Day 11 continued…

I’m at a municipal albergue with about 15 or so people.  I washed my clothes and taken a shower in a uni-sex bathroom.  I bought a tangerine and cup of noodle soup at the mini market for dinner.

Today I spent $5 on breakfast

$5 on lunch

$3.60 for dinner

$10 for albergue

$23.60, I’m over budget.

Other than that, I had a really good day today.  I was a walking machine.  Where am I now? Azofra.  I walked from Navarrete to Azorfra.  I’ll google to see how many km that is….22.6 km.  Not a big deal.  

This is probably my first day where I’m not in any serious pain.  It’s so crazy how the pain goes away the more you walk.  Logic would assume the opposite happens.  Maybe it’s all part of the Camino magic?

I don’t know… it’s 8:05 at night.  I need to charge my phone a little bit, vape my ecig and hop in the sack.  

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