Day 20

I’m drunk on the Camino.  What else is new. 

Today we walked 37.5 kilometers no problem.  

We lost our packs at one point, long story, but the man from the last albergue drove the 37 kilometers to give them back.  It was a Camino miracle.  We bought him a beer.  I guess it pays being nice to everyone you meet.  You never know.

My budget is pretty much shot so I’m using business money.  Thank god it’s doing well.

I didn’t bring any credit cards, it’s all debit.  A bit scary.

I introduced my German friend to Hana and they’re talking in the albergue together.  I’m outside and really have to pee.

Okay, we went into our room and realized it was a shared room with 8 other pilgrims. It makes no sense because it’s cheaper for us to get a private room and we were makin so much noise, we were drunk and it was late so Hana arranged for a private room last minute.  She is showering now and didn’t care in the least bit that she was fully naked and I peed in front of her.

I’m vaping my ecig in our room while she finishes showering.  I absolutely adore this girl.  I told her to just go in my back pack and I’ll take her home with me.

I DO NOT want to let her go.  Today she told me that both her parents died, her uncle in America is dead.  She doesn’t talk to her family because they are all about money and the more money they make, the more they change.  She doesn’t want that to happen to her.  She doesn’t post on Facebook because she doesn’t want her friends to know what she’s doing.  

I don’t know, it’s just sad.  I’ll miss her terribly.  She told my German friend that she thought I was her guardian angel and she’s scared I’m going to disappear.  Maybe that’s why she walks behind me?  To keep watch.

It’s crazy because I felt the same way only I like to stay ahead of her so I don’t lose her.  I’m afraid she’ll keep going without me.

I accomplished my goal of not taking anything seriously.  Hana and I don’t take the Camino seriously in the least bit.  We slept until 10:30 today, not caring if the hostel kicked us out or not.  Which they didn’t.  They forgot we were there in the private room.

We stop at every village for cervesa.  We like walking at night.

This is a long boring walk.  All farm fields with no shade.  It’s really hard with the sun crisping my face.  Hana gave me her sunblock and makes sure I put it on.

I want to walk in the woods.

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