Thoughts about Time Travel

There are too many paradoxes for it to be even remotely feasible.  The first and foremost is the Grandfather paradox.  The Grandfather paradox states that if you were to travel back in time to kill your grandfather before he meets your grandmother, than you’d never be born.  But if you were never born, you’d never be able to go back in time to kill your grandfather and thus, your grandfather lives and meets your grandmother and you will be born after-all.

I discovered my own time traveling paradox when I watched the first Terminator movie.

John Conner ordered one of his sergeants (or whoever he was) to travel back in time to stop the terminator from killing his mother.  However, the man who traveled back in time ends up falling in love with John’s mother, has sex with her, and it turned out that he was John Conner’s father all along.  The man that John Conner sent back in time was his father.

This didn’t sit right with my addled 15-year old head that never slept (I had horrible insomnia).

Me – “If John Conner never sent that man back in time, John never would have been born.  But that man from the future was only sent back because John order him to, but John shouldn’t have existed in the first place since there would be no John ever in existence!”

If you go back in time to fix a mistake in the past, and you succeed at fixing it, than there would be no reason for you to go back in the first place because none of it ever happened.  And if none of it ever happened, the time traveler will go back to their present time and see another version of themselves, one that never traveled back in time because there was no need for it.  Just like the mistakes that happened in the past which are now nonexistent, the time-traveler becomes also, nonexistent.

Anyway, whether you understand it or not, it’s impossible.  And scientifically speaking, time and speed are synonymous and nothing can travel faster than light (aka time).  If you were to hold a flashlight and shine it up into space, and your friend who also has a flashlight shining into space but is also riding a rocket going 99% the speed of light, his flashlight would still go the same speed as yours.  Even though he’s shining it from a ridiculously fast rocket.  Why is this?  Because time slows down for your rocket friend, but stays the same for you.  But time can never stop (because we can’t catch up to it) and it especially can’t go in reverse.

The light barrier is impenetrable, whereas the sound barrier is not.

Why does that big boom happen when you break the sound barrier?  It happens when an object flies faster than the speed it takes for sound waves to get out of the way.  The sound waves can’t dissipate like ripples on a pond, and instead they mass together to create one big boom.  When a boat travels faster than the speed of water getting out of the way, one big wave is created.

But what happens with time?  If you go faster than time, do you create one big time?  How does that work?


I thought of a way to make time travel work!  At least in a story, not in real life (but it’s possible!).  It by-passes all the paradoxes.

I found a loophole!  Not just any loophole, but the mother of all loopholes.

I can’t write about it in my blog.  It’s just too good.  Too rich.  It doesn’t matter if I only get 6 hits a day, I’m not risking it.  I’m telling you it’s a whopper of an idea.

Imagine a time travel story that actually makes sense…..just imagine the possibilities!

I’ll start working on it as soon as I’m done moving the business.  After that, I’ll have time.  Gobs of time.

I found an old story that I was working on while I was in my little stink hole office.  I re-read it and actually liked it.  Why did I stop writing it?  Maybe I should finish that one first.  Sort of like a prep story to get my gaskets going before attempting my masterpiece.

In any good story, I feel that it’s good because I can easily visualize it in my head.  It has a natural flow to it.  Words should never get in the way of the imagery.  They should describe the imagery, not direct it, but describe.  Kind of like the story finding you sort of thing.

But anyway, it’s Christmas.  It was a lovely Christmas.  Freaking 65 degree’s and sunny apocalyptic kind of Christmas but who’s scared?  I’m not scared.  Who said anything about being scared?

I did have a nice Christmas.  I’m supposed to be at a friends party tonight, but I stayed home instead because that’s what losers do.  They stay home and blog about time travel.  It’s crazy because a guy I’m crushing on was going to be there.  I’m playing so hard to get that even I don’t get me.

Eye on the prize.  Move my business, make money, write my book and travel.  First comes me.  I have to look out for number 1.  And honestly, getting this shit out of my head has always been top priority.



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