The I-Ching….it’s freakin’ freaky

I started consulting the I-Ching in September of 2014.  Every 2 to 3 months I’d break out my journal and record a reading.  Looking back, it’s never been wrong.

Oct 23, 2014 I did a random drawing with no questions.


The eight month is August/Sept in the Chinese calendar.  The month that Anthony tore my business apart.  But I’ll ascend after the winter solstice and that’s happening in a couple weeks.

January 21, 2015 I asked if I should rent the two rooms upstairs….



With the 9th line being in the second place, it was telling me the danger is too great.  When you’re reading a hexagon, you always have to read where the changing lines are and not the over-all meaning of the hexagon.  The 9 in the second changed the whole meaning.

May 7th, 2015  Will my business succeed?



The I-Ching works as follows…..You pull marked tokens from a sack one by one and record them from the bottom up.  The tokens I made look like this:


If you pull a token with an X or an O in the center of the line, that’s called a changing line which means you can read further into the future than if you were to draw only non-changing lines.  In this case, it was telling me that I would be fine as long as I didn’t reach too far.

I hired an esthetician, rented the rooms upstairs, let my broken armed therapist answer phones.  I-Ching was telling me to STOP EVERYTHING!!  I was being an arrogant stubborn dragon.

December 28, 2015 I asked if the new business location will be a success (I found a new place to move my business into).


The secondary hexagram, the one that foretells the more distant future, didn’t sit right with me.  The first one is great.  It verify’s that I’m pushing forward through this wreckage and will get the business going again.  But the second one, Darkening of the Light, well, that just sounds scary.

So earlier today I did another drawing to clarify things and got this….


By next month (February), I would be moved out and settled into a better location.  This also corresponds to the Oct 23rd drawing when it foretold I would ascend my problems around this time.  Until again, the eighth month of doom.  I’ll be cruising just fine until September hits, and I’ll redeem myself again around this time next year.

Basically, if I don’t learn, I’ll keep repeating the same mistakes.  It’ll just keep going in a loop.

You know what’s really nuts?  If I were to ask a completely different question, like, who am I?  I get a simple answer.  Cryptic yes, but simple.  There’s no changing lines, no future events.  There’s none of that.

I pulled this reading around October 2014:


I’ll do this again, right now.  Same question.  Who am I?

I got the hexagram “Gathering Together”.  I had no changing lines.  It’s basically telling me that I should go out more which is odd because I feel like I go out enough.

“Unchanging: To find your clan = open the door. If you are spending too much time alone, Gathering Together unchanging can be a message that it is time to become more sociable. There is great potential to expand and even achieve greater happiness, which is something that cannot occur until you open the door and go outside. Often when people feel listless or depressed, joining some type of activity can work wonders in invigorating enthusiasm or inspiration. You may be part of a group and feel out of place when this hexagram appears unchanging. The focus is on finding similarities and shared interests. In relationships there can be stark differences in social standing that must be considered. In business, the message can be to network in a way that allows others to find you, such as creating an identifiable brand or social media presence. You can only remain an outcast if you keep hiding. Your clan is out there. You need only go in search of it.”

A while back I had a reading that told me I would disappear for 3 years to work on my business.

Ah well, anyways…..

The full description of Gathering Together is found here.  I don’t see how it describes who I am.  I can’t go out and have fun while I’m stressing about my future.

I’m so tired I think I might throw up.  I’ll figure it out tomorrow how this reading pertains to me.


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2 responses to “The I-Ching….it’s freakin’ freaky

  1. Interesting! I love how you are keeping track. I haven’t consulted the i-ching in many years. Maybe I should!

    • It’s actually really fun. I need to really sit down and read the book on how to actually decipher the meanings. Since I don’t fully understand it, I feel like I fill in the blanks with what I want to hear and not what’s really there.

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