Day 24

I kinda miss meeting other pilgrims at albergues and sharing meals together.

  I think I’ve been with Hanna for a week now and we’ve met no one.  It’s just us.  I introduced her to two people I met before her, but we didn’t hang out with them.  Instead we went to another Japanese restaurant.  They went to the huge cathedral to listen to live music.

She’s asleep next to me and I want her to wake up already so we can go.  Ok good she’s moving around.  Damn she only turned.  Let’s go!

I think she’s up.  No, no she’s not.

I think I can be a real asshole on the Camino when it comes to traveling with someone I only just met.  I mean, we spend 24/7 with each other.  I have no alone time.

She buys and gives me everything and I still want things done only my way.  Get up now.  Let’s go now.  Eat with other pilgrims and stop complaining about the food.  Yes it sucks.  Stop complaining.

She’s up.  I’m such an asshole.  I’m a crabby bitch in the morning.  Today we’ll probably eat alone again.  Stay in a private room and not converse with anyone.  

It’s going to rain today.  It rained last night and it made the cobblestone streets look like a smeared painting under the orange glow of the street lamps.  It was so pretty and romantic.  

I swear Hana is a mind reader.  She knows everything I’m thinking.  She apologized for complaining about the food and not talking to other pilgrims.  I didn’t even need to say anything.  It’s eerie.

I’m getting accustomed to her mood swings.  She only likes private rooms and bathrooms.  She gets pissed when the restaurants only serve tortillas and toast for breakfast.  She hates siesta when the stores are closed.

She’s picky about her companions and prefers to stick with me at all times.  In fact, other people can piss her off and change her mood in a heartbeat.

But when everything is perfect, she’s the sweetest person I ever met.  We were caught in a downpour and she offered me her poncho!  She was wearing it!  I was fine with my rain jacket and hat.  I mean, who does that?  Who offers a person their poncho during a downpour?


She called my phone wondering where I went.  I had to go sit with her.  I sensed she needed me even before she called.  It’s eerie, I’m telling you.

  We’re staying at a very busy private albergue with about 27 other pilgrims.  It was the only open beds in town.  They don’t have any private rooms, no hotels here.  I can tell she’s not digging it.

There were a few long tables to sit at during dinner but she picked the only table that sat two.  

I’m super flattered, don’t get me wrong.  I prefer not to talk to a large table of people either.  

I’ve never spent this much time with anyone in my entire life.  My entire life!  

I feel like vaping but she wouldn’t like that. I know she wants me here.

There’s 8 of us sitting in a circle on pillows listening to our host play his guitar, the sound of silence.  Hana and I are really just here waiting for our clothes to dry in the dryer.  

I guess I should go, the clothes are done.  And it’s pretty late.  I love our host here!  He’s an amazing guy.

I love this albergue!  It’s so hippie and they only serve vegan food.  I’m gassy as hell sitting outside trying to get it all out before I share a room with 8 other people.

Hana popped her head out asking if I’m coming in.

Shit I’m grassy.  Damn, is that me?  Or does it always smell like farts here?  

Ok I’m done.  I’m going in.  Im on the top bunk and everyone is sleeping so it’s really dark.  I haven’t unfurled my sleeping bag  yet.  This is the kind of shit I hate.  Being “that loud girl”.  Ok.  I’m going in.  This part sucks but mornings are even suckier.

Hana texted me and wants me to come in.

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