Tomorrow is blast off

OMG I love old people.  One of them is sitting across from me.  She’s reading the Cheshire Harald and sipping her lemon Snapple.  Oh and there’s another one!  She’s sitting o’er yonder.  Her little head is wobbling a bit, a common problem for old folk.

I’m sitting at the coffee shop near my business.  I love coffee shops.

Damn I shouldn’t be writing.  My main objective for my being here is to write up a Mother’s Day email that needs to get sent tomorrow to 1900 people.  This email is the God of all emails.  An email that can make me or break me.  It has to be perfect.

I’m just waiting for mail Chimp to process my client list.  It should be done by now.

Yep it’s done and I tried writing the email but I keep getting swept up in love.  This coffee shop has so many freaking old people here that it’s making it impossible for me to concentrate.

Rational Brain – “That’s nice Melanie, blame the old people who are silently enjoying their coffee for all of your problems.”

I can’t help it.  I’m in one of those moods.  The “I love everyone and the world is glorious” kind of mood.  It’s not exactly a problem but it is distracting.

I feel high even though I swear that I’m not.  But I am menstruating, so that’s probably the culprit.

A few minutes later…..

I’m exhausted.  My love mood is going away.  I’m getting pissed at myself for not writing the email.  I’m glad I can at least secretly contain my mood swings inside this blog where nobody can see.

Many hours later….

I’m home, everything done.  The email is scheduled to go out tomorrow at 8AM.

I resigned myself with being okay if I don’t sell any memberships with tomorrows email.  I can still squeak by with the one’s I got and I have plenty of other marketing schemes that are sure to work.

If it’s meant to be, it’s meant to be.  One thing I know for sure is that I’ll never give up on my business.  Not ever.  It’s the one key to my ultimate goal (I’ll save that for a different post).

Since I cut Laurie’s hours down to Fridays, the number of members who canceled this month?  Zero.

40 more members and I’ll be a success.  40 more and I’m truly home-free.

Please oh god lord Jesus…..

I spent roughly $20,000 these past two months all leading up to this one massive email that gets sent out tomorrow.  $20,000!  I literally put everything I have into this.  Everything and then some.

But it’s no big deal if nobody signs up.  No big deal at all.  Pffff, that’s silly, why would it be a big deal?  All my improvements will merely aid in retaining members while having new members trickle in at a greater speed than loss.  It’s a win win, really.  Investment well spent.

So calm your shit Mel.

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