Day 28 

I’m crabby today.  Just really exhausted.  I need a REALLY good nights sleep to feel like myself again.  I’m glad we’re staying in a private room at least.  

I want alone time is what it is.  I want to soak in a tub and then sleep. Most of all I want my bed, to hug my dog, watch Netflix and play Skyrim online.  It really doesn’t take much to make me happy, honestly.  Maybe some sushi take out, or I’ll try that new Vietnamese place that opened up.

It’s day 26 in my guide book.  Tomorrow is the long hike up to O Cebreiro.  The prettiest walk on all the Camino.

I’m so tired.  I at least have my audiobook.  As soon as I put my headphones on, I’m transported to a new place.  A secret place.  I have bedtime headphones with built in night shades that block out all light.  It’s pretty much my only private time.  I do love it but I fall asleep within minutes without having time to actually enjoy any of it.

Hana is organizing her shit.  I’m laying here playing on my phone.  It’s only 8:30pm but I want it to be lights out.  I’ll read a bit of the sci-Fy mag that I brought.  I still didn’t get through the first story.

Oh god I dont want to walk anymore.  Oh good lord.  God no more walk.  Shit.

First 2 hours of the walk is the hardest.  Once I get through the first 2 hours, I’m golden.  Hana promised to wake up at 8:30 and if she doesn’t, I’m using my rape whistle.

She just laughs at it but I’m serious.  She’s going to hate me.

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