Christmas Eve

I slept the entire day.  It’s 8:30 at night and I want to sleep again.  I should’ve went to work to sell gift certificates, but I couldn’t move.  I’m horrible.  I don’t know what’s wrong with me. I wasn’t this tired when I was traveling but then again, I didn’t stay up until 3am like I do when I’m home.

My friend isn’t pissed at me for kissing her brother.  I was worried about nothing.  Her brother also made out with another friend of ours that same night which is what saved my hide – it wasn’t just me.  And he came on strong and aggressive.  Everything is good and it was just one of those nights….

I should’ve went to work today.  I’m such an asshole.

I went to sleep at 11PM last night, woke up at 11AM today, ate a turkey sandwich that my mom made me and fell back to sleep listening to my audiobook with my dog.  I didn’t wake up until after 4.  Then I watched Master of None on Netflix and The Neon Demon on my jail broken firestick (super weird movie).

After that, I wanted to play Elder Scrolls Online but since I haven’t logged into my playstation for months, I have to update everything.  I have to update my playstation and not only that, but update Elder Scrolls.  We’re talking lots of updating hours.  54 GB’s.  Not MB’s, but GB’s.  Those are the big files.

So now I’m watching the Watchman on my Firestick and blogging.

All I want to do is play my game.  That’s all I want.

It’s too early for sleep and I’m all movie’d out for the day.  But no.  Stupid updates.

But I’m happy.  I get to sleep as late as I want tomorrow and not feel guilty for not going to work.  We are closed for Christmas and everyone, including clients, won’t bother me.

But I’m sad that my money making season is nearing it’s end.  It was a great season.  Oh god how I love Christmas.  I love love LOVE Christmas now that I opened my own business.  It’s especially awesome that my friend Stephanie is here visiting from Minnesota.

Since getting back from my trip, life has continued it’s awesomeness.  2017 has truly been amazing.  Lord knows I needed it.  I’ve trudged through hell and high water for long enough.

I don’t feel like delving into anything heavy tonight.  Today has been a catch-up day on some well needed R&R.  I just hope the update will be installed by tomorrow.


It’s now 1:oo in the morning.  I got sucked into YouTube.  I literally spent the last 4 hours watching YouTube videos.  My game has only 5 more hours left until it’s updated…..

My room is still a hot mess.  I did however, throw in a load of laundry.  The first time doing laundry since I been back.  Procrastinate much?

I did virtually nothing today, but I feel strong enough to do virtually nothing again tomorrow.  Sleep and audiobooks baby.

I love this.  I just love it.  Right here, right now.  It’s perfect.  A perfect moment.  I’m just so content right now.  I have everything I’ll ever need right here in my room to sustain my contentment indefinitely.

It’s that feeling you get when it starts snowing really hard and you know for sure school will be cancelled the next day.  You want to stay up late just to savor every last drop of time.

I’m going to hit the hay and listen to my book.  I’m still tired from before, I never woken up.  I can’t keep my eyes open dammit.


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