Day 11

I’m still at the hotel from yesterday.  I don’t want to leave.  I’m eating breakfast downstairs in the lobby.

It turns out I have a lot less money than I thought.  Euros cost more than dollars by like, a lot.  I have about $20 a day to spend unless I dip into the business account.  From here on out it’s nothing but albergues.  

And every chance I get, the monestery kind of albergues.  

Last night was wonderful.  I’m completely renewed.  I took a shower and didn’t want to take a bath, but I ended up doing both.

My hair was so tangled.  I didn’t shower the day before and kept it up in a pony for probably 36 hours.  I had to sit in the tub and comb through it.  It took about an hour.  I hate pony tails for this reason, I prefer hair clips but I didn’t bring any.

It was the best bath of my life, after I got out all the tangles.  It was a magic bath.  I tried blessing the water so it would heal me.

I’m going to walk as far as I possibly can today and will continue to do so until I reach Santiago.  I’ll walk in the dark if I have to, I don’t give a shit.  

It doesn’t sound hard to just walk, but it is with a heavy pack plus walking up and down hills in the scorching heat.

The sooner I walk the rest of these miles, the better off I will be monetarily.  I’ll be less inclined to splurge on hotels.  Once I reach Santiago, they have cheap albergues there.  At that point I won’t care having to share one room with a hundred people, the trek will be over and I’ll be home soon.

I swallowed an ibruprofin this morning.  I’m ready for today.  My pack is stocked with cans of tuna.

I’m only on day 8 in the hiking book.  Day 8!  Even after all I walked already!  There are 33 days in all.  

Fuck fuck fuck.  

I’m going to lose this goddamned weight dammit.  I’m going to fit into my clothes again!  

Okay, time to go. 

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