The 48 Laws of Power

Should be called The 48 Laws of a sociopath.  It’s the antithesis to the Power of Now.

This book tells you how to manipulate, con, betray, and gain power.  There’s no such thing as a trusted friend in the real world and playing games with a person is the best way to obtain their heart (power).

It tells you that all great people waiver and when they do, that’s the time to swoop in and knock them off their throne.

Always hide your true intentions.  Boast about your goals but have them be false goals so nobody can predict your next move.

This is a handbook for bad guys.

I’m only on Law 4, Always say less than necessary.

I just googled The 48 Laws of Power reviews and Meeb from Amazon summarized each law:

1. Kiss the boss’s ass.
2. Make enemies, because you learn from them.
3. Hide your intentions.
4. Speak cryptically.
5. Guard your reputation; destroy those who undermine it.
6. Be an attention-seeker.
7. Use other people to do things for you and take the credit.
8. Bait people.
9. Don’t analyze, act (the motto of fascism).
10. People who are hurt are like infectious parasites.
11. Make people depend on you.
12. Be “selectively honest”, disarm your “victim” with generosity.
13. People have no sense of mercy or thankfulness.
14. Pretend to be someone’s friend while gathering information on them.
15. Destroy people, annihilate them. Ruin their lives.
16. Play hookie to make people “want” you.
17. Interpersonal Terrorism
18. Be one in the crowd, use the crowd to shield you from your enemies.
19. Don’t screw over the wrong person.
20. Be non-commital.
21. Pretend to be dumb, so they won’t suspect.
22. Surrender, to stab your enemy in the back.
23. Use every resource you have to defeat an enemy.
24. Flatter people, yield to your boss, and be cruel to those under you.
25. Don’t abide by the social contract. Ally yourself only to your self. Redefine this self to get as much attention as possible.
26. Keep your hands clean- erase any knowledge others have of you messing things up. Never admit to your mistakes. Instead, scapegoat other people.
27. Develop a God complex. Feed people what they want to hear and make them follow you.
28. Be bold in all of your actions.
29. Plan out every little thing.
30. Make your accomplishments seem effortless. Also, never let anyone know how you did them.
31. Control people’s options.
32. Feed people the lies they want to hear.
33. Find out everyone’s button, save this information, and push it accordingly.
34. Act like a member of royalty.
35. Master timing.
36. Show contempt for things (and people) you cannot have. By showing you are upset, you are admitting “weakness”.
37. Create a lot of spectacles.
38. Behave like other people as a mask.
39. Use other people’s emotions; play with them.
40. Free things are dangerous. Instead, pay for everything yourself and make sure people see it.
41. Don’t follow in anyone’s footsteps.
42. Attack someone that bothers you. Don’t bother negotiating or understanding them. Just attack them so they shut up and your reputation remains intact.
43. Seduce people by playing with their emotions.
44. Mirror people so they get annoyed and humiliated.
45. Preach “change” and other vague promises, but never act too much on them.
46. Pretend to mess up once in a while. People will see that you’re not a sociopath after all.
47. Achieve in moderation.
48. Be formless. Form, order, routine= predictability. And those CIA guys following you over your shoulder all this time will spot that and destroy you.

I bought this book on Audible last night when I was searching for a book about voodoo or black magic (out of desperation for my business) to read.  This book popped up and got stellar reviews, so how could I not be interested?  I love itemized lists.

I had no idea what I was really buying.  First chapter in and I was like, furrealz?

I already wrote about every one of these damn laws.  It’s like I’m reading a book about why I hate people.

I’m interested in Law 48 though, Assume Formlessness.  That’s not our natural inclination and goes beyond ego.  I’m curious to hear his take on it.

Seriously though, he nails us perfectly.  From what I can tell, he’s spot on when it comes to describing why we do what we do.  It just sucks, you know?  It especially sucks that I’ve done many of these laws myself.  Law 27?  Um, yes I’m God!  Purposely act stupid around people with more power?  Yeah, I totally do that too.  I can’t wait to read Law 20 – that’s a major one for me.

He said “innocent” people are the best manipulators because nobody suspects them.  I figured this one out way back in high school and wondered if I would still get away with it as an adult.  But I’ve been doing it for so long now that it’s part of my identity.  I’m “innocent” because I’m a master manipulator, not because I’m stupid (see last post).


I just got back from my cousins wedding.  Good times.

But I’m tired now.  I spent the whole day feeling wonderful because  I’m diligently working on a plan to save my business and last night I dreamt that I was wealthy.

I’m keeping a separate blog post about the status of my business and will post the whole thing after my plan takes effect (around late October I’ll post it).  I no longer want to write anything negative about it.

Night is usually my favorite time of day.  But when I get real tired, my mind goes to the bad place.  The place of worry.  It’s so strange to see it do that.  I mean, I was completely fine today – no sucking sounds following me around (see last post), but as soon as I’m tired, boom, catastrophe.  It amazes me, it really does.  How easily my mentality can shift like that.

I have to start going to sleep before I get tired.  This gnawing is agony, trust me.

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