Good Dreams

I’ve been having really good dreams lately and I never have good dreams.  Never.

Last night I dreamt that a sexy matador was trying to sweep me off my feet.  I’m not sure why this sexy man was a matador since I’m against that sort of “entertainment”, but there he was and undeniably sexy.

I was just being myself, as always.  Stupid funny is what I call me being me.  His words fell on me and wouldn’t stick.  Everything he said slid off me like silk on silk, no grip.  All because of me being stupid funny.  Comparing his words to the actual reality of the situation makes me behave stupid funny.

Then the tables turned, it wasn’t me being swept off my feet, but him being swept off his.  I wasn’t even trying.

The day before that, I dreamt that I closed the business for the day and had a few friends over to watch a sports game, but it wasn’t any normal sports game.  It was more like a quidditch match from Harry Potter only with interactive billboards that trapped the balls whenever they were hit and showed an animation.  Hard to describe, but according to my dream dictionary, it’s a good omen.


According to my business bank account, I’ve spent over $33,000 in the last 90 days.  Wha???   What?!!!

This is a very scary time for me financially.  It’s been scary since last summer.  I hope this is the last dread I have to face before I’m completely moved into my new business.

I lost over $2000 at the first location I looked at, spent over $3000 on a security deposit and first months rent at this other place I’m renting, paid quarterly taxes of $1000.  That takes me up to at least $7000, then add another $3000 because I pay $1000 a month to pay off a business loan.  The business loan will be paid off in August, but I’m planning to bankrupt the business before then (not only will I not have to pay $1000 a month, but it will be incredibly difficult to sue a dissolved LLC that’s been bankrupt.  It will help protect me from the case against Anthony).

I spent $10,000 that I normally wouldn’t spend.  $5000 of it came out of my personal line of credit which means that $5000 came from my profit income.  If I still had that $3000 in my bank account, I wouldn’t be shitting bricks right now and next month (two days from now) I could pay $3000 back into my personal line of credit.

Alas, that’s not the case.  I’m in a worse financial situation than ever before, worse than where I was over the summer.  The worst in my whole life!  All because of $3000.  I spent over $33,000, but it all comes down to $3000.

But this is it hopefully, the last of the dread.  I’m going out with a bang.  Open a new business, bankrupt the old one, earn the $3000 back in a reasonable amount of time and I’ll be back on track by April.

Damn, I have to shower.  I have a client at 11:30.

Opening up a new business is flowing like molasses.  It’s not fast enough.  The place I’m moving into is a real shit-hole and needs to be painted, wallpapered, carpets professionally cleaned….etc.  I haven’t even started moving anything in yet.

But I have an opening date.  February 20th is the grand opening.  That’s also my friends birthday and the Aquaturf reunion.  My birthday friend is conveniently attending the reunion with me since she worked there too.

I worked at the Aquaturf almost 15 years ago and it shaped who I am today.  I blossomed there.  It was the best time of my life.  And the people attending this reunion, maybe it was the same for them?  I belonged there, you know?  I owe that place everything because if it weren’t for the Aquaturf, I never would have discovered how awesome of a person I am.

And for my “third time’s a charm” grand opening to be on the same day as the reunion, well, is it a coincidence?  I think not.

Damn, I need to shower damn it.

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