Day 27

Holy shit it’s day 27!

I can’t believe it’s almost the end.  I can’t freaking believe it!!  According to my guide book, we are still on the 25th stage.  There are 33 stages in all.  So yeah, end time.  This is the end game.

The second half of today’s walk was beautiful.  The Galicia region is my favorite part of the Camino.  Better food, better views.

We’re staying in Cacabelos.  I believe I stayed in this town 4 years ago.  

Hana is making me wash my (Kristina’s) sleeping bag.  I told her that Kristina’s cousin, Mathew, was the last to use it and who knows when it was washed last.  That really disgusted her.  


I absolutely love Hana to pieces.  To freaking pieces!  Both of us are dreading the goodbye.  Goddammit.  Why am I like this?  Why’s it so hard for me?  It’s going to be a very hard goodbye.

She’s coming in April to visit which means I have to have my downstairs spotless.  If you seen my downstairs, it’s like cleaning the attic of a deceased person.  Spiders everywhere, mold, dust, gross stuff…dead stuff.

I want her visit to be perfect.  I want to plan right now!  To clean right now!  My parents would adore her.  Both of them, but my father especially.  He loves Asians for some reason.

I should go inside to the bar.  We’re sharing a room with 2 men.  Hana thought we’d have the place to ourselves but 2 guys ain’t so bad.

I’m going to write her a Camino song to sing 

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