Someone can stick their hand in there!

My parents are going out.  One is talking to me from outside my bedroom window, while the other is outside my door.

They’re talking simultaneously.

Mom from outside – “Are you working today?”

Me – “No!”

Mom – “Close your window.  Somebody can stick their hand in there.”

Dad – “What are you doing today?”

Me – “Working on my member clients.”

Mom and Dad – “What?!”

Me – “I’m organizing my member clients!”

Mom – “Oh I can’t hear her.”  Mom says in a huff.

Dad – “Cassius is here to keep you company.”

Mom – “I think your other window is open on the other side too.  Someone can get their hand in there!”

Dad – “Make sure to lock the door if you leave.”

Mom – “Your screen isn’t down on the other side.”

Mom – “It’s not locked.”

Me – “Can someone stick their hand in there?”

I have today off.  May the Gods part the heavens and rain blessings upon me for my one scheduled client canceled and I washed sheets yesterday.

I want to buy something.   Something big.  Like finally getting my Playstation 4, or a new MacBook, or an iWatch.

I’m saving the iWatch for when I retire.  It’s the perfect parting gift to celebrate 10 years of hard manual labor massaging people’s asses.  I literally used elbow grease to massage people’s backsides for 10 years.  I think I deserve a watch.

I told my weekly client yesterday that I’m retiring from massage once I reach 200 members.  Telling clients about my retirement makes it more definite.  It’s makes it feel closer to happening.

It’s annoying when people think I love massaging since I’ve been going at it for so long.  Now whenever they give off the impression that I may like it, I quickly retaliate with saying I’ll be retiring at 200 members because no, no I don’t like it.  And it’s annoying that you assume that I do.

I’m hoping it will happen in 3 months, my retirement.


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