Another reason why the flashlight was a bad idea

To elaborate a little more from my last post.  Carrying a flashlight in lieu of turning the outside lights on whilst hunting zombies in the backyard, is not a smart idea.  First off, If you’re trying to be sneaky by hiding “under the radar” it won’t work.  You’re holding a flashlight!  It has tunnel vision and you can only see things that are directly in front you.

The zombie can see you, but you can’t see him.  Right away he has the jump on you.  However, if you light up the entire backyard with spotlights, you’re more likely to see something that shouldn’t be there than the zombie has of spotting you first.

I just don’t understand my brothers logic for choosing a flashlight for hunting zombies in our backyard while he was stoned last night.  I mean seriously, a flashlight?  Come on bro.

I need to have a talk with him about this.  It’ll gnaw on me.

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