Day 16 Hornillos 

I totally taken a taxi here.  I did NOT want to tamp through the streets of Burgos on hard pavement with my already dilapidated feet only to transition into the boring wastelands of oat and barley fields.  

Today would’ve sucked.  Taking a taxi was an eye opener.  I would’ve had to walk so far!  And none of it was very pretty.  We drove past a yellow arrow, one of thousands that mark the way and I was like, “fuck that”.

I’m in yet another private room.  I’m at The Meeting Point in Hornillos, the only place I found on  

When you take a taxi to your next destination ($30 euros gets you about 15 miles), you’ll have to get a private room since you’ll get here so early you’ll want to nap in private.

I have a really good audiobook to listen to.  Today equates to a day off back at home, never changing out of my pajamas and playing video games all day.

Only here, I had to wake up at 9:30, check out of the hostel and take a taxi to Hornillos and eat lunch at a bar until my albergue opened up so I can check in.

My budget is obliterated.  I had a personal pizza, cafe con leche and a large cervesa for lunch and while checking in here I added yet another large cervesa to my bill.

Not to mention the tab for the two private rooms yesterday and today about $90 USD, plus $30 euros for a taxi.  Shit adds up fast when living in luxury.

But I’m happy for the taxi.  It was easy getting one in Burgos.  The taxi stand was a mere 30 second walk out of my hostel.  But here, in the middle of nowhere, no taxis.

Last night before arriving to my hostel, I stopped in a supermarkado and bought a can of beans and a plum for dinner.  I fell asleep peacefully listening to my audiobook.  I slept for many, many hours.  Only waking up to pee.

My feet look swollen and bloated, with weird bumps I never noticed before.  I’m hoping they’ll be back to normal by the start of tomorrow, when my sabbatical ends.

I feel like I cheated the Camino but I walked 15 miles only yesterday.  It feels like much longer ago than that.

I haven’t washed my clothes yesterday and I’m not planning to wash them today.  I figure my deodorant, Mitchum, takes care of the stink as it wears off into the armpits of my shirt.

As for my socks and underwear goes…they passed the stink test.  A sniff and a shrug of the shoulders.  A quick shrug means “pass”, however, if the shoulders stay raised longer than necessary, the stink test failed.  

Seriously though, Mitchum deodorant has no comparison, nothing beats it.  Sure it might cause breast cancer, but I don’t have to wash my shirt so it’s a bit of a toss-up.

It’s 2:28pm.  My room has a lot of natural sunlight but here in Spain they have these blinds that completely block out all light.  They’re high-tech, even the poorest hostels have them.  I can’t find them anywhere in the states, but they are wonderful!  Some of them are metal but most are made from durable heavy plastic.  I need them for my massage rooms back home.

I think it has to do with the sun setting so late in the summer.  ECOVEN PLUS.  That’s the name of the brand.  I want to close them but I’m afraid it will get cold in my room.  Like when you’re stuck on the runway inside a plane, if you close the window shades, the cabin cools down.  I wish everyone knew this as it can get freaking hot in there.  And then I go into my weird panic mode of being inside a hot confined place.

Okay well, I suppose I should enjoy the rest of my audiobook.  It’s getting really good towards the end.  Michael J. Sullivan is the author.  I highly recommend him if you like fantasy novels.  I like it better than Game of Thrones.

Dinner is at 7 and since there’s no tienda in this little village of 60 inhabitants, I’m stuck having to join everyone for the pilgrims dinner.  $9.50 Euros.

It’s now 10:43pm.  Way way past my bedtime.  I was planning on eating and then quietly returning to my room to resume my non social nature.

But then I met Hanna.  A Korean girl who spoke perfect English.  After 2 bottles of wine I decided I’m moving to Belgium to write my book and help her with her B&B.

She’s absolutely lovely.  We ate dinner with Steven, a very soft spoken German man.  When we ran out of wine, we went to the albergue next door and bought another bottle.  Hanna was scared of not having a cork screw but I was thinking “one problem at a time”. We found a girl who had a cork screw in her multi-knife tool and me being the boozer that I am, knew how to work it.

Anyway, both of us aren’t enjoying the walk.

Me- “There’s so many Koreans here.  You have a lot of people to talk to.”

Her- “It’s kind of annoying.  They’re loud.  They wake me up in the morning telling me to get up.”

Anyway, it sucks meeting people you love immediately only to have to say goodbye to them at some point.  I have trouble with it.  More trouble than anyone.

But it’s weird, I’m so antisocial, I enjoy my alone time immensely, but I still don’t want to let go of people.  I want them in my life always.  If I don’t talk to anyone, I won’t miss or need anyone.  And I’ll be perfectly happy.

I’d rather keep to myself. That’s always my goal when I travel but that’s never the case. People slip through my defenses.  How do they do that?  Stupid Hanna.  Stupid Camino.

I’m going to go to sleep.  Tomorrow will suck.  It’s late, I’m full of wine, and I have to resume a long tedious walk that never ends.

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