Day 19

We didn’t walk far at all today.  Both of us weren’t  feeling it.  Last night we had a choice to either stay at a shitty albergue or pay $20 extra for a hotel.  We splurged on a hotel and slept until 9:30.

Tomorrow we’re walking 40 kilometers and sending our packs ahead.

We’re at a hippie albergue right now with teepees and tiny houses to sleep in.  We played ping pong and drank beer, we’ll smoke a little pot later.  It’s nice.  Hanna couldn’t stop laughing hysterically while playing ping pong.  She cracks me up.  What was so funny?  I have no idea.

The albergue is playing American hip hop.

Damn what a life.  I mean really.  How freaking cool is this?  It’s fucking cool is what it is. 

It’s going to be cold tonight though.  

And I lost my appetite.  I’m not eating as much as I usually do.  I don’t get it.  Wouldn’t I be famished?  Like all the time?

I called my folks today.  God I miss them so much.  Calling them makes me miss them more.  

Last time I walked this path, I missed my dog.  That was it.  But this time around I’m seriously homesick.  Even with Hanna here, I still miss everyone back home.

I’m not sure what changed.  

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