It all comes down to these last 16 days of July.  The fate of my life rests upon these last two weeks.  And if I fail, it’s not like I can cry back home to mommy and daddy because guess what?  I’m already there.  I’m already at ground zero.

I have $10,000 in the bank but come tomorrow, I’ll have $5,000.  Maybe less than $5,000.

I need to make $157 a day for the next 16 days in order for my business to survive without dipping into my personal line of credit.  If I can make it to August without going into debt, I’ll be able to survive anything.

I had another bad dream when I woke up today.  I was wrongfully accused of something and thrown in prison.  It’s a variation of my humiliating high school dream in the way of people judging me and sentencing me away.  Only this time around I actually had friends in prison and was popular.

But I wanted to get out of there.  It was still a shitty dream and I woke up tired and miserable.

Maybe it’s telling me to enjoy the journey?  Enjoy this prison that I put myself in?

After July, these dreams will disappear.  I know it.


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2 responses to “Countdown

  1. Fanny

    The problem, if you love it, is as beautiful as the sunset. Krishnamurti

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