Spring Purge

I can’t wait to clean.

I live at home with my parents and I try to store all my belongings in the confines of my bedroom.  Being 36 years old and having nothing but one bedroom to store all my accumulations in has turned me into the opposite of a packrat.  I throw everything out.  I give away the good stuff, and throw away the rest.

But I don’t clean on a regular basis.  I usually have one great purge and find a place for everything.  It stays clean because everything has its place.  But if my life gets hectic, I go on vacation and come back with souvenirs that don’t have a place yet, or I move/start a business, one off-place item acts as a beacon for more off-place items and things accumulate again like dust bunnies.

I haven’t put away my IChing book and journal since I taken it out last time, or my watercolor stuff from when I painted this:


It was too much work putting everything away because I had Amazon boxes blocking my path.

If I clean a little at a time, the cleanliness doesn’t stick.  It has to be all at once or it won’t work.

Once it’s done, I feel light.  My eyeballs can breathe, my eyes feel clean and I can’t stop looking around with my new eyes feeling like I can finally see again.  But in order to obtain this glorious feeling, the great purge must be partaken all at once.

I had to start with my car this time.  I cleaned it out yesterday.  I taken out a big jug of hair oil that’s been in there since the business moved and brought it into my bedroom.  We used it at work for Shirodhara treatments but we’re no longer doing them on account of them being too messy.

So last night I slathered my hair with this hair oil stuff because it’s supposed to be really good for it and now it’s 9:30 in the morning and I really have to pee but my brother’s girlfriend is still downstairs in the room next to me doing stuff.

I don’t want her to see my oily head so I’m waiting until she leaves but I don’t think that’s going to happen anytime soon.  Gawd I have to pee so bad.

Okay, I’m going to pee.  I have no choice.  And I’m going to brush my teeth while I’m at it.  I have a huge jug of this hair stuff to use up so they better get used to seeing me like this.

All better.  My hair doesn’t even look that bad.

I sorta don’t want to clean until I sell those Groupon deals and I get my fatty check that will put an end to my problems.  The profound impact of feeling like it’s over, compounded with clean eyes and light body – the glory will be almost holy.

So I’m going to wait to clean.  Not out of procrastination, but it fits into my plan.  This is just how I do things and it works for me.  Working on detailing my car will have to do for now.

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