My motorcycle dream

I had my first motorcycle dream last night.  I dreamt I was riding a blue Honda Grom.


I’m surprised it was blue since that’s the least likeliest color I’d pick in real life.  But after having the dream, I sorta like the blue now.

I was confident and maneuvered the bike like a pro.  It was bliss.  It was the freedom I’ve longed for, only, I was late for work.  Not only was I late, but lost too.

I had to work at a banquet facility to do chair massage.  The location was beautiful, very woodsy, green and lush.  A handsome man saw me looking at a map and offered some help.

Me – “Do you know where the banquet hall is around here?”

Man – “I sure do but you don’t want to go there.  There’s nothing there.”

Me – “I don’t want to go there either but I’m already late for work.  I have to get there fast.”

Man – “It’s too far.”

All I wanted to do was hop on my bike and drive far away from work and everyone.  The bike felt like an extension of myself, I had no fear what-so-ever while riding it.  But I had the panic that comes with being late for something important.  I couldn’t fully enjoy the ride.

I’m still stuck in fear and it’s holding back my heart.

That’s all I can remember about the dream. It’s not difficult to decipher.

All I have to do is furnish at least one of the new massage rooms upstairs and hire another therapist – that’s it.  Then I’m done.  But my biggest problem is my finances.

According to my outward projection, next month I’ll only have $3,200 in the bank and I need at least $12,000 to cover all my monthly expenses.  So yeah, it’s a bit of a problem.

But I’m going to run a Mother’s day special, promote the membership deal again, and offer a “members facial” just for members.  A facial that changes with the seasons so nobody gets sick of it.

I need 40 more members.  Only 40.  I’m going to email blast everyone on Saturday, May 2nd.  I’ll even offer a bi-monthly membership because the number one reason why people drop out is because they have way too many massage credits to catch up on.  Some people can’t make it in every month and they start accumulating.  It’s actually the only reason aside from a few clients who dropped out due to financial reasons.

The bi-monthly membership will remedy both causes.

I’m extremely hopeful even though my bank account is in the red.  I’m hopeful to the point of delusion.

I’m turing one of my new massage rooms into not another couples room, but a tri-client room.  Three people can get massaged at the same time in the same room.  And also it will be my laser light show room.  Laser lights, a fog machine, psychedelic music and black lights – I’ll make it look like nothing anyone’s ever seen before.  I can hang a special laser high up on the wall to point down at the floor so it looks like you’re walking on water.  I can sell it on Groupon and make a killing.  I’ll call it the Party Massage, or something.  Maybe add a little wine before and after.

Everything happens on May 2nd.  May 2nd is the moment of truth.  Can I sell 40 memberships on May 2nd?  Stay tuned…..

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