Day 32 Portomartin

The German man who shared our room last night is so good looking that I couldn’t look directly at him without staring.   

He was wearing nothing but his underwear and my eyes, without permission, darted at them as he scratched at his junk through the thin fabric.  I was trying to concentrate on rolling up my sleeping bag but his balls were very distracting.  

I’m not a pervert.  Not in the least bit but today I feel like one.

I found a bottle of electronic cigarette fluid at a lost and found inside an albergue and started vaping it.  It’s from the UK and not what I’m used to.

Last night I sat on the balcony vaping and started coughing so hard that I threw up in my mouth a little.  I can’t remember ever doing that before.  Not in my life.  It wasn’t even one of those gross dry-heaving kinds of coughs.  It was a simple cough served with a side dish of vomit.  No dry heave, just straight up “holy shit there’s puke in my mouth.”  I spit it out over the side.

I have to switch to regular cigarettes until I’m home again. 

I’m at Portomarín.  One of my favorite places on the Camino.  Unfortunately it’s shitty out.  I’m about to take a shower and chillax to the max.  

My knee started hurting again today.  We’re so close to the end now that I’m not worried about it.  Only 93km left to go.  Hana is sad about it but I’m pretty fucking relieved to be honest.

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