Day 30.  5 more days

I apparently didn’t plan my pants very well.  I bought a pair of black and grey camo pants from Cabellas on the Clarence rack for 8 USD.  A steal, right?

Yeah well, they’re soaking wet in the Galicia region.  We’re up in high altitude, it’s raining, damp, cold, foggy.  All things that make me wanna pee,  kind of weather.  And with soaking wet camo pants bought for $8 on clearance, I kind of just want to pee in them.

“Just let it go man.  Just let it go.”

~Dumb and Dumber.

We are waiting for a taxi.  We are princesses.  All other pilgrims are huddled by the fire trying to escape the suffering they signed up for.  Hana and I are actually escaping.  No try, only do.

We’re at a bar.  

Both of us don’t want to walk anymore in this weather especially since it’s a steep downhill.  Hell no thank you very much.


We are now in Somos.  A quaint little village.  They’re all quaint, really.  Compared to home.

Hana is taking a nap.  She never takes naps.  I walked around town, taken a picture of the church and came back here to our hostel.  It has a bar downstairs.  We played chess with one of the locals earlier.  The bartender hooked us up with free drinks.

I make fun of Hana.  Every two minutes she asks the bartender for something and then tries to say “por favor”, only, she can’t say por favor.  She says “por pabor.”  

I imitate her in her sweet voice asking “Exuse me senior?  Por pabor? Senior?”

Oh god I love beer.  Words can’t explain.  I can drink my fill and still have energy to walk 15 miles the next day.  I drink a pint for lunch and I feel amazing after.  Goddammed beer.  Goddammed genetics is what it is.  My DNA needs it.  It has nothing to do with addiction.  It’s goddammed genetics.

It’s the weather that sets me back.  The cold damp weather.  Basically it’s rain mostly that I can’t stomach.  Because of my $8 pants.  No amount of beer can make me enjoy walking in cold wet weather with sopping wet pants.

I miss Hana when she’s sleeping.  Usually it’s the other way around.  We arrived here so early and she drank too much.  She told me the worst thing she ever done was make all her friends hate a girl she really liked because she wanted her all to herself.  

I guess this is a normal thing girls do.  I never did it personally because I want everyone to like who I like.  It makes life easier when everyone gets along with everyone else.  Especially when I like the person.  But that’s also one of the things that makes me naive.  I have no clue what’s going on half the time.   I love everybody, end of story.  I’m pretty boring and girls hate boring.

I want Hana to wake up.  She made me fully dependent on her and I think she planned for this to happen.   Her plan worked.  I want her here right now.  We’re never apart this long. 

Goddammed psychology.  I don’t get it.  Wake up Hana!  Damn you.  I’m always content with myself, always.  But now I got to deal with shit like this.  

I’m such a sucker, really.  A fucking sucker. My emotional maturity is at sub zero.

I just asked the bartender for another beer. It’s only 7pm and she might be in for the night.  The girl can sleep.  She’s exactly like me in all ways except add an extra 20% and that’s Hana.  20% worse than I am.  Now that’s pretty bad.  

I’m clean, but she’s 20% cleaner. I’m hungry, but she can eat 20% more food.  I’m generous but she spends more.

Hana is everything I am plus 20%.

I need to stop writing about her.  

I need to prepare for my life without Hana. It’s happening soon.

Why won’t she wake up?

I wanted a nap for the longest time, it should be me sleeping right now.  But I’m awake.  There’s no darts or pool to play.  Just me and my phone and about 7 Spanish speaking people.

The bartender told me that I need to turn the heat on “counter-clockwise”.  Hana is freezing upstairs.  I should go turn it on.  

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