Shakeology, is it worth it?

I’ve been blessed with another day off!  That’s two in a row.  It could be a fluke, or it could mean that the groupons are slowing down since we already redeemed 1/3 of them.

Anyway, I’m finishing up watching Back to the Future II and I’ll probably watch Back to the Future III right after.  While I’m doing that, I figure I can use any unspent brain juice to write an honest review about Shakeology and how it compares to other shakes.

I was introduced to Shakeology by a friend who drinks it, and she is a coach.  That’s where I got my idea to do a ten day Shakeology fast.  I was only going to buy one bag of this magic shake powder (on accounts of it being a pyramid scam) to get me through my ten day fast.

After the third or fourth day of drinking this stuff 3 times a day, I honestly felt fantastic.  My energy went from zero to Hercules by day 4 and it even affected my mood.  I felt glorious like I had taken a happy pill from a certified shrink.

Me thinking – “It’s still an obvious pyramid scam, but it’s a scam that actually works!”

And their P90X program is also amazing.  I have nothing but great things to say about BeachBody products and video’s.

But like all great things, it comes with a price.  You can make your own health shake at a fraction of the cost by going to whole foods, but you can also make your own steak for less than half the price you pay at Outback.

So today, on my second day off, I want to find the cheapest “Outback” that uses grade A ingredients for their powdered shakes, has many of the same vitamins and minerals, all put together nicely for me without the pyramid price tag.

Here’s an image of the Shakeology supplement facts:


I spent about a half hour on Amazon looking at their best-selling health shakes, comparing prices and supplements and found the closest thing to Shakeology is this stuff.  It’s called Premium Plant-Based Protein Balanced Meal by the company Cultao.

Here’s an image of their supplement facts:


To save you the trouble, I’ve compared the two for you.

Compared to Shakeology, this shake is missing K-1, B-3, Iron, Phosphorus and Molybdenum.  But it contains selenium where Shakeology does not.  Also, the percentages are a tad higher in Shakeology.  You can see the percentages by comparing the photos, it’s too much work for me to do it here.

As for price, it’s $34 for 12 days worth, break that down to $2.83 a day compared to $4.30 with Shakeology, $4.83 a day if you factor in the ridiculous shipping costs.

And if I buy Shakeology again, I’ll get angry with myself.  Feeling as though I’ve been “had”.  You know that feeling?  Like you let yourself be duped out of laziness to argue or believing that something’s a scam?

I’ll not be buying Shakeology again simply for that last fact.  Of feeling duped.

It sucks because I really do believe in their products, but they have a superiority complex and if you read my last post, I’m trying hard to get over my own.

UPDATE:  My friend just texted me that I shouldn’t eat anything with molybdenum in it.  Shakeology has it listed as one of their ingredients (30 mcg, 40% daily value).  Here is the website that has it listed as a hazardous substance.

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