Part of being brave is not caring what other people think of you.

Home is where everything is, you know?  And where do you feel most at home?  When you’re around people who love and accept you.

You feel energized, unstoppable, unbeatable, not afraid of anything because all you’ll ever need is right there where you are.  Love, acceptance, and trust in knowing that the feeling of home isn’t going anywhere.

You’re so deep in the trust that you didn’t know you had it until it’s gone.

Many people don’t go anywhere without bringing a friend along.  They bring a little piece of home.  A reminder of who they are.  They bring courage in the form of a person.

Bravery is found in letting go of that person and learning to trust that home is always in your heart, nobody else’s.

Make yourself at home wherever you are, and with whomever you’re with.

I discovered this idea a very long time ago when I watched the very first season of American Idol.  It was Kelly Clarkson who brought this idea of “home” to my attention.

In her first audition, she made herself at home.  Like she belonged there.  She was joking around, not taking it “seriously”.  She was actually having fun without being nervous and talked to the hosts like they were old friends.

Then I watched guests being interviewed on talk shows.  The best of these guests made themselves at home.  Like they had some kind of impenetrable armor.  The kind that children wear, sorta like a cloak of acceptance.  They accept who they are.  They love who they are.  Most importantly, they enjoy who they are.

But kids have no awareness of loving themselves or accepting who they are, they don’t question it.

“I’m me and that’s all.”

It’s like they have a valid excuse for everything they do or say and that excuse is; “I’m me.  I’m just doing what me does.”

But since we’re all caught up in the ego game, we have trouble taking this “home” with us without validation from an outside force.  The narcissist feeds.  We’re all narcissists to some degree.

The narcissist tries to recreate their childhood “home” of security. The type of security that involves an incredible amount of trust – so deep in it that you can’t see it until it’s gone. It’s just always there, without question.

It’s when you start to question the validity of your home, does it start to crumble. What brought on your doubt in the first place? Because a person brought you down and judged you.

The closer you are to finding your true home, the closer you come to enjoying this life.  Whatever you’re doing, whomever you’re with, it’s pure enjoyment simply because you enjoy in yourself.  You take pleasure in not knowing what you’ll do, or be faced with next.

Don’t do anything you don’t want to do.  Being worried all the time is NOT you.  Trust nobody but yourself.

Haters will always be there.  No matter what you do or say, take comfort in knowing that you can trust a hater to jab you at each turn.  It’s the haters job to make you turn back “home” to where artificial validation lies.  Artificial meaning, not coming from you but from others.

Why? Because your heart (home) wasn’t strong enough. Your belief fell short.

If a person is able to hurt you, that only means someone else is able to make you feel good.

Ayahuasca says that feedback, whether it be good or bad, are of equal unimportance.  Don’t let either of them affect you because one doesn’t work without the other.

Rational Brain – “What if the haters are right?  What then?”

Then you learn.

Haters are there to remind us of our dubious nature to trust others more than we trust ourselves.  Herd mentality.  Strength in numbers.

It’s nearly impossible to unlearn centuries of evolutionary survival tactics.

I’m writing this because some poor guy commented on a post I wrote a very long time ago about my ex-boyfriends girlfriends hate letter to me.  I reminded him of a girl who hurt him and so he unleashed his beast.

Everyone wants approval, sometimes they want vengeance, but most of all they want to be heard.  Strength in numbers…..but what is it they are strengthening?

But I appreciate his comment because it made me remember what home means to me.  Of course home will always be where my heart is, my family, the people I love – it’s home base.  But what happens if it’s gone one day?  What happens when the trust is gone, or people pass, or I move away?

What is home then?

It’s always there. It was there from the beginning. And to be able to go back to it with awareness of it’s existence, can only make it stronger.

It’s our Gods space – the reason for us being here is to reclaim it. It’s just that we go about it the wrong way. The narcissistic way of finding security and contentment.

The strongest of us are the most beautiful.  What I mean by beautiful, I mean kind.

Kindness is giving and more often than not, it’s the giving of forgiveness.

And the glory of it is that it’s easy to forgive when you understand the true nature of home.  You forgive yourself and carry everything you need internally without seeking an outsiders influence.  What’s to forgive?  If you’re not hurt by anyone, what’s to forgive?

Being brave means to trust yourself.  There’s no better meaning than that.  What other people think of you should be of no consequence.  It’s insanity when you think about it.  I mean, really think about it.

I’m exhausted.  It’s already 2 in the morning and I’m laying in bed in my underwear because it was just too damn hot earlier to put anything else on.

Ah nice, nice clean sheets and I flipped my memory foam mattress.

Anyway, I have to sleep.  I have four clients tomorrow.

I’m up to the letter G in cataloging my new membership system.  H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z are all that remains.

I can’t be manipulated or controlled, nobody can get a good grasp on me.  And the people who don’t trust themselves, end up not trusting me.  It’s all just a mind game.  One that I don’t want to participate in.

I’m almost positive that this geek category that I’m in, doesn’t participate in these games.  We’re geeks.  Not adults.  Adults do this shit, not us.


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