Day 15 Burgos 

I slept for about 9 hours last night.  I’m sitting on a bench in Anapuerca headed to Burgos.

I splurged on a private room in Burgos which I already booked on  $47 American dollars, the cheapest I can find on the path.

Everyone is getting a private room tonight.  The sooner I get there, the sooner I can enjoy it.

My new friend, purple hair girl, goes home today.  I’m sad because she’s wicked cool.  Many people go home when they reach Burgos.  She doesn’t want to leave and I’m jealous she gets to leave.

I had trouble getting up today.  Everyday I have trouble but today I felt lightheaded.

I don’t want to get off this bench.

I have my audiobook to listen to.  It’s actually really good and I’m only on book 1.  This guy wrote a whole bunch of them so I have that to help me get through the slog.  

I better start walking.  In 5km I can stop again for a coffee and sandwich.  About 2 hours from now.  Maybe I’ll write more when I get there.  Writing really helps me.  

I’m here at the cafe.  I feel much better now.  Burgos is roughly 15 more kilometers but there’s a ton of cafes along they way.  I want to stop and get tortillas at each one.

5 more days will be day 20 and I’ll be over half way done.  This is what I think about as I walk.  Only 5 more days.  Then the rest is a piece of cake.

I haven’t been alone with myself to measure my waist in the mirror.  I had to lose a little something by now.

I think about my weight as I walk.  It keeps me going.  I imagine myself sliding into my old jeans from high school.  Never having to shop for clothes again.

Mornings are extremely difficult for me.  It’s so cold in the mornings and the sun doesn’t come up until after 8.  I can’t drink water because then I’d have to pee in the freezing cold with my bare ass shown to the world.

The Camino isn’t an escape from the real world.  It’s not a leisurely stroll doing things at your own pace.

You’re told when to eat, when to sleep, when to wake up, where to sleep and with who…etc.  If you stay behind a day, all your new friends will march along without you.

It’s regimented for those on a tight schedule who want to spend as little money as possible.  This is how it’s done.  You’re never alone to rest and collect your thoughts, to determine your next big move in life although that’s what people think.  They think it’s all about finding yourself and escaping for a bit, but it’s not true.

I think more freely while rollerblading in my hometown than I do while walking the Camino.  

Speaking of rollerblades, outdoor sports companies cut costs by outsourcing to China and when that didn’t work, the bigger companies swallowed the smaller companies and stopped producing those products because they’re not in as high a demand as let’s say, a toaster.  

In the near future, the only products people will be able to buy are necessities that we all need and very low quality sports equipment made by huge name brands synonymous with Walmart.

Family based companies built on quality and warranties will be out of the game.  

I found all this out when shopping for rollerblades.  They’re nearly nonexistent for a good quality pair.  Neither are snowboards.

I guess I should move my fat ass.  I’ll publish this when I’m in the safety of my warm private room.  I don’t want to stop writing.

Well, today sucked.  My feet hurt so bad.  My legs are so sore.  I hate the big cities.  Burgos is like New York only with less homeless and less garbage.  

I don’t feel any more injuries accruing on my beaten up bod, but it’s still angry with me.  My body is protesting.  Holding up picket signs telling me to stop.  Just stop.

My muscles are pissed.

So I’m taking a rest day tomorrow.  But since I’m on a schedule, I’m going to taxi it to the next town I’m supposed to walk to.  Screw it.  Screw it I say!  I don’t have any say over the matter.  I really don’t.

If I walk another 15 miles like I’m dutifully supposed to tomorrow, I’ll break down and cry and seriously injure myself.

My first real rest day in 15 days.  I deserve it.  And I get to sleep in on top of it.

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