Day 34

Only two more days.  Two!  One and then a two.  Dos as the Spanish say.

I’m freezing.  My bra and shirt are soaked through and I’m shivering under a blanket in a private room in some small village.

I’m waiting for Hana to be done with her shower so I can get out of these wet clothes.

I’m in a pickle.  I’ve been counting down the days until I’m home again since day one.  Since before day one actually.  But Hana wants the trip to continue.  She wants to see Machu Picchu with me.

Machu Picchu is on my bucket list and if I don’t see it now, I may never get another chance.  I thought it over for at least a week and decided two days ago that yeah, sure.  I’ll go.

I’m flying home and will be there for about two days before flying off again to Peru to meet Hana at a hotel before meeting the tour group that will take us up the mountain.  The whole excursion will set me back 2 grand.

Shit fuck shit what did I agree to?  Why Melanie, why?!  My office manager will kill me if my mom doesn’t do it first.

My reasoning is that it’s only for a week.  Okay, maybe 9 days at most.  9 days can’t break the bank, right?

We are so close to Santiago.  46 kilometers.  I want to walk the rest of it tomorrow if the fates allow.  I’m so tired, I’m so everything you name it.  I just picked a whole bunch of dead skin off my feet from wanna-be blisters.

It’s so cold in this room.  I’m ready for home.  Home now please.  Home home home.

Machu Picchu…why Mel, why?  Seriously?  God damn it girl.

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