I Hate Politics

My father, whom is asleep upstairs in his recliner, diligently watches/listens to the news during every waking hour of his life and now he’s scared shitless thanks to Fox News.

Dad – “These terrorists won’t stop attacking.  Ever.  Just because the war hasn’t affected you, doesn’t mean it’s not already here and happening.”

Dad – “That was a husband and wife, both muslims, that killed all those people at that holiday party.  The guy left right before the group photo was taken.”

Me – “But why are they attacking us?  How can we fight back if we don’t even know why it’s happening?”

Bro – “They want to kill anyone who isn’t Muslim.”

Me – “But that makes no sense!”

So here I am, about to do a massive google search on the subject.

I started my search with the shooting in California.  I clicked on the Wikipedia article which was lengthy, but read the the whole thing and scrolled back up where it mentioned a bomb that was planted to injure emergency personal from helping survivors: “The device was hidden inside a canvas bag, and its build was similar to schematics published in Al Qaeda’s Inspire magazine.[29]”

Inspire magazine……If I want to know why Muslims want to kill us, all I have to do is read this magazine.

There have been 14 issues of Inspire:

Issue 1, released January 2010, provided bomb-making directions.[37]
Issue 2, released October 2010, called for attacks on the U.S.[38]
Issue 3, released November 2010, called for explosive devices to be put on U.S. bound aircraft.[39]
Issue 4, released January 2011, continued to call for attacks on the U.S.[40]
Issue 5, released March 2011, focused on the “Arab Spring.”[41]
Issue 6, released July 2011, focused on the death of Osama bin Laden.[42]
Issue 7, released September 2011, focused on the anniversary of the September 11, 2001 attacks.[43]
Issue 8, released May 2012, renewed calls for attacks on the U.S.[44]
Issue 9, also released May 2012, emphasized suicide missions.[45]
Issue 10, released March 2013, called for Lone Wolf attacks on the U.S.[46]
Issue 11, released May 2013, celebrated the Boston Marathon bombing.[47]
Issue 12, released March 2014, called for car bomb attacks in U.S. cities.[48]
Issue 13, released December 2014, included instructions for making a “hidden bomb” that could evade airport security checks, and tips as to which airlines should be targeted.[49]
Issue 14, released September 2015, included information on assassination operations, converting black people in America to their cause, and a military analysis of the Charlie Hebdo shooting.

If you want to check out issue 14, here it is!

I skimmed it a bit.  They’re mostly pissed that we make fun of them.

“They went deep in their disbelief, and resorted to transgress against the greatest values and principles dear to us – Defaming and insulting the Holy Qura’n and Prophet Muhammad .”

None of it makes any sense to me.  It’s lunacy.  Complete mad lunacy.

“Muslims continue to face the results and consequence of the fierce crusade aggression against Islam. The aggres- sion that clearly manifested itself after the blessed 9/11 attacks. Exposing the hidden and true enmity they had to- wards Muslims and Islam. Revealing themselves in different forms of ag- gression: plundering Muslim wealth, occupying their lands, imprisoning their men and women, killing their scholars and the worst of all is the ag- gression towards the very core prin- ciples of Islam.”

Basically they’re mad at us for being mad at them for killing nearly 3000 people.  I highlighted after because it sounds like they were cool with us before they bombed us.

“And in the coming days, we are wait- ing for the anniversary of a great event: An event that changed the course of history and exposed many differences in morals, principles and values be- tween the west and Islam. They re- vealed the strength of Islam and its ability to break the military, political and security might of the west. Indeed it is the blessed 9/11 operation.”

I had to highlight that red sentence because, well, hell yeah it did!

“In spite of multitude zio-crusader attacks on our ummah – all military, economic, cultural, and moral – except that the severest and the most dangerous are their attacks on our Prophet and religion. By Allah, if we lose the two, we will lose the rest. And if we yield, we will yield in the rest too. They are the criterion of glory and disgrace.

The heads of kufr have realized this after they had been shocked by the events. Look at how they gathered, rallied and supported each other; strengthening their weakness and dressing their wounds. Those wounds have not healed and they won’t, be it in Paris, New York or Washington, or in London or Spain, or in Palestine the legend of glory and pride. Look carefully at their gathering. They are the same who fought us in Afghanistan and Caucasus, in Gaza, the Levant, Iraq, Somalia and Yemen.”

Um, okay.  Truth?  I don’t know what’s going on.  I know nothing.  And I don’t think I’ll ever understand even if I read all 14 of these issues.  But what I do know is that these terrorists can be anywhere.  Thanks to the internet, thanks to cell phones and affordable airfare – the world is no longer divided.  We’re basically one big global community.  Everyone know’s everyone else’s shit.  Not to mention all the 100’s of news stations on TV, YouTube, radio, podcasts, mobile apps, all the big-mouthed bloggers thinking they know what they’re talking about.

Information spreads is what I’m getting at.  But it’s not just information, it’s idea’s.  Idea’s are dangerous!  We can’t isolate these “Activists” because they are among us.  We can’t isolate them and starve them out like in the old days, no.  They are mostly homogenized in all parts of the world due to the osmosis of technology.

I totally understand why some communities don’t accept outsiders.  Why the gated community in the Walking Dead risked their lives to evaluate possible citizens before letting anyone in.

The Walking Dead…..WHEN WILL YOU BE ON AGAIN??

Stupid mid-season break.

Ah, I’m missing the point.

It’s too late.  They’re already here.  All we can do is keep our eyes and ears open.  To report anything suspicious even if that would be considered “racial profiling,” or not politically correct.

There were people at the shooting in California who seen what looked like pipe bombs but they were too afraid to report it because they didn’t want people thinking they were racial profiling.

Trump wants to ban all Muslims.  From what I understand, this is a blanket statement referring to everybody.  The muslims who are already here have to leave and none of them can come back.

This can’t possibly be done without changing the first Amendment.  Not the second or the third, but our FIRST!

I’m okay with the idea of not letting any new muslims become citizens.  Kill me now if you must, I know how horrible that sounds, but come on now……let’s be reasonable.

Why don’t I want new muslims flying here fresh from the Islam State to make camp in my backyard?  Let’s turn to page one of….ALL THE ISSUE’S OF THEIR EFFING MAGAZINE!

Principal – “I see little Johnny is reading up on how to replicate the recent school shootings, but he’s still welcomed to attend class.  We don’t judge and we welcome everyone here.  We are sooo PC.

Not all muslims are reading this stuff, but some do.  How do we know which one’s?  That Patriot Act ain’t doing shit.

But I’ll tell you another thing, if the US actually does ban muslims from entering the country, we’re basically inviting a war at our doorstep.  It’s like clanging a dinner bell for psychopathic zealots to take revenge.

They take our retaliation (aggression) towards them as a hate crime – our efforts to combat them only amplifies our “true” colors.  If we make it impossible for them to enter the country…..hate begets hate.

Purposely not inviting someone to an event you’re having in which all mutual friends are invited, is a form of bullying.  If muslims are the only group left out of our party, we’ll be labeled the bad guys.  America the bully.

I want to make up a new word, ‘Bullyshit’.  It’s like bullshit, only, bullyshit.  If someone is acting like a bully, all tough and shit, but they are secretly scared and wish only for you to like and accept them, that’s bullyshit.  If they say or do something hurtful, is just bullyshit.  Bullshit because they don’t mean what they say and Bully because they’re being assholes.

America, land of the brave and the bullyshit.

But then again…..Some of these people are evil.  Some of them want to kill us.  How can we fight evil the same time we’re welcoming it?

We disarm our first line of defense.

The first line of defense against STD’s is abstinence.  It’s like America is spreading her legs.

Basically, what I gather from the information I patched together, the Jihad terror attacks are nonsensical.  But their message is clear:  They want to bring about the end.  The apocalypse.  They don’t want anything, just the apocalypse.

You think I’m wrong for not wanting muslims in my backyard?  In France, a country who freely allows Muslims in, have what are called NO-GO zones.  Zones reserved for muslims to practice their faith and reside in communities.

jihadno go france

“The ZUS exist not only because Muslims wish to live in their own areas according to their own culture and their own Sharia laws, but also because organized crime wants to operate without the judicial and fiscal interference of the French state,” explained Paul Belien of Brussels Journal. “In France, Shariah law and mafia rule have become almost identical.” – article

The article I got this from was published 10 months ago – way before the France shootings, and these zones are EVERYWHERE in France.

“Denying the holiness of the Koran or the prophecies of Muhammad is straightforward apostasy.”  In other words, they’re not sinning by killing people as long as the person slain isn’t muslim.  Any law, any form of government that imposes laws not made by god, is against their religion.  Those who vote for a candidate in an election is punishable by death.  All who obey a law not made by god is punishable by death.  All Muslim candidates and those elected to office, must die.  All leaders must die.  Men who shave their beards must die…etc..etc

“Following takfiri doctrine, the Islamic State is committed to purifying the world by killing vast numbers of people.”

So yeah, call me crazy, but I can understand Trump.  I don’t agree with his blanket statement to ban all Muslims, but I think we should put a hold on turning them into citizens (being allowed guns) and letting them reside here indefinitely if they don’t do so already.

The chances of an ISIS living among law-abiding muslims is slim, but not unfathomable.  It’s because of this that we bury our heads in PC “correctness” because it isn’t all of them that’s bad, and it’s wrong to discriminate.  But seeing the global devastation they’re causing, it’s not unfathomable.  It’s not impossible for a person of the Islamic State to be mixed in with the lot residing here in the US.

In France, the number of Muslims grew to the point where there wasn’t just one ISIS, but several.  It can happen here too, that’s all I’m saying.

I HATE politics…..


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2 responses to “I Hate Politics

  1. Allison

    It’s not Muslims it’s not Islamic people. It’s the assholes. There r assholes in every group and we know that. Some people call God Allan and are still great people… It’s not fair. I can’t and won’t abide that as a solution. Solution…? AHHHH hahahahaha. Laughable. Wish I knew what one was. We could fight fire with fire but to whom? Not without killing innocents and in all honestly if you ask the fire dept they don’t fight fire with fire they use its opposite water. What would these evil people’s opposite be??? Love? Yea right llike we could get this country on that train- I don’t think so.
    What I really wish is that we could take two fucked up factions, perhaps Isis and Biko haram an get them to fight eachother. That would please me(if they stopped killing others and kidnapping school girls)

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