The Bhagavad Gita

I met a girl last night who told me she’s an angel sent down from heaven and it made me think, “oh god I hope I don’t sound like her when I talk to people.”

She was telling me how spiritual she is, which is fine and all but man……shit, I hope I don’t sound like that.

Our chance encounter made me denounce all spiritual endeavors, chalking them up to a damaged girl looking for answers.  Thinking I’m special when I’m not.  And besides, what good has it ever done in my life?

Well, I never claimed to be special.  Just specially unfortunate.

Shit happens and that’s that.  I’m done looking for meaning.

Until that is……I found the Bhagavad Gita on Audible and listened to it the same night I denounced my quest to find god.

Three minutes into the book, it was renewed.  I literally listened to it for 3 minutes before falling asleep and in those three minutes, it told of why we’re all here – to find god within us while we’re stuck in these meat sacks.

I wasn’t going to publish this video because it sounded stupid and preachy (like that girl I met the other night), but it’s 3:30 AM and I just woke up to the Bhagavad Gita telling me that evil is a dark gravitational pull that pushes us down.

I just got the shills (shit my pants and got the chills at the same time [actually it was a typo but I like the way it sounds]).

Hinduism is no doubt the closest thing to reality.  I’m going to start a side quest into learning more about it.  These people got it right yo.

That woman who wanted a 60-minute chair massage really was crazy.

I’ve been having to massage a lot lately.  At first I didn’t mind, but today it caught up to me.  I hate massaging people.  I loathe it, never liked it, and can’t fathom why anyone would.

I just ate chocolate and drank a glass of milk.  I’m ready to go back to sleep.



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2 responses to “The Bhagavad Gita

  1. 1- Shills is an AWESOME word.
    2- I’ve looked a Lot into Hinduismbuddaism and siddah yoga… Extremely Interestig but all with their flaws(as I see it ha!)
    But I woul love love to hash out some of their ideas n tennents with u if u are interested ever… If I think about it later I’ll dig out some books that were truely amazing and put up some quotes.
    They have a creation story parable that I like that ends with ‘you’re not mohini you’re Vishnu’ … About souls playin in the physicality of this plane and being trapped by it.. More souls beig sent down here to free the first group and them bein trapped themselves… And a third wave that volunteered to come down to try to save the other sets of souls but they knew they would become trapped themselves and deciding to come to help anyway… This story has always effected me. I feel like it has some truth in it. .., have you ever looked into the writings of edgar cayce?? There are amazing things to find out about. …more later when I’m not on a smoke break a work 🙂

    • I’d love to hash out idea’s and talk philosophy to someone who know’s about this stuff. I listen to the Gita before bed time but I can’t seems to get past the first 5 minutes before falling to sleep. So I don’t know much about Hinduism or buddhism, and never read Edgar Cayce. But the stuff that I have read, all fits together so perfectly with what ayahuasca told me – including light souls being trapped and brought down when trying to help others. Do you live far from Cheshire? We can meet at a coffee shop. It’s funny because you already know what I look like. Also there’s a fellow massage therapist I know in New Haven who’s organizing a trip to Machuu Picchu next year and ayahuasca is optional. Not sure if that’s something you’d be interested in. Email me at and I can give you my number.

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