Day 13 and 14

I’m at a monestery with no WIFI so I can’t publish this post until tomorrow.

I miss hotels.  Hotels are a gift from god that gives to the rich.  When was my magic bath?  Two days ago?  It feels like a lifetime.

I’ve been following my budget of around $20-$25 Euros a day since then.  I have $800 in the bank.  Today is day 13 which means I have another 22 hiking days left.  Let me do the math again, give me a sec.

I can spend $36 a day but with the conversion rate it cuts it down to about $25.  I still have $100 or so in my hidden wallet that I haven’t added into my equation.

Yesterday I didn’t pay anything for dinner, my bed, or breakfast today.  I only had 50’s and no way to make change, I tried.  I told the woman I’ll mail her a donation.

I’m now in Tosantos.  It’s very basic here.  We’re sleeping on mats placed side by side, touching each other on the floor.  And it’s cold with no blankets or pillows.  The place I planned to stay is already closed for winter.

I’ve slept in and hiked in my flannel for days now.  I keep checking to see if it smells but to me it doesn’t.  I certainly smelled my walking companions today.  Canada and Germany.  Germany knew what my last name meant in German.  My Grandpa’s fam we’re all ship captains as it turns out.   Pirates perhaps?  

Last night I met the second most arrogant man I’ve ever known in my life.

Him- “I have gifts.  My cup is overflowing and I want to share it.”

He was pissed that a cute girl with purple hair snubbed him.  She didn’t want or need his “gifts” and he went on and on about how she shouldn’t be here if she’s miserable and wants to be left alone.

He argued for 2 or 3 hours with an Irish woman about this.  His teeth and lips were stained with wine.  He’s only a couple years older than me but has no clue how he sounds.

My teeth and lips were stained too…

The purple hair girl is here with me at the monestery.  She cool and friendly.  The rest of our companions are all Asians and one man from Denmark, cute Tobias.  Everyone else is taking taxis, getting hotels or bailing.  The few of us that are left are all keeping the same pace.  The Asians have taken over the Camino.  They’re in it to win it.  I keep showing them my tattoo with the Japanese character meaning strength and they all laugh.

Burr I’m freezing.  I’m outside vaping.  And it’s the second day of my period.  

It’s the next day.  I’m outside the monestery which is now locked and I’m vaping my ecig.  It figures now I have to shit.  The next town is close so it’s not that big of a deal but damn.  Still sucks.  And I need to change my tampon.  

I better go.

Nothing is open for me to shit.  Next town is a little over 3km.  Now I’m sitting on a bench vaping my ecig.  This goddammed thing makes me lazy.  I sit and vape for way too long.

I had to get rid of my knee brace.  I either lost weight or the elastic expanded too much.  It’s not hurting anymore anyway.  

My tendons hurt minimal but now it’s my opposing tendon, the one responsible for lifting my foot that’s starting to hurt and click.

There’s a scene in Freddy Crougar where he takes all the tendons in some guys body and uses them as strings on a puppet to make him walk off a building.  My tendons remind me of that image.  It haunted me as a kid but I’d watch that movie over and over again even though it scared the shit out of me.  

Speaking of shit… the time I get to the next town, there’s got to be an open bar by then.  For my morning shit and second breakfast.

It’s day 14.  Each day creeps by so slowly.  

Damn, I should go dammit.  I’m still the laziest person I know.  Even on the Camino.

I’m now at the next town at a busy cafe.  Apparently everyone else had the same idea as me.  And well, I just experienced something horrific.  Something only a woman can know.

While I was walking here, I forgotten all about my tampon.  I only remembered it needed to be changed when I felt something warm exiting my body down there.  I felt it as I bent down to pick up my hiking stick.

“Oh fuck no.  No no no.”

Then more stuff started oozing out.

“Oh god please no!”

I could see the town about 10 minutes away.  A cute guy walked up behind me and started chatting.

Me- “I need el bano!”

And I bolted to the cafe, ignoring said man.

There was a mess in my underwear.  It leaked a little on my pants but you can barely notice it from the outside unless you’re looking for it.

The toilet looked like I killed a small animal when I was done with it.  Blood everywhere.  My hands looked like I massacred someone.  It was all over the inside of my thighs!

In the meantime a female Asian was knocking on the door and shaking the handle.

“Use the men’s room!”

I should get a private room tonight just to wash my pants in secret.

I changed my underwear, changed my tampon, stuck on a back-up pad which I should’ve done this morning.  I’m good for now.

I seriously have to be more careful.  I don’t know what the hell I was thinking!  Day two is my heaviest flow!

It’s like seventh grade all over again.  

I’m now done for the day at a town called Ages.  A bunch of pilgrims stopped here.  People I keep running into.

I’m so fucking crabby it’s not even funny.  I wanted so badly my own room today but since it’s nearing the end of the season, all but one Albergue remains open.  Out of like, 10.  I just want to be alone.  Alone alone alone.  And I badly need a Q-tip.  I need to call my parents to check in but dinner is served in 2 minutes.

I’m also crabby that I spent 30 Euros today.

$5 for second breakfast.

$5 for lunch

$10 for bed

$10 for dinner

I’m staying in Burgos tomorrow which sets me back a full 3 days behind.  I’m not worried about it though, I’ll catch up.

It’s day 14 but I walked super slow today.  I need a good sleep.  I need my afternoon naps. It’s 8pm.  I should lay in bed and try to sleep. 

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