Day 25 and 26

We’re going to attempt to climb the big mountain today.  The one where you place your stone atop a mass of other pilgrims stones.

I remember this hike from last time and it was long, but doable.  At this point I should be in good enough shape for it. 

It’s 9:40 and Hana is still sleeping.  The host of our albergue popped his head in here about 40 minutes ago, seen we were still here, and closed the door.  I hope he doesn’t care.  Spain is funny, they just pop in.

This is another perk to having our own room.  We can sleep late.

When we start late, we arrive late.  That’s what I don’t like.  But I’m done caring how late she sleeps.  There’s only 9 or 10 more days of this and I’ll make it to Santiago in time for my flight.  So, whatever.

I’m just as lazy, if not lazier than she is.  I heard her wake up early getting her gear in order while I slept so she’s not that bad.

The plan today is; there is no plan.  We’re going to hike as far as we can until we can hike no more.  I told her we may get stuck staying in a dorm and she’s okay with that.

But it’s going to be a long day.  I know it.  We’re carrying our packs today.  The last couple days we sent them ahead but today we’re carrying our burdens.

I should brush my teeth, get dressed and pack.  I’m a fucking lazy bastard.  Hana will wake up when I start moving around which makes me think she’s only sleeping because I don’t feel like moving.

I lost some weight.  I can tell from the long mirror in the bathroom.  I probably weigh in at 155 if not less.  In 10 days I’ll lose another 5 pounds.  I won’t know the final results until I get home.


Fuck we didn’t walk far at all.  We met a Belgium guy at a bar and drank a shit ton of beer with him.  Then we walked 5 km in the dark to Foncebodon.  At most, 15km we walked.

We’re at an albergue sharing a dorm room, a cold dorm room with hippie pilgrims we met two days ago at albergue verde.

It’s fucking cold and I need to shower still.


It’s the next day.  Destination:  Ponferrada.

It was a very pretty walk today.  I didn’t get a whole lot of private blog time yesterday so I couldn’t publish.  I think the Belgium guy likes me but we had to leave him behind due to his knee acting up.

We have about 11 miles left to go.  Maybe 3 hours?  I don’t know.  It was a tough decent today.  


I’m in Molinaseca.  It’s lovely here.  It’s old, really old.  But it’s modern and well maintained.  We couldn’t make it to Ponferrada on accounts of Hanna’s ankle flaring up from all the downhill.  We’re 7km shy of our mark.  I need to send her pack ahead for tomorrow so we can walk the 30km to Villafranca.  I actually offered to send my pack ahead and I’ll carry hers but she refused.  She hates detaching her little pack from her big pack but it hurts her to carry her big pack….drives me crazy.

I love this place!  We’re staying at a hostel and Hana is cooking me something to eat.  It’s a beautiful hostel.  My favorite on the Camino so far.  The guy who runs it is so unbelievably kind.

Hana is showering.  This is my only alone time other than when I sneak now and then outside to vape but yeah, this is my alone time.  And mornings when she sleeps.

I’m walking this whole Camino in freaking sandals!  But they’re actually really comfy.  It’s tricky going downhill in them especially since I lost my hiking poles.  

As soon as I lost my poles, Hana left hers behind purposely.  She wanted me to take hers but of course I’d say hell no, so she left them.  I mean, come on now, right?  Un-freaking-believable.  And now her knee and ankle hurts today after the crazy steep decent without poles.

My Camino is turning into the Hana blog.  She’d never know it though.  

I just can’t get over her.  I never met anyone like this!  Sure she doesn’t want me out of her sight and that’s fine.  I have experience with these types of friendships.  I can handle it.  

Tomorrow we’re going to Cacabelos.  Only 25km.  I stayed there last time.  I don’t remember it.

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