Day 33

I’m trying really hard to post everyday but it gets confusing.  Have I posted today yet?  Shit, I don’t know.

Today we reunited with fellow pilgrims we haven’t seen in a while.  Egon, Stephen, and Robert.  And we met a new girl, Janette from Germany.  And we all ate dinner together.  It was Camino magic.

Last night we had to deal with John.  An American boy.  Who is my age but still a boy.  A pathological liar.  I’ll have to write a separate post about him when I get home.  He’s nuts but we ran into him again today and somehow ended up eating dinner at the same restaurant.  Goddammed John.

He’s the same guy who fixed my leaking water bottle weeks back but I refused to walk with him.  I got one of my vibes straight off the bat.  I thought it was me being my antisocial self but no, it was my spidy-sense acting up.  I knew not to walk with him.  The guy is nuts.  

It was a good walk today.  Hana and I are still going strong.  It’s the honeymoon phase of our friendship.  The time when we’re inseparable like pre-teens.  You know how it felt back in the day when you found “that” friend.

It’s funny how everyone points it out to us too.  We’re starting to hear the same stuff over and over again.  

“You guys are still walking together?”

“What are you, like best friends or something?”

“What!? You met each other here!?”

Then we show our friendship bracelets to confirm their questions.  We hold our wrists up high and cross them like superstars.

Honestly, I don’t know how many people pointed it out.  There were lots.  We feel special.

Hana said it’s hard finding real friends these days.  Hard finding friends like me.  Especially in our age group.

I’m so freaking lucky.  This has been an awesome trip!  An amazingly awesome experience and if you read my blog, you know I’m not just talking shit.  Trying to hype everything up to make me or my life sound amazing.  You know I’m not about that.  If anything, I downplay it hardcore.

But damn…. fucking awesome.  The whole thing head to toe.  I’m one fucking lucky asshole is what it is.

The next two days will be hard.  Me with my knee and Hana with her feet.  We’ll have to walk 60km within the next 48 hours.

But then…..oh god but then….bliss!  Bliss to the max!  The last day is cake.  Easy peasey. 

I fucking love Hana.  

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