The End of The World

Scientists pin-pointed the exact time the world was going to end.  The earth was going to be thrown out of orbit by a planetary disturbance and plummet into the sun.

I was stationed at a community support center until impact.  I wasn’t scared, lonesome, or frantic.  I attended “end of the world” dinners and parties, and mentally prepared myself.

But then I left my cell phone at a restaurant and had to go back to fetch it.  Impact was to happen anytime tomorrow and I wanted to make sure I had my phone to be able to call my parents one last time.

After I retrieved my phone, I stuck it in my backpack along with my cigarettes and electronic cigarette.  I turned to leave and that’s when I ran into one of my high school bully’s.

Bully – “Why do you need a cell phone?  The world is ending.”

Me – “Oh you know, so I can text my parents that I love them.”  I said in a dorky, unconfident way.

He rolled his eyes.

He was scared.  I could tell he was scared and the way I acted towards the end of the wold annoyed him.  It annoyed him because I wasn’t scared.

I hopped on a bus to take me back to the community center.  It was in Canada.

I sat next to a lady who wanted to help me set up my phone so I’ll be able to text in Canada, I ignored her because time was running out and I needed to text my parents asap.  I knew I could figure out how to set it up by myself.

Me thinking – “How do they know for certain it’s going to happen tomorrow?  It can happen anytime really.”

There was a silence on the bus, a foreboding.  I felt the end was nearing although it was supposed to happen tomorrow.

It started getting hot in the bus.  I looked out the window and seen heat, like when you’re grilling something outside you can see the heat coming off the grill.

Any second now.  It’s going to happen any second.

The bus was scorching hot but there was no sense pulling over to step outside for fresh air, it was even hotter outside.

My mom was on the bus a few seats ahead of me.  My dad, a few rows back.

It was happening.  The end was happening right now.  Outside the bus, grass and tree’s caught fire.

Me – “Mom, Mom!  I love you Mom!”

Mom – “I love you too sweetie!”

I turned towards the back of the bus and shouted, “Dad!  Dad!  I love you Dad!”

Dad – “I love you too!”

I grabbed onto the woman sitting next to me and closed my eyes.  It was over.


What a crazy dream to experience on the anniversary of 9/11.  It’s even crazier still for being a day that I went to face my only two fears: claustrophobia and the dark.

I went to a sensory deprivation tank today.  A small closet with a tub, no lights or sound, water the same temp as my skin…..

I taken a video but there’s no need to post it.  Words are so much better.  I’ll write more about it tomorrow.

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