Livin La Vita Vlog

Video’s are a lot less time consuming than writing!


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22 responses to “Livin La Vita Vlog

  1. Your vlog is interesting and you are right that video is so much easier than writing!

  2. I just gotta know!! How do you get so much energy? Your blog is so upbeat and I’m tired all the time. what’s your routine, girl? the masses are enquiring! 😀

    • I never noticed that I have lot’s of energy. I get lots of sleep lately and take melatonin at night and in the morning I take a Flintstone vitamin and a biotin vitamin. And whenever I get stressed, I let it out. Stress tuckers me out more than anything and I’ve noticed over the years that it’s only a mindset. The secret is to have obtainable goals that gets you excited. I try to stay perpetually excited about my future.


    • I’ve been playing Witcher 3 but I have FFXIV too. I haven’t played it yet. I’m saving it for sushi night – my next day off when I can devote my entire day to it and eat sushi take-out. Possibly on Monday. The thought of it thrills me. I’ll be sure to get on faerie server. What’s your name in the game so I can find you?

      • Samejima Mamimi – sorry late reply! i didnt have my notifications set up correctly.

        • I actually go to bed at 4am at times, but only when I don’t have to wake up early the next day. I’m on the faerie server and my name is Celler Door. Supposedly it’s the most beautiful phrase in the english language. I have to do some work on the computer but I might be on later today if I don’t venture out. I’m already level 25.

          • omgosh yay! im so excited! I’m Samejima Mamimi – im in the middle of moving soon so i wont be back on today but i’ll be on October 1st for sure since its my last day before my vacation is over. theres a facebook group called FFXIV Faerie that almost the whole server is in. everybodys soo soooooo nice. cant wait to introduce you around!

            • I didn’t get a chance to play these past few days. It’s been a rough couple days. I’ll go find that Facebook page now and like it. I’ll talk to you soon!

              • hey! so sorry i havent been around, i lost my job recently and have been away a bit. but im back in the saddle now! hope to see you around 😀

                • I haven’t played FF online in a while. I might be getting sued and losing my job too in the process. I’m talking to a lawyer today and getting everything sorted out. Every time I got fired from a job, It turned out to be a blessing in disguise. I’m not kidding, it was always a good thing. I’ll be back to playing FF again soon. I’ve been crazy busy but it’s the best game I’ve ever played so I’ll definitely be back in it.

                  • i feel your anxiety,
                    its been crazy over here too, with the move, and the drunk driver smashing up our car, and losing my job… if you ever need an ear to chew on, im around 🙂

                    • Oh no that’s horrible! Damn drunk drivers. I hope he didn’t smash you up too and it was only your car. Cars are replaceable. Jobs are replaceable too. At least you have an easy lawsuit on your hands. So many lawyers out there work for free and only collect after you win so definitely go for it. This may be a blessing in disguise.

                    • sadly the lawyers wouldnt do anything, she had nothing, no assets, no job, living with her mom… sigh… thankfully nobody was in the car (our car) or the other she hit. the poor kid in the car with her was pretty shaken up though. i bet i would be, too, if i were 12 years old watching mommy peel away from smashing up parked cars, land in a ditch at the fire station, and get tackled by the fire brigade
                      trying to flee on foot. also, your FFXIV name is gorgeous, i love the story behind those two words together.

                    • I miss FFXIV soooo much! I just finished The Witcher but now I’m going to focus on my business and once it’s all better, I’ll reward myself by playing FFXIV again. If I start playing it now, bad things will happen and I’ll lose focus.
                      That sucks about not receiving money for the crash. It sounds like she’s not insured. As long as she’s insured, you’d be able to get something. There’s an app called OFFER UP where you can find old clunkers for cheap in your area. I should be playing FFXIV again by February hopefully, if all goes well. I’m a tank and I’m actually pretty good even though I’m not a paladin yet.

                    • ya she had insurance from july-november or some such (wreck was 8/21, she bought the car earlier that month) and she failed to make her insurance payment the month after… ugh, and we were going to buy a new car but not like this, haha!

                    • february, eh? I will keep my eye out for you!! Good luck with your business, i hope it picks up well so i can see more of your amazing travels! *so jealous i may implode*

                    • I started playing FF14 again. I got bored one night and started up the subscription. I’m now a level 39 paladin. I want to play it tonight, but it’s already 11:30 PM. I have no will power 😦

  4. Hello sweet girl! I can’t believe how much time has passed. november was a while ago it feels. Haven’t forgotten about ya! oh and my twin won her lawsuit form her carwreck and is moving to Florida. (im staying in tx) I was telilng her about your blog and how you and your friend(s) meet up in random places/other countries and such and we loved the idea so much we decided to do it too. we picked Boston as our first place since neither of us have a passport yet to go out of country. thanks for being a badass inspiration. i cant wait to try my first “go alone to meet someone in another state” trip. *excited* also any hints/tip/tricks for traveling is great! ive never really left texas.

    also im still on ffxiv a lot. Faerie Server. IGN: Samejima Mamimi

    • Hi!!!! It’s so good to hear from you! I miss traveling so much. I’m going to visit my friend in Alaska for the 4th of July and that’s pretty much all I have planned this year. I already bought my plane ticket, yay!

      Boston is fun. I’ve been there a handful of times, it’s only about 2 hours away from me. Let me know when you’re planning to come up and I’ll see if I can arrange me and my friends to join you for a drink.

      Visiting the states is fun and safe but being thrown into a whole new culture and country with nothing but a backpack and no cell service is a different matter. Aim for that if you can. Americans can’t really get out there to travel because we work more than other countries.

      Best travel advise is bring a backpack, no rolling luggage if you plan on hopping from one place to the next. All you need are a few change of clothes, your cell phone, and comfortable shoe’s. Pant’s with pockets that zip are helpful too.

      I stopped playing ffxiv because I don’t have enough bandwidth at my house. Too many people here watch Netlix, surf the web and use their smart phones. I kept getting booted off the game. it sucks because it’s an awesome game! I just finished with Dragon age inquisition. FFXV comes out in September and I pre-ordered it.

      I talk to you later gator.

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