Day 29

I feel so much better!  I went to sleep at 9:30 and woke up at 8:30.  I feel amazing today.  No more crabbiness.  Poof, gone.  Just like that.

But that’s not the case for poor Hana.  My snoring kept her awake all night.  That’s why she has trouble getting up in the morning.

I didn’t always snore.  It just started happening within the last 4years or so.  I tried sleeping on my side but the bed digs into my hip and shoulder, I wake up in pain every hour.  Last night I said fuck it and slept however I wanted and it resulted in no sleep for Hana.

I feel guilty for feeling so good.

She’s finishing up getting ready.  I’m sitting outside vaping, about to go in for breakfast.  Our bags are all ready to be picked up by jacotrans.  It’s a good morning for me.  These are rare.


We are sleeping side by side at a municipal albergue.  We had a few beers at the one bar in town and chatted up a fellow Korean and an Italian guy.  They’re traveling together just like me and Hana.

Today was O Cebreiro.  My favorite place and favorite hike on all the Camino.  Unfortunately it was cloudy today so we couldn’t see shit.  We were walking in a mist the whole way.  A weird surreal feel to it.  And it was freaking cold.  I had to buy a stupid Camino sweatshirt at a gift shop in O Cebreiro.  I’m wearing it now.  Super comfy.

We had to hike in the pitch dark tonight.  No stars or mooon.  Just blackness and the occasional barking dog charging after us.  It was pretty scary.  So damn cloudy.  The police wouldn’t even help us.

Okay, I should sleep.  My phone might be keeping people awake.

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