I played my video game on Christmas day.  Boy, did I play.  From sun-up to sun-down, I couldn’t stop.  My brother, my niece, and her boyfriend all came over for dinner and it was nice, but all I could think about was heading back downstairs to play.

It’s not just an addiction.  I honestly believe my brain needs it.

Before I started to play, I was tired and stressed.  When I say tired, I’m talking both physically and mentally drained no matter how much I slept.  I could barely get out of bed.  This is due to various reasons, some of which are from traveling abroad for the last two months.

But then I started to play……

My brain fell in sync.  That’s the best way to describe it.  Everything that I’ve been stressing about, the scattered thoughts and trivial problems, melted away.  If they weren’t melted away, they were compartmentalized.  Put away into their respective locations.  When I’m ready to view them, I can delicately pick them up where I left off and look at them with clear eyes and a clear mind.

My energy went up.  My motivation went up.  My excitement….went up.

How does this happen?  I don’t understand……

Let’s think on it;

When I play, my brain is at optimum relaxation.  Some people go to the spa to relax, they get a massage or whatever – but I on the other hand, need to engage my brain in order to relax.  To ask questions and solve problems, to write and such.  I get a massage for therapeutic purposes and relaxation isn’t one of them.  I need crosswords.  Give me Jeopardy.

My brain feels most relaxed on video games, but it’s also never more active.  It works harder on video games than when it comes to managing a business.  My eyes and ears are on full alert for hours on end.

My guess is that it has something to do with our evolution and where we came from.

From the time we were hunter gatherers, starving for our next meal, we were always on alert.  To be on full alert meant that rewards are soon to follow.  But we couldn’t acquire those rewards without focus, so we instinctively turned off all unnecessary clutter.  Makes sense, right?

The more we engage, the less mental baggage there is to deal with.  And with less mental baggage, the less fatigued we feel.  The human machine knows what to do once you take yourself out of the equation.

Of course, this is all hyperbole.  Completely my theory, who knows the actual truth?

All I know is that video games make me feel utterly fantastic.  Like gutting out the attic.


In other news…..

I love food.  I like to reward myself with food whenever I work.  By “work” what I mean is doing something that I don’t want to participate in.

There’s a new Japanese/Korean place that just opened up near me – 3 minutes away.  And I love it.  Love love LOVE it.

They have a salad there called POKI.  I plan to eat it for lunch every single day that I work.  It’s healthy and amazing.

Between that and my video game, my love for life went up ten-fold since getting back from my trip.  These are tools that will help me along the way.

I was depressed after getting back because all I could think about was the long list of shit I have to do in order to enjoy life again.  I focused on the destination, not the journey. And seeing that I’m nearly 38, time is of the essence. My journey should ALREADY be awesome. Everyday awesome. Yolo baby.

I need to get this shit done quick which means I have to work HARD.

These thoughts depressed me.  That’s why I was in a funk.

I had virtually nothing on my roster to look forward to.  Just work, and work hard.

To go to my exercise class, play pool in my pool league, and nights when I do neither, I work.  Every single day I have shit to do.  I’m not an “everyday do shit” kind of gal.  I’m more of a “be as lazy as you like everyday” kind of gal.

But with my upcoming schedule, I’ll have no free days.  Just get in shape, make money, and one night a week indulge in my love of billiards.

It sounds…well, it sounds horrible is how it sounds.

The pool league starts January 19th.  I’m not sure how I’ll like it.  I don’t really like doing things on a weekly basis but I signed up because I love to play. I have no interest in socializing, meeting new people….I just want to fucking play pool and drink beer.


It’s now a couple days later, I don’t know how many exactly.  It’s the 30th at 3:15am.

Can I just tell you I made the perfect business?  I don’t want to tell you because I’ll jinx it, but it’s absolutely perfect.  We had 22 clients today!  I don’t know if that’s a record, but it’s a lot of freaking clients.  Everything went smooth and stream-lined.  Perfect in every way.  And we are nearly 5 star on Groupon and we made the best of Groupon list which is actually sorta a big deal….seriously, not a lot of places get ratings as good as ours.  This is the first in 4 years we made that list.  It’s all algorithms, so there’s no favoritism or crap like that.

I shouldn’t be blogging right now.  I get insomnia when I do this so late.  I wanted to write something but I forgot what it was.

I ate at J Sushi three days in a row now.  That’s the new place I was telling you about.  I still love it.  Today they threw in a free miso soup because, well, I’m awesome like that.  But there’s another place that just opened up too, Pho Spice!  They have Thai and Vietnamese.

J Sushi is Japanese/Korean, and the other place is Thai/Vietnamese.  My all time favorite is Vietnamese so I gotta give them a shot.  Vietnamese has the best sauces and the best broth known to the entirety of the human race.

Dude….I’m like in heaven.  I love where I live.  I love my town.

I remember what I wanted to write….

I wanted to write out my new business plan!  Damn, what was I thinking?  It’s too late!  I mean, it’s too late physically for me to write out my business plan right now.  I just got really excited for it, that’s all.  I’ll write about it later, I’ll publish this shit or I’ll never publish It.

G’night y’all

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