Not many people know about 18-9.  They don’t know what it means, what it symbolizes.  I just learned about it myself today while googling “what is my destiny?”

I got bored and yes, I googled “what is my destiny.”

I’m playing Elder Scrolls online and they have a prognosticator robot that inputs your data into his system and makes calculable, yet accurate destiny profiles.

Me thinking – “That’s like Google!”

And that’s my story of why I googled “What is my destiny”.

I decided the first link that pops up would indicate my destiny.  But the first link that showed was just a stupid website about numerology.

Me – “I’m a huge idiot……but wait?  What if it’s my destiny to click on this numerology website?”

And so I clicked on it and learned about personal years.

I’ve never heard about personal year numbers before, not ever.  They are numbered 1-9 with one tricky year thrown in for good measure, and that would be personal year number 18-9.

Me thinking – “I fucking know I’m in an 18-9 year.  I don’t need to do the math, I just know it.”

I did the math anyway and yep, fucking 18-9.

2+1+4+2+0+1+8 = 18

You add your birthday month and birthday day to the current year and that’s where the 18 comes from.  In numerology they break the 18 down by adding it together to make the number 9.  But when the total adds up to 18, it’s “auspicious”.

Oh I’m sorry, is this boring you?  Well it should.  Unless you’re in an 18-9 year too.

Anyway, each year is numbered 1-9.  Not all 9 years are 18-9 years.

It’s a big deal because the number 18 is considered auspicious to many spiritual practices.  That’s the word they used, “auspicious”.

And guess what number keeps popping up in my life? 118!  I just wrote about it recently too.

Jews wear the number 18 around their necks for good luck and whenever they’re giving gifts, money in particular, they do it in increments of 18.

Ayahuasca said Hinduism and Judaism are the closest there is to truth….just sayin’.

When I was 21, I walked into a tattoo parlor looking to get inked.  I had absolutely no clue what I wanted or where I wanted it.  I walked in, turned to the first wall display of possible tattoos and picked the first thing I seen.

It means strength, but I didn’t even care what it meant.  I just liked the design.  I thought it’ll look cool on my arm.  Like a deer prancing through a meadow – elegant, sweeping, clean.

You want to know the symbol for 18 in Hebrew?

Pretty similar, ain’t it?  Well, okay, I’m grasping here.  But the Hebrews call the symbol Ch’ai and I love Chai latte!

18 is everywhere in my life is what I’m getting at….my tattoo was not the best example.

I’m going on Amazon to buy a freaking Ch’ai necklace.  Screw it.  I need to order stuff for work anyway.

So what’s in store for me in an 18-9 year?

I don’t really know.  I can’t find a straight answer.  They say year 9 is about letting go of old shit to make room for new shit.  It’s all about change.  And the number 18 means good luck, so….good changes?  They used the word “auspicious” after all.  That means success or something….I think.

Year 9 is usually the hardest for most people because we have trouble letting go.  We HATE change.  Ugh….change.

I’m not a believer in these things, but I love speculating about it.  And okay, I admit….the year profiles seem accurate.  The descriptions are accurate accounts of what transpired during those years of my life.

I’m a stupid schlep.  A stupid, spiritual schlep.


I conked out before 8:30PM last night.  I was wiped.  But I woke up at midnight with a hankering for lemonade and got myself a glass.  I couldn’t fall back to sleep until 6 in the morn.

Last night whist I drank my lemonade in the quiet of my room, my heart felt like a diamond.  Stupid, it’s stupid I know….But it felt like a solid thumping rock in my chest.

If I’m bi-polar, last night was a bi-polar high.

Me thinking – “I’ll never need cocaine, I feel fucking amazing right now.  Imagine me on cocaine right now!”

It’s just that I’m really excited about my new business venture.  I can’t sleep when I get excited.  I felt so profoundly happy, happier than I’ve ever felt.  And I captured the moment inside the diamond in my chest.  I can still feel it.

I can’t really explain it in regular words.

I was sad at first when I came back from my trip.  I was sad because I had so much shit to do and no real plan.  I was broke and being sued and just got done accumulating $3000 of credit card debt overseas.  I was in the shit house.  I was thinking it’ll take me years to be able to afford another trip like that.  Freaking years man.

But I turned that fear into action.  You know what i mean?  Actual action.  A plan.  And now I can’t contain myself.  No, it won’t take years to take another trip like that.

I’m in love with traveling.  I’m in love, infatuated, with life.  And to me, life means getting out there.  Adventuring.  Exploring.  Meeting new people.  Learning the wily ways of the universe.  That’s life to me.  The best kind of.

Shit, I’m transfixing aren’t I?  I hate it when I do that.  I can feel the diamond in my chest getting denser.  Like it’s full of caffeine or something.

I better start tuning down now or I’ll be up all night again.  Having piss-poor sleeping habits is just as bad as full blown insomnia.

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