Day 18 Fromista

We’re taking a break on a bench in the Provincial de Palencia.  

I don’t have as much free time to write as I did before now that Hanna is here with me.  

Last night we stayed at a Korean albergue and ate bimimbop for dinner.  Hanna felt like she was home.  The Koreans really take care of their own so I feel a bit privileged that I’m part of it.

We’re now at Fromista.  We walked over 26 kilometers.  It’s weird that in the morning, I’m in more pain and dread than I am after walking all day.  I feel great right now and can keep walking whereas this morning I was miserable.  How does that make sense?  

I’m sad that it’s already day 16 in the book.  There are only 33 days in all.  It’s always the second half when I start having fun.  I’ll be especially sad when I reach Santiago.

Just 3 days ago I wanted it to be over.  I was buckled over in pain.  Through the heat, the cold, the wind, the downhill shin splints.  And saying “fuck fuck fuck” everytime I had to pee when there was no place to go.

Okay, I still say “fuck fuck fuck”.  So does Hanna.

I don’t mind the 6-8 hour walk anymore.  I guess it takes two weeks to settle in.  You can settle into ANYTHING after 2 weeks.  Like accepting a new reality.  A new way of life.  Your body adapts.  Your mind adapts.  

Maybe it depends on your comfort level.  The more comfort you require to feel confident and strong, the more weeks you’ll need to adapt.

My 4 year hiatus from all things physically strenuous has made me soft.  My body pleaded for more and more comfort.  I wanted to be around the same people, the same places, to eat the same food at the same restaurants.  I required lots of sleep.  Lots of food.

I hated that about me.  I knew the only way to break the cycle was to make myself miserable again by walking the Camino.

I think people intuitively know this.  That’s the only rational reason to walk this thing.  To break the cycle.  But they don’t know how to verbalize it so they say, “I’m looking for a change.”  They want to toughen up.

Almost everybody here walking, quit their jobs.  Like 70% of them.  The other 30% are retired.  A very few percentage are business owners like me mucking about.  Rich people don’t do this shit.  Not when they can afford taxis and hotels.

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