Day 22 León 

We taken a train to León.  6 Euros and 32 minutes later, we are here in a splendid hotel watching the Simpsons and drinking San Miguel.  And tomorrow we’ll have a relaxing day, soaking in the sights of León. 

It’s actually really beautiful here.  We went shopping.  We got friendship bracelets.  We ate at the one Asian restaurant they have here, which I would’ve done with or without my Korean companion.  

My Camino has taken a different turn.  It’s not just about the walk anymore.  How is it possible to bond with someone so quickly?  And we have absolutely nothing in common!  She doesn’t want me going anywhere without her, even to the store for beer.  She has to come.

She’s just so freaking kind.  She gave me her socks because I kept complaining about my own. I mean, who does that?  Her socks!  She’d give me anything if I’d ask for it.  Americans don’t do that shit.  It’s unbelievable the kindness of Koreans but I don’t want to lump her into a group.  

We just talked.

She wants to open a Korean restaurant in the US.  We are now joined at the hip.  Plans are brewing.  We go to sleep now.

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