  • The signature couples massages are almost all redeemed
  • Taxes are done
  • The lawsuit is over

Until then, I’m all knots and bolts.  I can’t relax.  The only time I feel somewhat relaxed is nighttime when it’s too late for me to act upon anything.  But during the day, my procrastination stresses me out.

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