Day 21

We took a wrong turn. It was super late, the sun went down and we ended up stranded at an albergue that had no hot water.  I said we should go on ahead to the next town via taxi (because we were lost) but once we got there, there was no place open.

We back-tracked to the last town we visited.  We lost two days.  But we got to play pool and darts, both of which I kicked her ass in.

I’m so tired.  My plan tomorrow is to take a taxi to Moreno (I think that’s the name) and then walk to León.  We’re renting a room for 2 nights in León so it’ll be a nice time.  Hana said she wants to cook steak for me and we’ll rent an apartment.

That was my day today.  A long boring walk and then chaos for a little bit but then a solid plan for tomorrow.

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