“If Time Travel Was Real” Written by Melanieslifeonline, edited by Wordpress spell checker. Copyright December 30th 2017

Today was brutal.

I don’t know what made me want to finish writing my last post at 4 in the morning today.  It’s not like I had anything important to say.

I got home so late and so drunk last night (this morning) and for some reason I wanted to write knowing full well that I had 5 clients today starting at 11.

It was brutal.  Have I said that already?  Well it was.

It’s now 10:30PM and I can’t keep my eyes open.  I just want to write about this time travel paradox right quick before I forget it.  My brain is thinking up some weird shit tonight.

Ready to hear it here it goes….

Let’s say a man discovers time travel.  I’ll call him number 1.

He goes back in time only to discover he’s getting buried alive by multiple bodies of himself also coming from the same future.  He has to quickly find his younger self in that time period and tell him not to travel back in time.  Something went terribly wrong.

The man (number 1) finds his younger self (number 2) and warns him.  In a flash, the number 1 man disappears along with all his other selves.  Leaving no traces behind.

The young man, number 2, goes about his day as if nothing happened and when number 2 invents time travel, history repeats and he travels back in time once again.

How does this happen?

When number 1 warned number 2 about the upcoming disaster, number 2 listened to the warning and never went back in time but since he never went back in time, number 1 was never able to warn number 2 about the disaster.  Hence the infinite pile of number 1’s that keep traveling back in time.  No one stopped him.

My question is….where do all these bodies go when they disappear?  How is it possible for something to never happen if it happened?

I was watching a time travel documentary on YouTube just a moment ago and you see what happens?  I should be sleeping right now!

It was a National Geographic special.  They say that time travel is theoretically proven but we don’t have the technology to make it happen.

It’s interesting….The documentary also states that if we travel through time using the light-speed approach, we will be going into the future.  But if we travel using the gravity approach, we travel backwards.  The gravity approach is much more likely to happen according the the physicists.

What if time travel really does exist, and people been traveling back here for millennia?  They cause epic disasters, correct them, forget them (refer to my story above), and we’re actually living in some vacuum of forgotten memories that never transpired but did?

And what if all the corrected mistakes we made that disappeared into nothingness, didn’t really disappear?  All the number 1’s never truly disappeared but morphed into intangible thoughts, like they were added to the mass-consciousness of the universe?  They went up and out into the 5th dimension?

All the horrible atrocities that mankind committed through-out history keep getting rectified and forgotten which in turn feeds into our mass consciousness.  It poisons the well and from that poison, creates even bigger disasters.  We obliterate the musket only to replace it with an AK-47.

Wow, I’m like beyond tired.  I’m writing complete gibberish.

What else is new.

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