Let the truth be told by the length of your fingers and the crypts in your eyes

I love science.  Anthropology, psychology, physics, biology, chemistry – all of these fields existing as proof that we don’t own our own minds.

Hold on a tick and I’ll tell you some interesting little factoids that I stumbled upon.  But first I want to tell you how sick I am (because I’m a whiny baby).

Since I started using an electronic cigarette, I’ve gotten sick more times in the past two years than I have in my entire life combined.  I’m now fully literate of the cold virus language.

First stage is exhaustion accompanied by sore throat (but you can still go out and function in this stage), shortly thereafter your nose starts to drip light watery stuff.  You may be able to pass it off as allergies.

But once you sleep that off, it doesn’t end there.  After you’ve slept off the initial exhaustion and sore throat, then comes the mucus stage.  Your coughs become loud boisterous gurgles and the light watery discharge from your nose is replaced with globulous mucus demons escaping your every orifice (ears too).

As for me, the mucus stage isn’t accompanied by exhaustion.  I’m able to venture off into the cold world spewing venomous demon guts all over unsuspecting New Englanders.

I’m just now entering the mucus stage, so I’m still homebound with exhaustion.  And because I’m homebound, I do online searches for odd things like, “does eye color effect IQ?”  Or, “what does dp stand for?”

I stumbled on an article about a psychologist who studies the human eye the same way scientists studied skulls in phrenology.  Matching physical attributes to psychological attributes (I effing love science).

I color and IQ

“Left: A smoothly textured iris with no crypts (gaps) between the fibers. Center: A loosely textured iris with a 
large number of crypts. Right: Arrows indicate a contraction furrow extending part way around the iris.”

Source:  Hub Pages

According to the study, people with smooth textured iris’s are more warm, stable, and trustworthy while the people with loosely textured iris’s are unstable and impulsive.

This is where science becomes a deadly slippery slope.  If evidence proves that all criminals share the same loosely textured iris’s, the Fox News team will be first to report that we should never trust a person with loosely textured iris’s because they WILL rape our daughters and rob us blind.

“Legislation passed a new bill today that ceases the sale of guns and gun ownership to anyone showing what looks to be loosely textured iris’s.  Anyone with loosely textured iris’s must report all guns and hand them over to local authorities.  Also you should stop having babies.”

People believe what they hear, and will become what they hear.  Especially when others share that belief.

(Stupid Law of Fives, I hate it.)

But I don’t care, I still love science.  I’m one of the smooth textured people, so of course there’s no disputing over here on my end.  Evidence is evidence folks.

What came first?  The eye or the behavior?

After writing my post about pedophiles, I found a website that claims pedophilia to be an inborn sexual orientation – like being gay.  As much as we don’t want to believe it, these pedophilia studies seem valid and accurate.

Science is the study of physical matter, and the chemical / hormonal makeup of a pedophile is in fact different from that of a regular person (just like when Dexter scanned his killing brain.)

What came first?  The brain or the pedophile?

The article also postulates that “pedophiles are shorter, on average, and are three times more likely to be left-handed or ambidextrous. Their IQs are about 10 to 15 points lower, and they are more prone to childhood head injuries, a characteristic Cantor attributes to an inborn clumsiness.”  You can read the full article here.

Again, we are engaging in the danger zone.  It’s no different than white supremacy.  But at the same time, alleviates blame and judgement assigned to these people because they just “can’t help themselves”.

After researching eye color, I was led to an article about finger length.  Supposedly our index finger in relation to our ring finger can tell us our personality traits and sexual orientation. (That article is here).

index finger and ring finger <
It’s called the 2D:4D finger ratio.  The crazy thing is, I read an article years ago about people with shorter index fingers getting too much testosterone while in utero and this can lead to polycystic ovarian syndrome in women.  After reading the article, I noticed a short index finger on one of my clients and me being the curious sort that I am, blatantly asked if she had POS.

“Yes, how did you know?”

Me – “Because your index finger is shorter than your ring finger.  I read an article that said people with shorter index fingers got too much testosterone in the mothers womb and it can cause POS.”

“Wow I never heard that!”

I asked this question to none-other than a stereotypical butch lesbian.  I then examined my mothers fingers because she too has POS and yup, her index finger is predominantly shorter.

Which can only mean that my mother is gay – it would explain a lot (she’s homophobic).

Maybe I’m being absurd, subjective, judgmental, and even a bit selfish somehow – not to mention buying into everything that I read.  Yes, I’m all these things, who am I fooling?

Only, it’s hard not to buy into it when the stupid law of fives is hard at work showing me things that I want to prove as real.  Things I want to believe so I can make my life a little easier to understand and handle.

My brother and his new girlfriend came home really late last night and now it’s noontime and I hear someone hurling in the toilet.

So anyways, how we are genetically hardwired, interlopes with our personalities (you can kiss your free will goodbye).  Our personalities infer with how we treat our bodies, how we treat our bodies is in exact accordance with how we treat and feel about our selves (our mind, character etc..).

The things you do physically, are the same things you do mentally.

I’m a picker of cuticles.  I pick pick, twing, twang – just as I pick and twang my thoughts until they fall off and get masticated by my teeth.

People lack logic and reason because they’re unable see themselves.  They can’t understand themselves.  They don’t want to understand because ego tells them that there’s nothing TO understand.

But then science pops its annoying head in and says stuff like, “hey there!  You like softball so much because you’re an aggressor who likes competition.  Look how short your index finger is!  Did you know that enhances your throw?  I bet you like chess too.”

The world is strange, the universe is strange, but when I was under ayahuasca, she said that everything fits together and that science is a way of showing us how everything fits together. There is no free will because we are bound by ego, and ego is interlaced with the physical world which separates us from spirit so it can manifest itself into the one fear that activates all others – the fear of death.

The fear of death = the birth of ego

Because we view ourselves as physical entities (having no belief in God), ego will continue to rule our minds so we can succumb to the physical attributes that were prescribed to us in utero.  If we became aware of ourselves (of God) when we were still monkeys, we wouldn’t have evolved into humanoids – we’d still be monkeys and this world would be the planet of the apes.

We cannot bypass science because we are made from science (physical matter).

We are here to evolve ourselves closer to the duality and until that duality combines into complete awareness, we will continue to evolve.  And trust me, we’re not there yet.  I’m not there yet, you’re not there yet – there is not one person alive today that exists in this duality.  Why?  Because people don’t realize that God is in them.

It’s crazy how I intellectually know this, experienced it, and believe it – but I’m still blocked.  I’m still lacking strength, faith, and belief in myself.  I’m just as fearful as everyone else.

In the meantime while we’re progressing, let’s just be what we are – animals.  Nature will take it’s course.

Oh and dp stands for depersonalization.  Not the other thing you were thinking (I’m no saint, but gross!).

Sorry I went off on one of my spiritual religious tangents.  Just ignore me when that happens.

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5 responses to “Let the truth be told by the length of your fingers and the crypts in your eyes

  1. jillness1

    Dear Melanie…stand up comedienne or beer maker? I once had an idea for a beer that you might like: it’s called ‘No Mind’ just a few sips and that mind of yours will disappear. If you know what I mean. 😉 Feel free to run with it, just be sure to cut me a 10% finders fee.

    • I seriously love that idea. I’m not joking, that’s a great idea! My brother received a homemade beer brewery kit for christmas one year and never touched it. It’s still sitting in our shed in the backyard. As soon as I get the strength (I’m sick with a cold), I’ll work on brewing up a fantastic concoction. Thanks for the idea!

  2. I like yer blog…especially the pictures on the sidebar!

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