8 days left

My brain still doesn’t’ work.  That’s why I haven’t been blogging lately.

When my brain fails to ponder, life goes by really fast.  I can’t catch up to it.  I have no time.

Wow shit.  I can’t think.  Is this how normal people are?

Today is March 23, 2014 which leaves me with 8 days left to finish setting up my new office.   8 days to get everything done.  It sounds like enough time, but I’m still taking clients here at my stink hole office in Middlefield.

I’m here now.  Here at my little office.  The guitar instructor that rents an office down the hall bought a massage for his girlfriend and that’s who I’m waiting for.  A quick $70 bucks then off to Bed Bath & Beyond.

Okay, she’s done.  That was fun.

So yeah, my blog sucks right now.  My brain sucks.  I’m suffering from real exhaustion.  My eyes want to close, I’m coughing and I have a sore throat.  The people helping me with my office are Godsends – real life angels!

My friend fixed the closet in my office yesterday.  She fixed the damn thing in 10 minutes!  And the day before that, Dave stopped by toting a few beers and fixed a lock I was having trouble with and then helped me build two Ikea lamps.  He literally felt like an angel.

One friend gave me wall decorations, another is making shit loads of homemade soap so we can sell it together when the place opens.  My dad has unrelenting support in helping me build cabinets, move stuff, fix stuff.  My Mother is excited about the whole thing.  Texting me that everything will be wonderful.

My brother gave me shells he found on the beach. He calls them whompom and they’re supposed to relieve stress when I rub them.  Even if he’s full of shit, the fact he cared enough to do that, made me happy and appreciative.

I’m beyond words as to how much work is actually involved in something like this.  Something as simple as dealing with AT&T to come fix my severed phone line, made me miserable.  Four times they showed up while I wasn’t’ there.  Four!

Anyway, my brain is not working properly, so this post needs to end.  I’m writing with no point, just for the sake of it.  That’s never a good time to write.  I need to make face cradle covers tonight.  This involves a sewing machine.

I better go.

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6 responses to “8 days left

  1. Writing just for the sake of it is the best kind – for the peope reading it too. Your brother and mother are right, btw. It’s gonna be awesome.

  2. Steph

    I can’t wait to move back and see it! You will be great! It will be great!
    Love you!

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