I tend to stay out of trouble.  I mean, I have the occasional bad idea from time to time backed by the timeless perennial wisdom of YOLO.

“Yes let’s buy a sailboat and go to the Bahama’s!  I’m YOLO’ing it mutha fuggaz.”

This grazed my mind two days ago.  Granted, I have the ASA website (for sailing lessons) added to my favorites so I won’t be going without proper training, but still……

I have over $4000 in my barter network account and I can barter that money for a very large sailboat but I’ll save that for another time to discuss.

Today I’d like to discuss something else.  A new kind of trouble.

I’d be at the laundromat right now making a video of myself but no, instead I’m home.  I also wanted to test drive my new bicycle I got for bartering massages, but no.

You want to know what I’m doing instead?  The only reason why I’m writing this is to kill time (which sadly is why this blog exists in the first place) until my new video game downloads.

I’m in a torrential heap of trouble if this behavior keeps up.  I’ve done nothing today.  It’s my day off, yes, but it’s also sheet day – I have loads upon loads of sheets!

“I’ll do them tomorrow after my client.  I only have one client.”

No Melanie NOOOOO!

I have about 300 minutes until my game downloads – ridiculous!  Oh great, now it’s going up again to 330 minutes.

Why don’t I just wash the sheets while it’s downloading?  Because I’m a lazy asshole.

Dammit.  Okay, I’ll go wash the friggen sheets.

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