How to Learn: Part 2

On this day last month I had $3,800 in the bank.  This month I have $4,463.  Not only that, but I’ll be getting a check from Groupon within the next few days so I’ll definitely have enough to cover all expenses.  Whatever is left over, will go towards my debt.  I’m hoping at least $1,000.  I pay $1000 of it off each month regardless through automatic payments, but I’m hoping to add another $1000 this month.  If I pay off $2000, I’ll be down to $34,400 in debt.

Come fall when I sell those pricey couple’s massages again, I can pay off $3000 or $4000 a month.  Fall will be exciting times, but I probably won’t be able to sit around with my brother’s dog watching Netflix all day.

I bought a Casio keyboard this month.  I bought it to help me increase the grey matter in my brain so I don’t get stuck with dementia.  My brain is wacky compared to other peoples.  I have so much crap going through it so I’m probably susceptible to early cognitive decline.  I always have one foot placed firmly in dreamland which is where I’m guessing dementia people reside permanently.

So I bought a keyboard and in doing so, wrote a post about how to learn.

I’ve left out the most crucial ingredient to learning!

You can only learn something new if you love what you’re learning about.  You can’t feign interest.  It doesn’t work like that unless you’re learning how to be a machine.

Learning isn’t memorization, it’s about understanding.  Just about everyone know’s that.  But when I was under Ayahuasca, she told me that we never understand anything if we don’t have experience with it and we only gain experience through emotional connection.

You can’t learn something new if you don’t have an emotional bond with it.

The kind of bond that works best for learning the piano would be a superficial love of piano music.  Superficial in the beginning, until you surprise yourself with your beautiful creations and from there, you’ll love yourself for playing but you can’t play without a piano.  You teach yourself to love the piano and the piano teaches you how to love yourself.

Hold on a tick, let me explain.

When you’re just starting out, that’s when you’re most likely to give up.  You play it once or twice and get bored or hit a wall.  “It’s not worth it” you say (unintentionally or not, people who live in denial say they are too busy).

When embarking on the Hero’s Journey, don’t focus on the journey itself.  Always have a goal.  The goal has to be strong enough for you to want to see it through to the end.  It has to come from the heart, a love bond.  Your life wouldn’t feel enriching or fulfilled if you don’t reach your goal.

The people who give up easily, don’t need to reach their goal.  It’s not a strong enough connection or they have other things that can fill them.

Doesn’t all this make sense?  It does to me.

If I were a teacher, I’d start the first lesson with “What are your goals?”  And explain to them why they are so important.  You have to want it so bad that it keeps you up at night in excitement.  You salivate when you look at a piano.

For undertaking learning how to play the piano, you’ll need a tremendous goal that does just that – keeps you awake at night with excitement.

I had a fleeting feeling of excitement when I ordered the keyboard from Amazon and I felt the adrenaline while searching for the best lesson book.  “I get to improve all my skills and my confidence, yay!”  But that goal just didn’t kick it for me.

So when I say you have to start off with a superficial love, I’m talking about the ego kind.  The “I want to be a rockstar” kind of love.  It’s superficial because it’s impermanent, fleeting, changes with the seasons but even so, it’s the kind of goal that gets your blood pumping.  And when you start seeing results, gets your blood pumping even more.

At this time of infection, it’s best to open the blister by pouring in as much of the music sickness as possible.  Go on YouTube and watch incredible talent.

The number 2 most important thing to realize during your lessons is that yes, you can do it.  Despite your shortcomings, you can do it anyway.

Never have the slightest doubt that you’re incapable.

I can’t ramble on too much about that however.  It’s what we all hear and when we hear something over and over again, it loses all meaning.

I just have to remember that I have all the time in the world, learn and understand one note at a time.  It’s actually easier to learn them in groups.  If you know where one note is, it’s easy to find the following note in relation to it.  You have to keep the whole keyboard in view to learn the notes fast enough to keep the rhythm.

But if you believe, with ALL your heart that you’re capable…..why wouldn’t you do it?  And there’s even monetary benefits for learning the piano, a hobby that can double as a career!

My goal is to be like this guy.

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