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When Melanie Tosses The Cookies, She Likes to Write About It

I’ve been laying on my PEMF mat whenever I get home.

The PEMF, ION and Photon functions all have separate automatic shut-off’s, so after 20-minutes, I reset them all by turning them on again.

There’s a shut-off for a reason.

I taken a 2-hour nap the other day and when I woke up, my t-shirt was damp with sweat but I felt fantastic, like it was the best nap of my life.  That same night, I fell asleep on the PEMF mat with the heat setting set at 2 but before switching it to 2, it was set at 5 which meant that the mat was still super hot before I fell asleep on it.  Plus I’ve been resetting the controls as soon as they automatically shut off in order to get continuous doses of PEMF, IONs and Photons.

I woke up 2 hours later with severe acid reflux or heat stroke, I don’t really know.  All I know is that my stomach contents wanted out.  I didn’t feel nausea or stomach pain, just vomit in my mouth.

I also ate an entire gift basket before falling asleep so I literally tossed the cookies.  I don’t think it was the gift basket that made me throw up though.  It was just pretzels, chocolate, cookies and crackers.  Okay, maybe I ate too much.

My stomach was completely full, like my body had trouble digesting everything.  I think the PEMF made my body too alkaline.  I didn’t have enough stomach acids to digest the food.  Either that, or I overheated or overate.  It could’ve been a bunch of stuff that did it.

But the PEMF mat terrifies me now.  Yesterday was my day off from it.  I’m scared to use it.

It clearly states in the manual not to overdo it when you first get one.  I need to build up a tolerance for it first.  But I also think it’s all hog wash malarkey so I paid no heed.

I’ve been so tired and achy lately.  My ankles and right knee are starting to hurt again – Camino pain I haven’t felt in a while.

And infrared heat scares me!  It heats your body from the inside out.  Normally your body heats from the outside in, so this feels unnatural to me.  It feels like I’m roasting myself alive and don’t even know it.  And there’s hardly any scientific studies about infrared heat!  We don’t know if it’s safe!

I don’t like the mat.  No, I don’t like the mat.  There’s a small cult of mat lovers out there but I’m not one of them.  The heat feels really good though.  I can crank it up and my skin never gets hot or burns from it.  I keep turing the knob higher and higher.  It’s addicting!

When I was throwing up, my dad sat in the next room watching the news.  It was around midnight.  I was scared he’d hear me puke but the old man’s so deaf, he didn’t hear a damn thing.  And I puked so very hard.  When I emerged from the bathroom, he was still sitting in the same position with his back turned to me, never turning around.

I went to sleep around 11:30 last night and I woke up at 12:30 today.  I slept the whole time without waking or semi-waking.

Yesterday was the Super Bowl.  I normally go out every year for the Super Bowl but I stayed home yesterday.  Amy, Lisa, Jill, all wanted me to come over, but I was too tired.

My brain is not working today.  I have two clients later and then I’m meeting Amy for a drink.

Amy just texted me saying she’s not feeling well and probably won’t hang out tonight.  How weird!  I was just thinking about her!

I’m going to end up laying on the PEMF mat again later, after I get home.  I know it.


As far as my new business goes…..

I’m waiting to get my articles of organization.  It can take a few weeks.  After that, I can open up a business account and start putting money in it.


I’ve been fantasizing about my science fiction book a lot lately.  The idea is clear and simple, but it still has a few kinks.

I’m one of those people who ask questions when watching stupid movies or reading stupid books.  Questions like, “why didn’t they just run out of the house?  Why stay and get slaughtered?”

It’s those kinds of questions that put a kink in my story because things happen in my story that don’t make sense!  But I’m learning it’s those same kinds of questions that add depth and twists.  I can have an idea and work backwards from it, answering all my questions along the way.

I’m also flip-flopping between actors that’ll play the lead role.  I flip from Leonardo DiCaprio, Chris Pratt, to Jennifer Lawrence.

I love picturing a male in the lead, but I also love movies where girls kick ass, so I’m stuck.  It’s a serious problem not knowing the gender of your lead character.  I like them both.  I want to see a girl who kicks ass, but I also love Chris Pratt’s quirks.

I’m so lame in real life that I don’t play a role in my own fantasies.

Maybe Chris Pratt can play the boyfriend and Leonardo can be the villain?  Or Jennifer Lawrence can play the villain….

I’ll think about it over my massages today.

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