Melanie buys a new (used) car

I lied in my last post.  I wrote that my prerequisites for buying a new used car were as follows:  Certified vehicle, ranked high in dependability, good on gas, priced below $12,000, 2010 or younger, and in driving range from my house.

But in all actuality, it also has to be good in snow and have low mileage.  Not quite used and not quite new.  This is nearly impossible to find.

I’m in work waiting for my first client to get here.


NISSAN cube (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

When I’m done massaging these four people, I’m going to test drive a Toyota Yaris.  I want to forget the Yaris and just go with the Nissan Cube.

I’m starting to get tunnel vision for the Nissan Cube.  It meets all my criteria and then some.  I mean, a 2012 for $10,980 with 39,000 miles on it ain’t bad.  Not to mention it’s certified and everyone wrote steller reviews for it.

I need to stop.  I need to stop obsessing.  I obsess over everything!

I can kiss my cowboy boots goodbye (I was going to buy a pair of $300 cowboy boots).  I can kiss my weekend in Newport goodbye (well, I should).  I can say goodbye to paying off my debt by the deadline and I probably can’t afford a $3,000 Honda Grom unless I charge the damn thing.

I have to pay my yearly taxes for my business and buy a semi-new car.  I’ll be left with nothing.  How do people pay rent?  How do they enjoy life?  How can buying one pair of cowboy boots or going on a weekend trip to Rhode Island not seem reasonable?

Life isn’t fair.

First client done.  I’m $60 bucks richer.

I thought I was done being broke.

Last week I spent $55 on feet pajamas and a stack of wonder woman underwear.  I’m a big broke baby in foot pajamas wearing wonder woman panties.  Is that what I am?  A baby?

I hate you blog.  Why do you have to reveal my insecurities?  My faults?

Why does society force us to conform?

Second client done.

Have you ever watched yourself picking your nose in a mirror?

It’s disgusting.

My blog is like watching myself pick my nose in front of the mirror.  I widen my persona (my European nostril), dig out everything I can find, and wipe it here on my blog instead of on my brothers shirt where it belongs.

For everyone to see!  I do it in front of everyone!

It’s now the next day.

I went to Toyota in Wallingford after work last night so I can test drive a Yaris.  Turns out the Yaris wasn’t even there, so they had me test drive a 2008 Toyota Corolla for $10500 with 55,000 miles on it.  Expired warranty, not certified.

I have nothing against Corolla’s, I think they’re fantastic reliable cars, however, have I mentioned how neurotic I am when it comes to buying things?

For the year of the vehicle, the miles, no guarantee’s, I wasn’t buying it.  Sorry sales guy, I know you tried your hardest.

I woke up bright and early today so I can test drive the Nissan Cube in Hartford at 9AM.  I had a client coming in at 12.  It was a nail biting time crunch.

Before this post has a chance of prattling on (too late?), I bought it.  I bought it and told the sales guy that I can’t stay to make the final sale because I had to be in work, but I can put down a deposit.

“No problem, we’ll have you out in time.”

I gave him an absolute ground zero deadline and everyone helping us started hustling like you wouldn’t believe.  Papers flying, pit stains, hot flashes, talking a mile a minute, having me sign, sign, sign, sign.

Anne (the finance woman) – “I’m nervous, but I can do this.  I can get you out in time.  I’ve been doing this for 20 years.”

In the meantime, my Dad tried making small talk with her.

Me – “Dad, come on now let her do her job.”

I already had to push back my first client by a half hour.  And here’s my dad making distracting small talk.

In short, I test drove a car, bought it, got approved, filled out paper work all within 2.5 hours.

I had no idea buying a car would take that long.  The sales guy was new and fumbling a bit, but he did his best. He did a truck insurance comparison, switching over insurance, registration, and plates – all of that takes time.

Me – “I’ll take the basic warranty.  No frills, no extra’s, no special coating on the car to prevent scratches or spills.”

Anne – “Okay, sign here.  And here.  Initial here.”

She didn’t try up-selling me anything.  She was talking a mile a minute (which is her natural pace), and throwing around quick snips of info that needed to be said.

Harte Nissan in Hartford is five stars, two thumbs up fantastic.

I picked 72 months to pay off the car.  I figure it’ll be less stress each month, and I have the option to make as many payments as I want.  I plan to make one payment per week after my remaining $3,300 debt is taken care of.

When did Esmeralda quit on me?  I can’t even remember.  I’ve been over-stressed and anxious since she died.  I desperately need beer.  It’s going to be a beer night tonight.  Friends and beer.  Yes.

My second client is done.  Only two more to go.  I can’t stop thinking about my new car.  It’s sitting outside in the parking lot as we speak.  I haven’t had the chance to really look at it.  I don’t even know where the spare tire is.

I went outside to check on my car.  Now I’m back.

I found the dealers large window sticker inside the car.  It’s actually a $20,000 vehicle!


I mean wow!  Right?  It’s two stinkin’ years old and it depreciated that much?  Well, I did get it for $2,500 below market value, but still.  Am I a genius car shopper or what?

Me – “Is there a reason you’re selling it for $2,000 below market value?”

Sales guy – “We try to get people in here to look at cars.  A low price entices people in.”

Me – “Oh okay, I wasn’t sure if maybe something was wrong with it.”

Sales guy – “No, not at all.

One more client to go.

Car car car, beer beer beer, sleeeeeep.

It’s now the next day.  I still love my car.  Superficial, ego love that defines and shapes my life and fills me with insubstantial joy – it’s awesome!

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